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What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, It’s Halloween and we’re talking zombies. Well, kind of. You see, if a zombie apocalypse came would
you be able to survive it, or would you wind up looking like him? I’m going to show you today the eight best
exercises that you need to know, you need to be able to do if you’re going to avoid
this fate, and instead survive it by training like and athlete. Let’s go over them top to bottom. Okay, so first off, if you want to avoid being
zombie bait you’re going to have to learn how to run. There’s no way around that, but I don’t
want you to just be able to run for long distances. I want you to be able to run with some athleticism
as well. So we do S-runs. An S-run is exactly what it sounds like. You have to be able to run fast, but at the
same time, move your body in space. Be a little bit more athletic. Make an S back and forth as you run. You do these 10 times as fast as you can and
you’re off and running on this zombie apocalypse workout. Next up, we can’t just be able to run, but
we have to be able to out-quick the zombies, right? Our feet have to be fast. We have to have agility. We can actually do this in a small area of
space with our agility line drill. We’re going to go up and back along the same
line changing the maneuver that we do each time down the path, or each time down the
line. You can see we’ll start off it shuffles down,
and then it shuffles back in the opposite direction. Then we’ll sprint down, and we can backpedal
back the same line. Of course, we can drop our hips, get low,
nice and athletic and swivel those suckers so we can do a karaka right, and a karaka
left back down. Change up the combination you’re doing. Aim for 20 line drills up and down. Again, you’re working on some good, quick
foot agility work to be able to outrun these guys, and out quick them. Next up, we’re all a team here on Team ATHLEAN,
right? So if you’re with your buddy and he falls
down, don’t be a selfish bastard. Pick him up and help him. We need to have the ability to do a shoulder
carry if we’re going to be able to help. So what we do is, we take a heavy dumbbell,
we’re going to clean it up to our shoulder, and we’re going to carry it. You carry it as far as you can. You carry it 30 steps if you have the ability
to do so. Even if you can’t get a large access to space,
then just walk in place. Then when you get there drop it down, clean
it back up to the opposite shoulder, and do it again for 30 steps. Try to do this three, or four rounds without
having to put the dumbbell down, and you’ll be prepared to protect your friends against
being eaten alive by those zombies. So you’ve got to be able to run, and you’ve
got to be able to be a good friend, but you also better be able to jump. You’re not just talking about being able to
jump on something, but sometimes you have to be able to jump over something. So do this incredible box jump and over combination. Start by jumping up onto the box, land on
the opposite side, turn right around, and then jump over the box. If you’re doing this on a bench, obviously,
it’s a lot easier than having to clear a whole box. But whatever it is, find a surface you can
jump on, and then jump over, and you’ve got yourself a good drill for being able to teach
your body the ability to be explosive when you need it the most. Next up, part of being able to stay alive
is being able to not be heard in the first place. Try to keep yourself under the radar. And I mean literally, “under the radar” by
doing the creeping lunge I’m showing you here. This variation of a lunge is going to put
your legs under more time under tension requiring you to stay low. Try not to elevate your head very much as
you perform each alternate step. You see, the idea here is to stay low, stay
quiet, don’t be heard. If you accomplish that you’re well on your
way to avoiding this fate here in the zombie apocalypse. Okay, let’s face it. There’s a lot of these suckers running around
and you may not be able to outrun all of them. So you’d better have some weapons in your
arsenal to be able to deal with them if they’re this close from you. The first: you’d better be able to climb. I’m talking about climbing up and over something
out of sight. We need to be able to do pullups, and not
just regular pullups, but pullups with any single grip, because you don’t know what
grip is going to be awaiting you at the top of that ledge. So I want you to do mixed grip pullup medleys
here. So start with both hands overhand and do a
regular pullup. Switch one hand underhand. Now you’ve got a mixed grip on one side. Do another pullup. Now switch the other hand underhand. Now you’re looking at an underhand. Now a chin-up. Now switch that hand over. Now you’re looking at that opposite mixed
grip. Continue to rotate through these as many times
as you can until you reach failure, so you can build up the strength to be able to climb,
and scale away for whatever is waiting you down below. Oh, shit! Okay, so now they grabbed your leg because
you couldn’t climb fast enough and they’ve pulled you down. Now you’re down on the ground face to face. What do you do? You’d better start swinging, my friend. You’d better be able to do so with some power. So we have our wood chopper swings. This is a great core exercise – rotational
core exercise – for developing the strength from your toes, all the way to your fingertips,
and being able to be worth a damn when it counts. So start here, rotate to one side explosively. If you anchor this band, or this cable higher
up you’re going to be aiming to not just come across your body, but to come across and down. Thus, the wood chopper. If you don’t have access to that and you
can only swing across; hell! Do what you can! Just start working on your ability to develop
powerful rotational strength. Okay, so the climbing away from them didn’t
work, you weren’t able to swing fast enough, and they injured you. Now you’re down on the ground and you’ve got
one last shot, my friend! You’d better be able to drag your body away
from them, or it’s curtains. So what we’ve got here I sour dead man pushups. With the Deadman pushups you’re going to crawl
your body away. Every time you crawl those feet will stay
close together and not active. They’re not part of this drill. You can’t push through them anymore. You’re going to crawl forward one step at
a time and do a pushup. Crawl another step, do a pushup. Drag your legs all the way behind you and
try to keep going as far as you can until you reach failure. If you fail, I don’t have good news for
you, but the fact of the matter is you gave it your best try and that’s what we’re all
about here, guys. If you noticed the similarities here, what
I’ve got you doing here – all kidding aside, Halloween aside – you’re training like and
athlete. You’re using functional skills and getting
stronger at them. You’ve got to be able to run. You’ve got to be able to jump. You’ve got to have strength. You’ve got to be able to maneuver out of any
position. You’ve got to be able to move in three dimensions. This is what training like an athlete’s all
about. Preparing you for anything. Maybe the zombie apocalypse. Who the hell knows?! But we’re preparing you for the game of life,
at the very least. If you’re looking for a program that does
that, head to right and start training like an athlete. Start seeing the differences and start seeing
what it looks like when you start training like an athlete. All right, guys. I’ll be back here again in just a few days. In the meantime, if you liked this video leave
your comments and thumbs up below and let me know what else it is that you’d like to
see here on this channel, and I’ll do my best to cover it in the days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. Don’t let this happen to you. Please come back next week. See ya!

100 thoughts on “8 Best Exercises for the Zombie Apocalypse (BE READY!)

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