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What’s up, guys. Sean Nalewanyj here
and in this video today, I want to outline seven different ways that bodybuilding and
fitness supplement companies are ripping you off. Or at least seven ways they are trying to
rip you off. I’ve always been really critical of the
supplement industry and for good reason. Because 90-95% of it really is just a big
hustle and I have touched on all these points in separate videos before. But I just want to make one video here to
condense them all into one place. I know I talked about the supplement industry
a lot and it might come off as, kind of, negative but I honestly don’t make these types of
videos for fun. I do it to put out useful information to you
guys, so you can reach your fitness goals as efficiently as possible and as inexpensively
as possible. And I see so many people out there being taken
advantage off, so this is only meant to help. So these aren’t the only supplement scams
that are out there but these are just the main ones that come to mind here. First off, very big, big one, but it’s the
simple fact that most of the actual compounds that are being sold as muscle building or
fat burning aids just don’t work. I mean, it’s really that simple. They literally don’t work. They’re either completely ineffective and
do nothing whatsoever, or if they do have beneficial effects they’re so minor that
you’d hardly even notice them, if at all. And so, paying your hard earned money for
them really doesn’t make any sense. Don’t get this false idea that all these
products are being formulated using careful research by a bunch of supplement scientists
walking around in white lab coats. Most of it is just created by marketers who
put together some random formula using recognizable ingredients. They hire a contract manufacturer to put it
together and then they sell it. Anyone out there with the money and a business
idea can enter the supplement industry very easily, because it’s hardly even regulated
by the FDA. They really are only a very small handful
of supplements that are actually worth taking. I’ll link my free supplement guide in the
description box below for you to check out. But things like, you know, testosterone boosters,
fat burners, glutamine, L-Arginine, advanced forms of creatine. I’d say most of the pre-workout formulas
out there, CLA, BCAA in most cases. This is just a small fraction of the possible
examples. You just don’t eat the stuff. Period. Number three is the price that you’re paying
or most of the stuff. So not only are you very often being sold
ineffective product but you’re also paying a very high price for it as well. It’d be one thing to spend five bucks on
something that didn’t work but usually you’re going to be paying twenty, thirty, fifty bucks
a month or more. And that adds up a lot over the long term,
especially considering that most people are going to be using multiple supplements at
any given time. The mark ups on a lot of popular supplements
are huge. On things like fat burners, companies are
often getting them made for just a few bucks per bottle and then selling them for ten times
the cost. And this is all money that you could be using
on things that really matter, like you grocery bill, your gym membership, equipment or just
putting it in the bank and spending it on other things that are of actual value in your
life. The fourth is just flat out label fraud. There’ve been many cases of this over the
years where popular products are found they just straight up not contained what they‘d
list. A recent big one, just last year, involved
GNC. Where it was found that only 20% of their
herbal products that were being sold were found to actually contain the herbs listed
on the label, and they were using cheap fillers like, rice flower and asparagus to make up
the rest. That’s just one example of many. Amino spiking is another huge issue that I’ve
talked about before. Where companies selling protein powder will
add cheap free form amino acids like L-Glycene or L-Taurine into the powder because those
aminos will register on tests as being complete proteins even though they’re not. So it might say 25 grams of protein per scoop
but half of that can just be cheap ineffective amino acids that are being used to bump up
the protein content. They do this by adding creatine as well because
it’s cheaper than whole protein. And also registers as protein on the label. Glutamine is another example as well. So just because something is listed on the
supplement label doesn’t even necessarily mean that that’s what you’re getting. And if we’ve seen this happening with some
of the biggest brands in the industry then you could only imagine how common it probably
is with smaller brands as well. Again, the supplement industry is only very
loosely regulated by the FDA, so without third party test you really can’t know for sure
what’s actually in any given product. Number five are proprietary blends. This is a huge one. This is where you get a list of ingredients
with the total amount listed for all of them combined but you don’t get the specific
amount of each individual ingredient. Now this is a complete bullshit tactic that
has nothing to do with a company wanting to hide the top secret formula so that competitors
can’t copy it. It’s used in virtually all cases as a way
to intentionally under dose the product to save on costs. By using a proprietary blend they can just
list off a whole bunch of recognizable ingredients that sound good on paper but then only sprinkle
in small amounts of them. And since they know that the average person
buying this stuff is just responding to the marketing and doesn’t actually understand
proper supplement dosing. They know that they can get away with this
very easily. And that’s why even some of the top selling
supplements out there are still based off of proprietary blends. Number six are banned substances. I’m not going to go into specifics on this
one. You can look it up online if you want more
information on all the different cases we’ve seen over the years with over-the-counter
supplements containing banned stimulants, amphetamines and even steroid compounds. I’m not saying that this is commonplace
but it has happened many times before and it’s just another reason to be cautious,
especially if you are a competitive athlete who undergoes drug testing. And number seven are fake before/after pictures
and endorsements. So you’ll see this all the time in supplement
ads or on social media like on Instagram or Facebook, where someone with impressive physique
is holding up a bottle of pills or a box of tea and then saying, I used product ‘X’
every single day to keep the fat off, or boost my energy, or fuel my workout, or whatever. This is really just a total BS. First off, in a lot of cases they probably
don’t even use the product that they’re promoting and they’re just doing it because
they’re being paid. Supplement companies will reach out to people
with fitness following on social media all the time and offer them cash to promote their
brand. I’ve had companies asking me to promote
their pre-workout and other stuff many times before. So you’ll see these types of thing plastered
everywhere. Secondly, a lot of pictures that you see in
those ads and on social media aren’t even truly real pictures to begin with. Because they’re touched up or they blatantly
photoshopped or the before/after shots used completely different lightning and angles
and things like that. And then third, even if the person does use
that particular product and their pictures are legit, they didn’t built their physique
as a result of using some particular supplement anyway. A lot of the popular bodybuilding and fitness
figures that you’ll see online are not natural athletes to begin with, and a good percentage
of them are chemically enhanced, in which case a natural trainee shouldn’t even begin
to compare themselves with that person to begin with. And then for the people out there who are
in great shape and are natural, they got where they are through years of hard work in the
gym and at best any supplement they might’ve been using would only be responsible for a
tiny fraction of their results. So those are the seven points I wanted to
make. There are plenty of other smaller ones as
well but if I try to cover everything then this video would drag on for a very long time. But just remember, guys, your muscle building
and your fat burning results are going to be primarily decided by what you in the gym
and what you do in the kitchen. And proper supplementation is only going to
make up a small portion of your overall results. It’s not that I’m against the use of supplements. I use supplements personally and there are
certain ones that I recommend and have recommended for years. I’m just against the overuse and the over
emphasis of supplements. And the truth is that most people really do
place way too much value on them. So get your training in order. Get you nutrition in order. And then if you want to fully optimize you
results by including a few basic supplements to meet you specific needs and to squeeze
out some modest additional results over the long term then that’s fine. And again, you can grab my free supplementation
guide here or by using the link in the description box below. So thanks for watching, guys. If you found this advice helpful and you want
to get all the legitimate tools you actually need to gain muscle and lose fat effectively. The workouts, the meal plans, along with one-on-one
coaching then you can download my Body Transformation Blueprint by clicking here or by heading over
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