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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, everyone! I’m trainer Amy Jo with ATHLEANXX
for Women. Today we’re going to do an 8 minute triceps workout. Ready to sculpt them? Let’s
do it! So our first one is going to be with the band.
A lot of them are actually going to be with the band. These are so nice because you can
take them with you in a hotel, or anywhere and get a great workout. So 8 minutes total.
Triceps; the first one we’re going to pump out 30 seconds. Kickbacks and go. Right here.
Elbows in at the side, I’m going to straighten my arms, pumping some blood in there. Squeeze
all the way back. So if you’re more of a beginner and you’re
already burning you can alternate. That gives that arm a little break on each side. Otherwise,
keep pumping it out. 7 seconds. 3, 2, and 1. Okay, overhead. Take your band, up and
over, 30 seconds, and go. Extending straight up. Elbows point up to the ceiling, squeeze
up at the top. Squeeze up at the top. Once again, if you’re a beginner you can alternate
and squeeze it out to give you a little bit of a breather in between each rep. What do we have? 5 seconds. 3, 2, and 1. All
right. Then these are in a different hand position so you’re going to go reverse grip.
Reverse grip push downs. So elbows in, all the way back, and you want to angle it out
just a tad so you’re hitting that outer head of the tricep. Mixing up hand position really
allows you to hit a muscle group much differently. All the way back. Good. Beginners, remember,
alternate if you need to. We’ve got 10 seconds. 3 seconds, 2, 1, time.
Nice. A lot of isolating. So we’re going to go to one arm. Okay, one arm, overhead. Here
you’re going to press up this way. So we’ll go 15 one arm, 15 the other arm. And go. Extend
it up. You can hold it in the back to kind of keep it in line. Posture is up. 10. 3,
2, 1. Fire. Other leg, other arm. And remember you’re in position. Reverse grip, 15 seconds.
Go. All the way up. 5 seconds. 2, 1 more. Great. Okay. Now, both feet in this way. Two more exercises with the band. So spread
those feet apart, hip width, bending over, and you’re going to push it back and come
together. Push it back. Come together. 30 seconds. Squeeze, press through. Nice. Halfway
there. Straighten it all the way back. 5 seconds left. Push through, straighten the arms. 2
seconds. All the way back. Great job. Okay, then our last one with the band. Tie it back
around. 30 seconds here and you’re going to press, pushing, angling back toward you. Pushing through your triceps. 30 seconds.
Right here. Elbows, kind of like a narrow press. 30 seconds. Use those tris. Press.
Press. 10 seconds left. Oh, man. 2, get one more in, and 1. Nice job. All right. Done
with the band and our last few are on the floor. So these guys are both 30 seconds.
20 second break, 30 seconds on. Elbows in, narrow press first, and we’re going to get
narrower as the time goes. Ready? Elbows in, and 30 seconds. Go. Let the elbows brush your
sides, flex at the top. Flex at the top. Halfway there. 3. Push, push,
push, 2 more, 2, one more in. Down up. Nice. Okay. Break, break, break. 10 more second
break. Now we’re going to scoot those hands in a little more. Get the triceps even hard.
So, opposed from here, scoot them in just an inch. So, three different hand positions.
The last one will be that triangle. Ready? And I’m on my knees so I can get that depth
down and plus my triceps are burning. Go! Flex it at the top. You have to finish the
motion. So if you have to slow down do so. Push. Push.
10 seconds left. 2 more. 2, last one, down up, stretch it out. Stretch it out, stretch
it out. Awesome! Okay, so that very last one. You go diamond, take a longer break if you
need it. We’re going to hit right at 8 minutes. Finish right at 8 minutes. All right. Last
set, 30 seconds, 30 seconds strong. Burn those triceps out. 8 seconds left. 5, 4, getting
the diamond, 3, 2, and 1. 30 seconds, here we go. Pump it out. And the elbow will bow out just a little bit
more on this. That’s okay. Burn and burn and burning. Here we go. Oh my. Almost there.
5 second. 3 more. 2, last one. Oh my gosh. That wasn’t pretty. It’s not supposed to be
pretty. There you have it, guys. The 8 minute triceps workout. Burn the dickens out of them.
Oh my. En fuego. All right. Thank you for joining me today. Triceps, 8 minute workout.
I’m Amy Jo. Leave me a thumbs up, comment below, you guys are awesome. Check out ATHLEANXX for Women with more programs
just like this one you can do at home and that workout we used a band and your bodyweight.
So, you know they have more great stuff in store for you. Thanks for joining me! We’ll see you next

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