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we’ve heard it all before and maybe even said it once yourself but eating healthy is way too expensive I got to thinking about this comment so I issued a personal challenge to see if I could put together a week’s worth of food spending only $75 at one of the nation’s most premium priced grocery stores Whole Foods and here’s the catch though I had to use as many fresh ingredients as possible and have as much variety as possible and it was a lot tougher than I actually anticipated but you can check out my entire shopping experience here on my youtube channel upon our FMC blogs I think you’ll appreciate the video I definitely came out much wiser than before and I’m definitely looking forward to the next challenge because I know exactly what I need to do to try to make this work but in the meantime I bought all this food I spent 70 4:59 on groceries and I got to find a way to make it work but first here’s what I purchased I got chicken thighs lean ground turkey eggs white albacore tuna crisp bread chicken broth coconut milk quick oats long grain basmati rice some red potatoes red onion broccoli bananas bell peppers ginger garlic avocados and celery as you can see I got my work cut out for me today I got to put on my thinking hat say a prayer light a candle do whatever it takes to make this meal plan work but I’m up for the challenge so if you have your notepad ready then let’s get started first thing we’re going to do is cook up the rice and potatoes because they tend to take the longest let’s cook basmati rice with a little bit of chicken broth water and toss in a little bit of garlic to enhance the flavor watch the red potatoes and place them on a baking sheet we’re going to spray them with a little bit of olive oil and season with sea salt and pepper let’s bake them in the oven for about 45 minutes at 110 degrees now let’s prep some protein trim the fat from the chicken thighs then add some simple seasonings we’re going to add smoked paprika sea salt pepper si Racha for a little kick I decided to make some kebab so I’m going to skewer them now with bamboo sticks now put the ground turkey we’re going to season with cumin sea salt pepper and if you have it a little bit of garma Sala which goes great with the coconut curry sauce we’re going to make once a season we’re going to form some meatballs and set them aside now that the potatoes are cooked let’s add them to a high-powered blender then add Italian seasoning a little bit of olive oil and some chicken broth now fire up that blender and while it’s blending we’re going to toss in the rest of the olive oil and a little bit more chicken broth so it gets nice and smooth now let’s fire up the protein fire up the grill to 350 degrees and let the chicken Bob’s cook for about 15 minutes and let’s toss in the broccoli to cook alongside we’re going to bake the meatballs in the oven for about 20 minutes at 410 degrees now let’s make the coconut curry sauce for the meatballs set a skillet on medium-high heat and add olive oil garlic fresh ginger and red onion stir it up then toss in thin slices of bell pepper and saute that as well now let’s give it some personality let’s add curry and turmeric and give it a quick stir and by now you should smell the flavors of this dish really begin to come together now pour in low-sodium chicken broth then light coconut season this with sea salt and pepper and give it a stir after about 3 minutes of cooking we’re going to reduce the heat and toss in to cook meatballs finally let’s reduce the heat allow the sauce to thicken and the new Falls to absorb the sauce now for a quick snack in a bowl at half of a large avocado white albacore tuna and mix it together we’re going to toss in chopped celery and Dijon mustard and give it a quick stir season to taste with sea salt and pepper now let’s bring it all together for breakfast we’ll have scrambled eggs along with oatmeal and banana and a little bit of cinnamon for extra flavor for a mid-morning or midnight overcoat Oh tuna salad with crisp bread I recommend making this the night before or the morning of in order to maximize the amount of pressure for hearty meal number three we have turkey meatballs smothered in coconut curry sauce all over long grain basmati rice for hearty meal number four we have good chicken kebabs whip red potatoes and roasted broccoli to get the full recipes from this video check out fit nan cook comm and download the fit name cook app for more easy healthy practical meals

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  1. wow I'm the laziest person out there, I know jack squat about cooking. my last 2 cuts were horrible because of the food I was forcing myself to eat. but thanks to your chanel I'm sure I'll be able to have a much more successful and enjoyable cut. thank you

  2. Hey Fit Men Cook I live in San Antonio TX and a Whole Foods market for me is tough to get to, would you mind making one of these vids for like Wal Mart or in my case HEB? That would be a huge help. Thanks, huge fan by the way. πŸ™‚

  3. I made these recipes for meal prep today, and oh my gosh!Delicious is an understatement!Β I absolutely loved the food and my husband did as well, and he's a hard pleaser when it comes to meal prep. Thank you so much Kevin! You have a fan for life!

  4. Awesome meal prep for $75…I think everything is doable but the coconut milk…not a fan but I can thicken that curry sauce another way.

  5. Omg it looks so good it's food porn πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. This food looks yummy I can't wait to make this! I told all my friends about you. Everyone has been struggling to find the best healthy meals for the best price. Everything you make is amazing! Your channel is now the blueprint to my weight loss journey. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. this is awesome, I don't have time to do the full meal prep but you gave me some awesome ideas for dinner tonight hahahahha. great job

  8. I love that you did this! Can you do a $50 budget one next time but doesn't have to be at WF maybe at a regular grocery store. TYSM! πŸ˜€

  9. This would not last my ass a week lmaoooo, Id eat like half of all that chicken, potatos, meatballs, etc as one meal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ probably last me 1-3 days with my fatass

  10. Loved the curry turkey meatballs and the grilled sriracha spicy chicken dishes. But the avocado tuna salad was a bust. I'm not sure if it was the dijon mustard or what but I tossed it and figured out another meal in its place. I didn't shop at Whole Paycheck and spend less than half. Great recipes (apart from the tuna). Keep these kinds of challenges coming.

  11. Dude, how am I just now finding your channel. This is on par man. Way to crush it! I love that you breakdown the macros on your site and show how easy it really is to make this stuff. You're helping people with the hardest part of bodybuilding/fitness/strength training. Changing lives bud. Be proud of that and keep going πŸ™‚

  12. This channel is exactly what I was looking for !
    But i think the amount of food in your recipes might be qualified for men ? How much difference would there be for women?

  13. New to cooking here.
    Anyone have a recipe for good slow cooker brown rice? Like how much water to rice and how long?

  14. This is great , next time you could save a bit more by buying chicken with the bone in, fillet yourself and use the bones to make your own fresh chicken stock. Take the bones roast in the oven till brown then put in your pot with water salt celery carrot and simmer for a few hours πŸ™‚

  15. Freshly cooked this should taste very good, but if you prepare all those meals in advance, I'm not sure how long they will last in the fridge until it goes bad. Especially chicken – I believe – looses a lot of flavor in the frige.

  16. I laughed when he said 75.00 dollars-Β  its like I get maybe 35.00 a week toward groceries – and I eat a lot of chicken and fresh veggies and fruit – for 1 person, its easy, but you have to eat the same ingredients over the course of a week.

  17. I love these videos because even as a vegan, I still get a lot of good ideas from your recipes that just involve a little bit of veganizing.

  18. if you could do it in 50. that would help me because that's my food budget each week πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #CollegeLife

  19. Seriously! All looks so good,always looking for new ideas defielty doing this meal plan for next coming week.

  20. Hey @fitmencook como se llaman esos recipientes ? Son adsequibles para movilizar? Recomendados?

  21. love your video right now I weigh about 400 pounds so I got a trainer to help me lose the weight five and a half years ago I was at 180 I have never been overweight but what happened was my wife was pregnant with triplets when she was 6 months pregnant she gave birth to them there was complications they were alive when they came out they only live for 20 minutes and I held them in my arms before they took their last breath it was a very dramatic traumatizing night that day and for a solid 3 years I was very very depressed I didn't work out I stayed in the house, and eat all the time and playing video game try to get my head out of the fact that I lost something so precious to me and me and my wife started fighting a lot fighting mostly because I was mad all the time. i was already at 275 pounds and i was so upset and disappointed in myself that i was taking it out on my family. well anyways I'm at 400 pounds and I'm only 33 years old and I need help I want to live longer I want to be able to run again I want to be able to play with my kids and be happy I've already made the first step my cousin who is a trainer owns his own Fitness gym and Corona call Tapp Fitness I've already signed up and everything and I will be starting next week but what I could really use is a good day by day and weekly meal plan that help me lose this weight to live healthier.

  22. You are amazing and your energy is everything! Thank you for these videos! They are really helping me be more conscious of my food choices on a daily basis and I love your recipes! You have inspired me to get in the kitchen and to cook more often!

  23. is meal prepping scrambled eggs or things like that for breakfast okay? I've considered trying it because I never have time to cook breakfast with school but I don't know how well the eggs would hold up throughout the week

  24. I'm sitting here all mad because mayo makes my stomach hurt and I don't have any Greek yogurt… and this GENIUS… THIS FREAKN GENIUS makes avocado tuna!!!! 😁😘 I've been wanting tuna for the longest and now i can have some. thank you so much.

  25. hey man thanks for your videos it's a real inspiration to learn how to meal prep since I am starting up my journey again to lose weight this is great way to start i really appreciate it

  26. One thing I'd recommend for this challenge would be to buy your rice and oatmeal in bulk so that you can get just enough for the week. Since it is a challenge I think it could shave a little stress off.

  27. Warning β€œWhole Foods” sells pastries full of dangerous Mold, please watch this video

  28. Warning β€œWhole Foods” sells pastries full of dangerous Mold, please watch this video

  29. You freez all thats? Or you put it in the refrigerator? Im not write good in english pero quiero saber como lo conservas para la semana? En lavheladera o hay que congelarlo?

  30. I officially just tried this meal prep, however at Walmart Marketplace, and I'm thoroughly surprised at the outcome! This was my first time meal prepping, after watching for several months, and the food is actually delicious! Although I eyeballed many of the small ingredients and have to learn how to balance SALT — however all the cooked meals I prepped and froze for reheating later. BUM!

  31. Could you do some meal plans that would be good frozen, and tell us at what point you’d put in the freezer?

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