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what is going on y’all I’m so excited for today’s video because it is time for another epic meal prep video where we show that eating healthy is both affordable and practical so just like last time I’m gonna take your grocery shopping I’m going to show you what I’m going to buy and I’m going to bring it all back here to cook it now remember that the challenge is to buy as many fresh ingredients as possible for 75 dollars and squeeze out as many meals as possible and we got a lot of ground to cover today so let’s get started I’m switching it up by doing all of my shopping just in one location make sure that your grocery store has a wide range of quality products at some good prices because remember we are trying to ball on a budget and for that reason I’m headed into my neighborhood Kroger’s let’s go first thing let’s do a quick check of what’s on sale because it may help with the budget so the goal today is to get four meals and then one snack meal and as with any meal prep I’m going to try to spend the bulk of my money on quality protein so I’m headed right now to the meat and fish section to stock up on some meat some bison some chicken and fish let’s make it happen they have the chicken but they just have too much of it so I’m gonna go back over here to the mean fish section to see I can this order by the town 5:35 with the car can’t beat that now license is a great quality protein to add to your diet particularly to for women who tend to be iron deficient 85% ly inviting 615 for 12 ounces which is a really really really good deal so the prices are popping in a very depending on where you are in the country but you can’t beat the 650 person license so I’m going to get two of these once you shop your protein set your budget then go get your produce organic produce is nice but it does tend to be on the pricey side but just know that you can still eat healthy and accomplish your fitness goals by not buying organic when shopping for veggies try to get as many colors as your budget will allow this will help you maximize the amount of vitamins minerals in your diet so I just noticed that the poblano peppers are 2 bucks a pound and each belthrop eye is $1 and it doesn’t seem like a whole lot but I think it’s going to add up at the very end so I’m gonna go ahead and buy of all peppers because I can actually get five of those for less than a pound so I can say like Reba got all my produce and now I am about to get some flings from the center aisle so here’s a quick pro tip always start with the outer part of the supermarket so you want to go to your meat section you want to go to your produce and then at the very end you want to go inside because it’s thinner and that’s when all the temptations happen that’s when you start seeing stuff that you really shouldn’t be eating but you kind of want to eat but guess what your boogie is already filled up with so many fresh veggies and lean protein that you don’t even have room for right I’m gonna go with the long grain around all right look away buying name-brand products may not be as practical when finishing store brand products can be cheaper and let’s face it every cent counts protip always sign up for the free rewards program at your local grocery store that way you can take advantage of in-store promotions and discounts I just got back from shopping and I want to show you what I purchased now I spent a whopping total of 7436 and through the rewards program that I signed up for I was able to save 921 cents which is a whole lot because they’re penny-pinching now here’s what I purchased for protein I got chicken cod bison turkey eggs 2% cottage cheese and reduce fat mozzarella for produce we’ve got spinach broccoli cabbage poblano peppers apples avocado red potatoes green onion and celery and lastly I got long grain brown rice whole wheat tortillas corn black beans chipotle peppers tomato sauce and peanut butter all right so if you got your groceries and you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty and then let’s get started Brahe the inside of a slow cooker with olive oil toss in low-sodium soy sauce honey Dijon garlic and a little Cayenne for some heat stir it up then toss in the chicken breast pop the top then cook for three to four hours on high heat add brown rice and water to a slow cooker or small pot and let it cook for about 25 minutes next let’s prep our veggies let’s chop up red potatoes broccoli green onion and purple cabbage place the potatoes and broccoli on a baking sheet and spray them with a little olive oil add a few pinches of sea salt and pepper mix it up then bake in the oven for 25 minutes at 400 next we’re going to skim the top off the poblano pepper carve out the inside and then remove the stem and seeds repeat for the remaining peppers cut the chipotle peppers into smaller pieces then bring it all together mix bison with black beans corn chipotle peppers tomato sauce cumin and green onions mix it all together then evenly step the mixture inside of the poblano peppers cover them with foil and bake for 30 minutes at 400 after 30 minutes remove the foil and cover each pepper with a little reduced fat mozzarella then bake for another 5 minutes covered or uncovered set a skillet on medium-high heat and spray it with olive oil toss in garlic and chopped red cabbage saute the cabbage until it’s against a slightly we’ll add a few pinches of sea salt and pepper and cook for another five to seven minutes you still want a little bit of crunch in the cabbage so don’t overcook it after 2 and a half hours let’s check on the chicken place the chicken breast in a bowl and easily pull the chicken apart using Forks then toss the chicken back in with the sauce and continue cooking for the remaining time now let’s prep the cod by adding olive oil smoked paprika sea salt and pepper rub it all over the cod then place the fillets on a baking sheet bake in the oven for 18 to 20 minutes at 400 finally let’s prep the ground turkey for daily breakfast by cooking it in a skillet with a little sea salt and pepper now let’s bring it all together for breakfast you’ll have scrambled eggs with ground turkey and if desired a little mozzarella cheese toss everything in a tortilla with some spinach and his own mustard and enjoy with half an avocado for meal – we’re having spicy mustard pulled chicken with long grain brown rice for meal 3 we’re enjoying bison stuffed poblano pepper with sauteed purple cabbage for a hearty snack for enjoying cottage cheese apple and celery and peanut butter and remember to make this fresh daily and finally for meal for we’re enjoying baked Southwest Cod with roasted potatoes and broccoli to get the full recipes check out fit man cook calm and remember to download the fit man cook app for more easy healthy practical meals

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  2. Found your app and I am in love!!! I can't wait to tell my husband he has competition! 😂 No worries… he'll thank you as long as it fits his macros! 💃 #FitMenHaveTheBestWives

  3. I would rather spend all that time lifting…it takes about 20 minutes to cook 20 ounces of chicken and 1cup of rice and I am still within my anabolic window…

  4. Oml. Look at that variety. I'm buying the wrong things. We eat the same thing every day basically and we're spending around $80 ish per week.

  5. This looks to be a great meal prep plan. Looked at the blog recipe and it looks like your caloric calculations are off quite a bit though the exact portion sizes aren't listed so that could be where the discrepancy is. This could easily feed me for a week and for $75 I think that's quite doable. I hunt so I have access to lean red meat (elk and deer) for the stuffed peppers.

  6. I was surprised by that stuffed pepper recipe. First I was like wtf he doin? then 20 seconds later I realized the geniousness

  7. Nice video! I'm not really a meal prepper per se as I usually cook everyday, but I 100% grocery shop like you. Also if you had a Kroger CC and rewards card, and spent another $25, you would've had 100 fuel points plus the additional .25 to save a total on .35 per gallon at the gas pumps. On average that's another $5 in savings.

  8. I agree that this is a great video, but meal prep to proper body macro in respect to the carb, protein, fat, and calories are not such exciting or easy.

  9. big waste of plastic, why not just use glass containers? warming meals up in plastic will put plastic properties into your meals.

  10. Whenever I watch these meal prep videos the first quesion i ask is
    IS it safe to cook something then Leave it in the fridge for 5 days before you eat it?
    I wouldnt eat chicken that been left in the fridge for 5 days normally.

  11. Check the difference between this and his $75 Whole Foods Challenge 😂 shop smart, people – check your budget and live healthy 💚💪this guy is golden

  12. I've seen a lot of meal prep vids in my day but man how did i not come across this!
    Such great production and editing and not to mention the food actually looks good to eat and not just your classic "gonna put some chicken in the oven and cook some rice and potatoes"

  13. I spent two decades in the grocery industry and the generic or storebrand is it just more cost-effective in many cases it taste just as good and sometimes better than the name brand. Of course that’s just my opinion.

  14. I’m a little confused so I have a question. Should I prep all of the meals then heat them up? Or should I just make them daily by portions? And if I head them up how would you suggest that I do that? Thank you for the inspiring content!!

  15. I've tried 4 of his meals not featured in this video. 3 of the 4 were great. He makes everything so easy.

  16. First time watching your videos. Enjoyed watching and learned a few things. You did an awesome job in editing

  17. how many days prep did you get from this? and do you freeze the next days or keep them all refridgerated?

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