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whatsup guys its Max Barry owner of Max’s
Best Bootcamp and this is my friend and personal trainer Marta what’s up Martha and these are
the 8 best glutes exercises of all time we’re going to demonstrate both bodyweight and weighted buttocks exercises and show you exactly how to perform them
properly at the end of this video tutorial we’re going to give you some suggestions on how you can incorporate them into your gluteus maximus workouts so
let’s build a better booty right now alright guys time to get into these
glutes exercises first move we’re starting right now we’re going to hit the deck let’s go ahead down Martha all right
first move is donkey kicks now we’re going to show you a few
variations she’s starting on the knees hands right below the shoulders she’s going on the forearms get a little
more range of motion let’s give them a couple good reps just driving the leg
squeezing the glutes as she’s coming up a lot of people do these on the hand show me a few of those but we find a
little less range of motion there and she’s going to be feeling more in the
back so we might be for our version there if you want to really step it up let’s go ahead and show on the plyo dnkey kick
version and this is going to actually without the jump she’s just gonna drive
the knee under drive it up and then drive it now if you want to step it up
she’s going to add a plyometric option right here wow nice and obviously you do that on
both sides donkey kicks love em nice Martha good next
move move number two that we’re going to show you is actually going to be facing
up in a supine position glute bridges gotta love let’s go ahead in the deck
again this time we’re facing up now she’s going to make sure to keep the
heels down to the ground and pull the toes up a little bit about shoulder
width apart and we’re just going to drive the booty up hip up and down bodyweight version as long as you to squeeze the glutes on every breath like she’s doing you’re going to be feeling it through
the back side lift in the booty now another option is to go one leg so she can try just raising one leg up
driving it up and she’s straightening the legs she’s coming up that’s an option where you can just keep
it bent and drive it up and you obviously do both sides couple other
ways you can step it up add some weight to the movement so Marta is going with a sandbag here it’s the same principles apply
really squeezing the glute muscles at the top. also a kettlbell or barbell works too. nice another option is to go with your
feet elevated on the box and add some weight so right here we’re going with
the sandbag but you can also use some dumbbells or barbell right across the
head nice next move is box step step up now it’s a great body weight drill hey you don’t have a box you can find a
bench or a stool that’s low maybe a coffee table if
you want to do these glute exercises at home works great and she just go on one leg
at a time now a couple options here is you can
just touch the foot down top like she’s doing and then what we’re
really driving through the standing leg another option you want to show on with
the knee drive she likes to work with clients with the knee drive which
is going to be a little more balance work so for going on and from there just driving
the knee up another way to step up that move add some weight are just holding onto two
kettlebells right here and that’s just going to force you a little more
strengthening really working those glutes nice all those are going to be great options
for your box step up and make sure of course that you’re doing both sides last one nice move number four is going
to be kettlebell swings awesome conditioning tool but really
works the backside nice what we like to do is Marta is going to start with the kettlebell out front she’s going to angle it hike it back and go right in your
first kettle bell swing and she’s working those glutes nice notice the hip hinge she’s not squatting
here which a lot of people make that mistake and just breathe it in and and also another quick tip is we’re
going you can try and go heavier and sort of
lower with the swing and that’s going to allow you to really work on that hip and
glute activity versus when you start going overhead it’s going to be a lot
more shoulders we’re working on that booty right now
nice part of two more 1 & 2 awesome nice yeah move number five is going to be
unexpected exercise you probably expect to see planks in this video but I tell
you what guys yes we will be working that butt for sure but she’s
really activate your glutes your entire backside is going to be working and if you activate the glutes we’ll
get some great gluteus maximus activity notice the standard functions on the forearms if you want to also come up on the
handle shown that you want to come up on the hands and nice really here we just
don’t want to see the dip in the hip just like any good plank exercise we’re not getting the butt in the air she’s
squeezing it is how your legs are locked out and we’re really working that
backside if you want to see 44 other plank variations check out our 44
best planks video its pretty awesome anyway the plank is an unexpected booty builder
right there move number six is deadlifts I would argue
that this is the number one but we actually have few other options as you keep watching
this video you’re going to see a dead lift fantastic we’re going to show you a
couple options we’re using the kettlebell deadlifts here you can
use dumbbells you can use the barbell really like kettlebells very versatile so r – lets go ahead and show the
standard she’s got feet about shoulder-width apart and she’s just
coming up driving up keeping the heels down sending the hips back to the wall
and then driving back up nice and tall at the top let’s do a side angle so you guys can
see that she’s keeping the weight close to the body back is flat and she’s just
driving up another . we were talking about the neutral neck you can see it the bottom shut this
neutral spine right here especially the neck a lot of people we don’t want to do
a show on that kind of that oh that’s the worst right they’re going
to lose a lot of power there and you’re going to burn your neck so we like to
keep the chin tough the whole time and this way we have that
long neutral spine awesome now we’re going to show you a
slightly variations like a foot variations can be the sumo let’s go
ahead and face forward again with this one and this one is going to get some
inner thighs working and just hit the glutes a little bit different she’s got the feet out about 45 degrees
and as she sits down into this hermes are going to go right over total it’s good we’re going to give them
a couple of these right down and up come on up good and she’s really
activating the glutes as she’s coming up and then especially at the top who and that’s sumo deadlift both are
great options the standard and assume are fantastic like to work the glutes
and different angles speaking of which here’s another option
that many of you probably never heard of it’s called the b-stance deadlift it’s
just a slightly offset foot version so let’s show them that from the
side Marta and she’s going to go ahead and what it is is basically she’s
offsetting the feet so that lets go standard for a second just wear your
phone or leaving that’s your standard position now from
here she’s going to go ahead and put her go where he would be and that’s how you set up the beast and
it’s almost like one like but you have a little more support that we got that
foot down that’s going to allow you to use some
heavier weight move through the most with a little more control really work
includes give them a couple wraps yup and it’s a slightly back here at the
bottom but other than that we’re really working that one side and drive it up
the beast and dead lived really gets a long range of motion and in that
exercise different than you would on some of those other standard and sumo
styles last one awesome and you obviously do both sides
are that those were great thank you next move number seven squats we know squats are fantastic glute
exercise we’re going to show you a couple options right here we recommend
first move standard bodyweight squats watching going all the way down and up
if you’re just starting what you want to do more of a metabolic
type of activity without the weights bodyweight squats where it’s at right
there it’s going down up keeping the heels down come on up and she’s nice and tall the
top just in a nice and tall the top glutes are tight back down good and then let’s go ahead and show them
the plyo if you want to get a little more metabolic with it she’s going to go ahead and just a
little jump at the top and she’s like a ninja is just landing so soft and just
sitting right down into it I love that last one time good another option we’re going to show
you guys with the kettlebell want to add some weight now we like goblet squats we’re going to
God bottoms up on the kettlebell she’s keeping a very close she’s going to just sit down into it d
right come back up now if you get the elbows to the top of
the legs at the bottom or the inside that you’re really looking good oh that’s nice that’s a nice deep squat
let’s give them a side profile on this next one go ahead face me yeah , kb goblet squats are fantastic get a
little more core activity it’s a very comfortable position for the weight if you want to use a barbell you can go
back squats or fantastic front squats you can use sandbags dumbbells all are
good we just find the kettlebell very versatile and well suited of all these
activities guys nice last one part of so good last move move number eight lunges and
lunges are really a squat variation on one leg guys so if you have a good
foundation with your squats and go ahead and add lunges and there’s a lot more
balanced going on so it is a little more complex but here’s three variations that
we like to do and the bodyweight squat body weight lunges only we’re just going to give you guys a
couple of reverse lunges she’s alternating feet every time dropping
down as low as she can and then coming back up now a couple of things one is
her knee is tracking her foot so it’s it’s it’s right in there start coming with the knee too far
forward you’re gonna bang up that knee and that may be why would you think you
do lunges and hurt your knee so trying to keep that alignment there the other thing is she’s going about 90
degrees with the legs and she’s dropping down into it but you get as low as you
can now from there we can do some plyo lunges so she’s going to do the same activity but it gives a little jump
ahead and this is you want to add a little metabolic and plyometrics are really great for fat burning – so really
tones those legs and thighs she’s using a little on arm activity there
like it good last one time good and then one more variation is traveling
lunges and you can do these traveling lunges with weight without showing
your bodyweight right now and you can do these like if you’re just outside going
to help you workout at the park she’s going to travel right past me here
and bring the feet together and then back up and then if you run out of her
like she is now I have to go backwards with it or you go forwards nice traveling one is great now we’re
going to start introducing some lunges with weights right here we are
using a steel mace but if you have a barbell that you want
to use that works fantastic too doing some back lunges with weights on
her back and she’s going to perform the one the same way step back come on up she’s just
alternating feet every time you can also do plyo with the back squats or lunges
and even travel so we’re just going to show the last one right in place that
you doing doing a little bit amount of space just do the reverse lunges perfect with
the weight on the back good and finally our favorite variation
with weight is – kettlebells by the waist for the lunges let’s go ahead a few more the reverse lunges Martha and
she’s just really gotta maintain that good posture as she’s stepping back now
you have two dumbbells that works fantastic too but the kettlebells
because the weights at the bottom just very versatile and different kind
of challenge so if you have dumbbells that will work
too you can also do some traveling with these forward lunges or reverse like the
reverse less strain on money for natural that last one time awesome job we recommend incorporating these glutes
exercises is into your glute workouts either for reps for time so rep range is going
to be about six to fifteen reps and as far as time you can go into your circuit buttocks workouts for 30 to 60 seconds each be sure to let us know which one of
these glute exercises is your favorite if we left out any make sure to LIKE and
subscribe to Max’s Best Bootcamp fitness youtube channel you guys we hope you liked this video Martha thank you for coming from NYC. great stuff you guys have an awesome day!

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