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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. today, it’s time for the Barbell Exercises. And, as I did then, I’ll do it again today,
we’re going to put the science back in strength and tell you why these are my favorite Barbell
exercises one by one. So, let’s kick it off right now with one of
the most popular of all time. Alright, let’s get this list started the right
way with the king of all Barbell exercises, the Squat. And as you see here, I’m doing a back Squat,
but there are clearly front Squat options. There’s even in the Back Squat, low bar and
high bar positioning. The fact of the matter is, if you want to
build an athletic body, you’d better start Squatting because it’s the best closed-chain
way to train your entire lumbopelvic hip complex. And no list of 8 Barbell exercises, the best
ever, would ever start or end without the Barbell Squat in it. Alright, next up, is there a better way to
train your biceps than with a Barbell Curl? I can tell you the answer right now. No. The Barbell Curl is one of the best ways to
overload your biceps and it allows you to concentrate heavily on the eccentric portion
of the lift that creates most of the muscle damage that
we need to spark that muscle growth. Guys, I can tell you this from a very young age, I loaded up that bar, provided what I call
a bit of a cheat curl, but I made sure not to lean too far back past the vertical here
to involve the lower back, or jeapordize my low back, but allow me to
get that weight up and then slowly control the eccentric. The Barbell Curl, however you perform it,
though, is still the king of all Bicep exercises. Number 3 and the first maybe surprise on the
list for some of you here, is the Barbell Hip Thruster. Yeah, why is it a surprise? Because a lot
of guys forget entirely that posterior chain of theirs. If they can’t see it, they don’t train it. And I can tell you this, one of the worst
things you can do, especially if you want an entirely strong, complete lower body, you
cannot forget the posterior chain. Your hips and glutes are critical, CRITICAL,
to creating the power that you have from your feet to your fingertips. And the Barbell Hip Thruster is one of the
absolute best ways to do this. My best tip when you’re doing this, take your
hands and push them down on the bar into your thighs. Don’t let it ride up on your hip bones. You might find the exercise to be uncomfortable,
but if you actually push the bar away from you by straightening your arms, you can push
it right into your thighs, feel no discomfort, and allow yourself to
finally concentrate on overcoming that glut amnesia and powering yourself up using nothing
put your glutes. Number 4, here’s another one that might catch
a few of you by surprise because it might be brand new to you. This is a great way to do a Barbell Row. This
is basically, we call this the Barbell Dead Row, and this is basically the equivalent
of an upper body Push Press. By allowing our lower body to participate
just a little bit, we can load those weights up a little bit more and drive ourselves up,
continue that momentum, and then let the prime movers take over. Just
like, again, with the Push Press, if I start it here, in a little bit of my leg movement, I can allow my shoulders that little extra
momentum and power to push through. The same thing is happening here on the Barbell Dead
Row. Let those Lats do more of what they’re capable
of doing by allowing your lower body to give them just that little bit of extra thrust
to get that barbell up and then take over from there. Alright, next up, let’s hit those shoulders
and maybe not in the way you would think. Again, not with a Behind the Neck Shoulder
Press. Not only would that not make our barbell exercises
our top 8, it wouldn’t make my top 88 of Shoulder exercises. I don’t like that, I don’t like the Barbell
Upright Row because it simply fights your own anatomy, and most of us guys, impingement is impending
if you continue to do those 2 versions of the exercise. However, we can fix it here with this Olympic
Barbell Blitz Setup, when we take an Olympic Barbell, we stick it in the corner, we load up the weights on one end. Now anatomically,
we just saved our shoulders. By allowing ourselves to position our elbows
in front of our body, we’re now in what we call the scapular plane. Our shoulderblades face forward at about a
45 degree angle, so our natural position of the arm is in front of us. Now we’re not fighting to try to press our
arm up in an awkward angle inside of the glenohumeral joint. We’re able to put it more naturally where
it belongs which is in front of our body. Here you can now rely on the strength of your
shoulders as opposed to trying to fight your own anatomy. Not only will you see that your strength levels
will go, but they’ll do so without the pain that might come with doing the other exercises
we talked about. Alright next up, Number 6, and it’s time to
hit the Chest. And if we had a choice between the flat or inclined version of a Barbell
Bench Press. Which would it be? For me, it would be the
Incline Bench Press. Why? Because we don’t only have the opportunity
to hit our upper chest, but we also have a chance to tie that in a
little bit more with our front Delts because the angle of the bench allows us to work a
little higher and higher up on our chest. If you thought about a completely vertical
bench, that’s going to work up here on your shoulders. The more you lean back, it’s going to start
to travel down the chest to where you’re in a decline position, you’re all the way down
in the lower part of your chest. But, we get a lot of work on our decline.
We get a lot of work on our flat beds through a lot of other exercises. Be it Push Ups, be it Dips, there’s a lot
of other things helping out, but not so much helping the upper chest. So, if you have one shot, you’ve got to make
sure you’re doing the incline version of this like I’m showing you here. Next up, you did not think I was going to
finish this Best 8 exercise list without the The Deadlift happens to be, for me as a Physical
Therapist, what I think the most functional, best strength training exercise you can possible
do. Now, is it the easiest exercise? No, it’s
pretty complex because a lot of guys don’t perform it correctly. The key to the Deadlift is to make sure that
you’re getting your hip hinge and your knee bend correct. The easiest way to do this? You allow nothing
but hip hinge during the first descent of the lift when you get the bar to your knees,
that’s when you allow your knees to break. It’s that simple. You bring it back up in
the reverse style. You push first through your quads and through your legs, and then
when you get to knee height, then you drive your hips forward. Again, in
reverse as the bar is lowering. Nothing but hip hinge all the way back. Once the bar hits the level of the knees,
then you allow the knees to break and you reverse the motion. It’s not all that complex especially if you
just utilize those 2 tips. But I will tell you this, you’ve got to make sure that you
practice it and do it because it is, like I said, the best, most functional exercise you can
do for your entire body. Finally let’s wrap this list up with another
one you may never have expected to be on here. The Barbell Rollout for what? Your core? That’s
right. The Barbell Rollout is a great way to train
your core. Now you guys know that the core means not just your abs but your entire low
back, everything in here connecting your pelvis
to your upper body and your shoulder girdle. Well, the Barbell Rollout is great because
you can load up the weights. you cause all; this momentum generation out in the direction
away from you that you suddenly have to stop and freeze
eccentrically control and then pull back and generate enough force to overcome that momentum to go back in the other direction. If you’ve
never tried it, try it, guys. It is definitely one of the hardest Ab exercises you can do. And the more weight you put on out there,
the more momentum you generate, the more you have to slow down and then reverse that direction
and come back. Again, we’re talking core and this is a great
way to target it with just that same barbell you use for those other 7 exercises. So, there you have it guys. The 8 Best Barbell
Exercises ever. Some that never made the list, Barbell Snatch,
Clean and Jerk, those are some of the lifts that require so much technicality guys that even the people that are doing them competitively
will tell you they require hours and hours and hours of practice just to be able to execute
one perfectly. I don’t think It’s responsible for me to be
including some of those knowing that a lot of you guys are going to go out and try these
exercises never having even attempted one of them. Not a good idea. Plus, I think my 8 are really
solid 8. If you guys want to add some, make sure leave them to the comments below. And here’s the key. A lot of times, Barbell
exercises are done in a gym. I understand that not everybody’s training in the gym. In the ATHLEANX Training System, we allow
you to train at home or the gym, it doesn’t matter what you have around you. Matter of fact, we have a whole team of experts
on call waiting to give you guys alternatives if there’s an exercise that you want to be
able to do and we can show you how to do it with what
you’ve got. If you’re looking for a training system that
accommodates to what i’ve got and helps you to train wherever you are but allows you most
of all to train like an athlete, head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and get our
ATHLEANX Trainng System. In the meantime, if you found this video helpful,
make sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. And take a couple minutes and watch the 8
Best Dumbbell exercise ever that I made a couple weeks ago. I think you’ll find that to be a great companions
to this one. Alright guys, I’ll see you back here again
soon. In just actually a couple days.

99 thoughts on “8 Best Barbell Exercises Ever (SURPRISE!)

  1. Great advices.For me the military presses lifting the barbell from floor and pushing up above head  is the best overall movement with barbell … pretty much all body muscles have to work on that .Good channel this , thanks

  2. you could do all these exercises with or without equipment, sometimes in the army  when i had no available equipment i would lift stones or buckets of water

  3. Try this fabulous compound exercise that works most of the upper body (use a curl bar)——Lay down on a flat bench with no posts or supports back of your head… 12 bent arm pullovers with a 3-4 inch grip going as far as comfortable over your head in an arc return to the chest and repeat. When you have finished 12 of them immediately do 12 bench presses immediately with the same grip do 6 bent arm pullovers immediately do 6 bench presses with the same 3 -4 inch grip. Do two sets….suggestion do not use too much weight to start and this is a very difficult but very intense exercise for the triceps.
    lats are also worked well as are pecs….give this compound exercise a try.

  4. I noticed your grip on the deadlift … asymmetric grip 🙂 Care to talk more about that ? 🙂 (unless you already have and I missed that video)

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  7. hey Jeff, i saw this video and now I want to start training with Barbells too. 🙂 I wanted to buy one but which is the best? The EZ bar 120mm, the straight bar 120mm or the 160mm straight bar? can u pls give some advice because i have no idea :(. thanks and great video!!

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  15. This is a great video and I'm going to try these out.

    I'm about 5'11" and a reasonably heavy set build. Currently in overweight at around 17st 6lbs but I'm going to try using resistance training until I'm light enough to run and cycle again.

    I might do a little variation on loading up the end of the bar, a scaffold tee connector bolted to a large flat piece of wood with an exhaust U clamp… mainly so I don't mess up the garage floor in the corner 😛

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  18. Exercise Movements in this video:
    – Front/back squats
    – Barbell curls
    – Hip thrusters
    – Barbell dead rows
    – Landmine Thrusters
    – Inclined Bench press
    – Deadlifts
    – Barbell core rollouts

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