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whats up guys its Max Barry, owner of Max’s Best Bootcamp and this is my friend and personal trainer in New York City Marta thanks for coming up Marta, and
this is your glute workout with exercises for buttocks let’s go six moves one minute each 20 seconds
rest in between all you need for this workout is one
kettlebell or a dumbbell it’s an eight minute all out booty blast so let’s get into
this glutes workout right now alright guys time to get into this buttlift we’re
going to blast those glutes Marta and I we’re going to be doing this with you guys the whole time first move starts in three two one touch Jack’s
wide stance we’re going to get down come back up all
that’s good remember we’re doing each move 60
seconds each we’re doing bodyweight and kettlebell exercises for your gluteus maximus. you can also use a dumbbell now if this move gets too much marta is
going to keep going with the jump but if you get tired you can just step
it in step it out and down working those glutes in and out we’re
going to jump oh that’s half way already nice getting a little cardio in here and
those glute muscles are really feeling it now already fired up and nice ok guys we gotta keep moving you want
those buns to be working you got final ten seconds jump better step it keep working
remember what those heels down at the bottom three – one time legs and thighs already have you look
good right there nice or in 20 seconds in between guys
next move grab your kettlebell we’re going kb goblet squats and next
move starts in three two one let’s go back to back up a little bit here we go down good inhale down exhale as you come up working those glutes okay Marta let’s
face each other here we go down and up now goblet squats are great because we’re
getting a little more core work then we would let’s say just holding a regular
dumbbell now or regular weight and if you get tired Marta’s going to keep going you can also just put the weights down and
just do some bodyweight squats if you don’t have a weight you can do
this whole workout but we like mixing it up guys challenging the body in lean and
tone through the whole backside do a couple more with you Marta doing so
good 10 more seconds nice really squeezing
the glutes at the top five seconds four three two one more and high five right to the
end nice partner ok kettlebells aside all right nice still kicking the legs
out a little bit feeling good now let’s face to each other we’re going
to go ahead down next move we’re going to hit the deck next move starts in five seconds
donkey kicks we’re going to go right leg only and hands right
under the shoulders yeah i’m gonna go drive it in drive it
up and we’re going right side first half and if the jump is too much just going
to have the jump under drive it up nice this plyometrics version is one of our
favorites using the glutes last one time others side up keep working love it working that gluteus maximus how’s it going to
be a part of the great nice little booty hey love it it will also get a little undercover
work in our heart rates up to love that we’re getting tone lean and strong through
that backside 5 4 3 2 1 back up all right good looking good all right next move is going to be a
one-armed kettlebell reverse lunge so grab your kettlebell now we’re going to
be alternating feet on let’s go ahead and face each other next move three two one go we got the kettlebell racked up I’m
going to step back then do the other leg now we’re going to keep the kettlebell
racked on the right side take your time good keep it racked on the
right side until the half the train’s coming down yeah great timing for that yup you got
time for one more out of there and they came down from NY see if this glute work out
in time extra rack it up on that side other side roll
it over keep moving ready alternating you can put the other hand
out you can use a wall you’re feeling less
stable and also going down this is too much and guess what you’re
always going to have one better like more balanced yes I know the left one is more balanced and you’re
very balanced woman and dont listen to anybody telling you differently haha whoa almost wiped out but thats part of the fun on this one guys the other thing is we’re trained
professionals we can look all over the place but we recomend this we use a
look at one spot straight ahead and this way it’s going
to help you really now it’s a little bit more as your work in three two one time good all right kettlebell down now
let’s move we’re going to hit the deck for glute bridges
let’s go ahead and face each other we’re going down three two one go drive it up and up hell yeah up another
option we can raise one leg up and try we’re doing the heels down driving it up big buttocks squeeze at the top but
otherwise we go without, now other leg remember to relax your neck
down on the ground so working the glutes not the neck and
try it out full range of motion as high as you can
both down just keep working you can also use weights right under waist
to use like this and that or barbell good five seconds 3, 2 and one time back up nice all right guys last move let’s finish this thing up it’s a four
by four and you need to kettlebell and go grab your kettle ball we’re going in 10
seconds for kb swings and froggers so go ahead and grab that kettlebell we’re
facing each other that’s cool are we going to do for
swings three two one kettlebells starts in front hike it back, four
swings about shoulder height on the swings that’s four then we’re going to carefully put
it down now we go behind the kettlebell where you go knees near the ground and we
jumping forward on this four times up and back 1 2 3 and 4 backup kb swings hike it back and go halfway guys finish this thing up and
time if you doing extra don’t worry about good hands down let’s start with the knees at 90 degrees that just off the
ground that’s going to work the buttocks muscles a little
extra get up now this is too much you can step forward and step back let’s do two more ready to get down one
and it back up three two one time we were right
in the end there want a nice awesome job way to go guys killed it
with awesome glute workout you guys if this is your only glutes work out of the day
we recommend you go ahead and repeat that buttocks routine two or three more times otherwise you can use this as a leg burnout finisher be sure to LIKE and subscribe to our Max’s Best Bootcamp YouTube fitness Channel let us know which one of these glutes exercises
was your favorite if you have any ideas for future videos post all that down the comments section
below thank you for watching this video you guys have an awesome day!

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