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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, We’re kicking off the incredible strength
series because I know you’ve got more strength then you ever thought you did. The problem
is, you’re not looking in the right places to address it. Today we’re going to start
by looking at ‘what are those overlooked areas?’ That is critical for helping you to build
more strength in all of your big lifts. Here’s the thing: I’m going to show you eight ways,
in eight exercises for you to sneak in this extra work so that you don’t have to feel
like it’s a separate workout in order to address this. We’re talking about the hands, the wrists,
and the forearms. If you have weaknesses in any of these areas your big lifts are going
to suffer. Think about it; trying to get under a bench press and lift heavy if your wrists
are very, very weak, or try to execute a dead lift if you have no grip strength. I don’t care how strong your legs might
be, or how strong your pull might be; if you can’t hold onto the damned bar, you can’t
lift that much weight. So today we’re going to go through, as I said, different areas
that will allow you to sneak these exercises in so it’s not a whole separate workout. Okay, first up is chest. One of the most common
exercises that you will perform in a chest workout is a pushup. I don’t care if it’s
done as a primary exercise, or if it’s done as a follow up exercise to your primary exercises.
The idea is the pushup usually makes its way into a chest workout. Here’s how you can change it to start working
on your weakness. If your weakness is more in your wrist you can do a knuckle pushup,
as I’m showing you here. The idea is to keep the wrists in neutral. In other words, keep
the wrists locked out in this position here. I don’t want too much flexion this way,
I don’t want too much extension this way. Try to keep it locked out by resting on the
top of your knuckles and perform your pushups this way, rather than on your hands. If you’re
trying to work more in your grip strength and finger strength – hand strength – perform
a fingertip pushup. Again, it’s just changing the way that you do the exercise. You’re still
going to work on your chest. You’re still going to do the exercise as you
would normally, but you’re getting this added benefit of doing this now, in this version,
for your hand strength. Next up is a very cool way to start adding some more hand, wrist,
and forearm work into your back workouts. All you have to do is take another common
exercise and make a slight, little change to it. This time it’s the pullup. Let’s say you’re
working on your pullups – which you should be in any back workout, by the way – as
you approach failure, as you get to your last rep, as opposed to dropping off the bar, work
on that forearm and hand strength. Hang from the bar. Do what we all a Dead Arm Hang. This will start burning through your forearms,
through your fingers, it’s going to test also your mental fortitude and toughness. That’s
great. That’s all things you can benefit from as you’re trying to get stronger. A stronger
mind is just as important as stronger muscles. But try to hand from this bar as long as you
can until you have to drop. It’s just a slight, little tweak, on an already
existing exercise that you should be doing in your back workouts. Next up is your biceps.
We all know that a lot of times when people train their biceps they are also training
their forearms, too. But there’s a really simple way to hit the brachia radialis, which
is going to be one of the bigger muscle groups right here. That’s going to add to the size and strength
of your forearms and it’s so simple to do because all you’re going to do, once again,
is take an existing exercise – a curl – and just flip your grip. Turn it to an overhand
position, into a reverse curl. You’ll see from this clip and footage here that obviously
this area gets targeted a lot more when we just turn our grip over. You could just add a couple extra sets to
the end of your workout and hit this area adequately to start making an impact. If you’re
a follower of ATHLEANX you know it’s important not to just do strength work, but to also
pair that up with conditioning work. For me, one of my favorite, all time conditioning
exercises is a jump rope. For a lot of different reasons. One, we can get our heartrate up very quickly,
we can burn a lot of calories, we can become more athletic doing it, but also, we get a
heavy dose of forearm work here as well. You can see as I jump rope here I have to work
my wrists. As a matter of fact, the majority of this skill is how quickly and how coordinated
you can be with your wrist rotations. You’re going to get that turnover. You’re
actually getting forearm supination and pronation as well as just getting some of that general
motion through the wrists. It’s going to help improve the endurance of these muscles here
that you’re going to need, that will pay off as you start doing more of your heavy lifting.
Of course, all this applies to your ab training as well. There’s so many different exercise options,
as anybody that even has our Six Pack Promise will tell you, hundreds, if not thousands
of exercises you can do for your abs. but there are some that you can do to preferentially
hit this weak area again. The first would be a cliffhanger plank. Don’t just do a
regular plank, especially if it’s not even that hard for you. Increase the difficulty of the exercise so
you can get more benefit for your abs, but at the same time, place a lot of the strain
and word on your hand strength and the flexors of your fingers. Try to stay in this cliffhanger
position while you do the plank. Again, it’s kind of a two for one benefit. Better abs
and better hamstrings at the same time. If you want to work more on those weak wrists
of yours, here’s another option where you can keep your hands in that neutral position
– your wrists in that neutral position – knuckles down, and try to do this seated tuck hold.
This is an incredibly tough ab exercise, but at the same time you’re getting the benefit
of getting that extra, added wrist work that you wouldn’t have to really schedule out,
or carve out a separate time for. We all know, when you’re busy you’re going
to forget that part. You’re going to work on the abs and you’re not going to work on
your wrists or hamstrings. It obviously is so important to that overall goal that we’re
trying to have here, of increasing our strength. Now let’s get back to the workouts again.
Let’s say triceps are on board. Okay, no problem. Tricep push downs. Again, very common exercise. I’m trying not
to create a zillion different exercises for you guys that you have to now start figuring
out how you’re going to do. As a matter of fact, this is an exercise you’re probably
already doing, but with this tweak you’ll now be able to incorporate some of that extra,
added work that we’re really stressing here. So on a tricep push down, instead of going
straight down and ending it at the bottom of that rep, try to go for that little, additional
wrist curl to get those forearm flexors working now. So again, push down at the very bottom
against your resistance, you’re going to do a little bit of a wrist curl. You’re just
going to work that underside here at the bottom of the forearm. You want to work the opposite side, the extensors?
No problem. A lot of times you’ll probably do a reverse grip push down to hit your triceps
in a slightly different angle, in a slightly different way. We could do the same thing
here. Do the underhand version of the tricep push down. At the very bottom, extend those
wrists down just like this. We’re getting that extra, added work in. That’s the importance here of this entire
video. Extra added work without a lot of extra, added effort, or without a lot of extra time
carved out of your day to do it. Moving right along to shoulders. Again, another common
exercise that we can tweak slightly to start accumulating some more added volume. This
time, all you’re going to do is set your wrists into slight extension. That’s it. So when you’re doing your side, lateral raises,
or you’re doing a bent over raise; no matter what exercise you’re doing – here is showing
the side lateral raise – you’re going to just increase the activation of your forearm
extensors, get more strength in there, build more endurance in your forearm extensors,
get a stronger grip because of it by just changing the way you do the exercise. I’m not talking about abandoning the whole
idea that I’ve preached here so many times, ditching the concept of pouring the pitchers.
That’s not good for your shoulders. I’m talking about continuing to have your thumbs raised
higher than your pinkies at the top, except the wrist positioning is now more into this
slight extension. That’s what you’re going to need to build
more of that forearm strength and still get an effective workout and a safe workout for
your shoulders. Last, but certainly not least, when we get to our leg training – you probably
knew I was going to go in this direction – if you’re deadlifting, try to do deadlifts without
straps. I know this might be a shock to some, especially those that started out deadlifting
with straps. It is one of my biggest pet peeves. Before
you even try to lift the bar, you’re wrapping straps all around it. How about you do something
different? How about you deadlift – which is a great thing – but you do it without
straps so that you’re building your own ability to hold that bar as you get stronger? You’re
forcing your hands and your forearms to become stronger as your legs become stronger, and
as your ability to do that exercise becomes better. That is one of the best ways for you to naturally
increase the strength – I’m talking about vice grip strength – of your hands as you
do this exercise. That will translate to not just a deadlift, but virtually every other
exercise that you do. Wait! There’s more! I’ve got a bonus one for you here that’s going
to make a lot of personal trainers that watch this channel very happy. For those that use personal trainers, it might
be a little bit of a wakeup call. I promise you it’s the truth. It’s one of the most effective
things you could do. That is, start racking and carrying your own damn weights. I promise
you, if you start taking your dumbbells out yourself and putting them back yourself in
between every single set, and changing out your plates – putting them on the bar, taking
them off the bar – all of that extra work, as you can see me doing here, is a lot of
free added work for your forearms and your hand strength. It is this extra volume that you can accumulate
that you’re not right now because you’re letting someone else do the work for you. That will
allow you to do a lot more for your forearm and hand strength al to faster. I promise
you this will help you a lot. Trainers, you’re welcome. So there you go, guys. There’s eight exercises and one bonus to help
you start getting that strength you’ve been looking for, by starting to look in places
maybe you’ve never looked. That’s the idea here. You cannot overlook those areas that
you deem unimportant by focusing on the only things that you do think are important because
those important lifts, those big lifts, will betray you if you don’t start looking in
the places you need to. In this video, I’m just starting to scratch
the surface of those areas that we need to start focusing on. One thing I’ll never do
here, guys, is just tell you the things that you think you want to hear. I’m going to tell
you the things I think you need to hear, and this is just one example of that. If you’ve
found this video helpful make sure to leave your comments and thumbs up below. If you’re looking for a complete training
system that never overlooks the things that you may never think of – because I know
how important they are to the overall goal, I know where you want to get to, I know where
you might be starting, and I know where you might be trying to get – I’m going to make
sure that I don’t BS you along the way. I’m going to fill in the gaps with the things
that I think you need to have, and hear, and do in order to get there. You can find that
over at ATHLEANX with our ATHLEANX training system. In the meantime, tell me what else
you want to see me cover here in our strength series and I will do my best to do that in
the weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you later.

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    Thank you for your amazing videos and I hope you feel this is a question worth addressing.

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  9. Summary:
    1) Chest: if your weakness is in your wrists you can do knuckle pushups 1:25 .To work more on grip strength & finger strength perform fingertip pushups 1:50
    2) Back: as you get to the last pullup you can do, instead of dropping off the bar do a dead arm hang.
    3) Biceps: reverse curl 3:20 to work brachioradialis
    4) Conditioning: jump rope for forearm work
    5) Abs: Cliffhanger plank 4:30 which works hand strength and finger flexors. To work on weak wrists do seated tuck hold 4:55.
    6) Triceps: Wrist curl at end of triceps push down 5:45 & 6:05
    7) Shoulders: slightly extend wrists thumbs higher than pinkies like 7:00 to build forearms
    8) Legs: Deadlift without straps

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