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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. So let’s talk today about 6 Pack Abs vs 8
Pack Abs. Somewhere along the way 6 Pack had became not good enough. Now we need 8. And a lot of times people will say, ‘Jeff,
how do I get my 8 Pack?’ And a lot of times those questions come from people that have
a 0 Pack. So I always find it interesting. It’s sort
of like, let’s take one step at a time. Let’s try to get you your 6 Pack before we worry
about 8 Pack. And I’ll explain to you whether or not that’s
even possible. I’ll tell you all these packs are not even possible at all if all you’re doing every single day is 5 sets
of stuffing your mouth with a bunch of shit food because nutrition is and always will
be the number 1 key for lowering your body fat to reveal the abs that you have, to reveal
the structure of your rectus abdominis. And that brings us to the next part. If your diet
is in check, then where are we going wrong? Why do we sometimes see 6? Why do we sometimes
see 4? And why do we sometimes see 8 or even 10? We’ve seen 10 before. It’s all about our
structure of our abs. It’s all about the genetic set up of the linea
alba in our abs.Now, I’m going to show you a couple pictures just to sort of underscore
this point. First of all, look at this guy right here.
Now what you see here is a thicker, more blocky set of abs, ok. Not so flat, they’re much
more prominent. They’re easy to see. Obviously a low body
fat level, but you can see that these are really sticking out and prominent. These likely come from the fact that this
guy is probably doing some heavy weighted ab work because his muscles have hypertrophied. But it also could come from the fact that
the linea alba is a little bit more tightly sutured to the connective tissue below so
that you get these deeper valleys in your abs. Okay, let’s go to another guy. This guy right
here, you can see, he has much wider valleys here between the blocks of his abs. Ok, his rectus is much more spread out. Again,
nothing that he did in his training caused these deeper valleys. It’s just the fact that he has a thicker linea
alba than someone like me who has a thinner one that keeps them a little bit closer together,
so therefore his sit further apart. Next guy, you can see this one here. Now you’re
looking at a little bit of uneven abs. And again, I think all these look good. The fact
of the matter is, you’ve got a 6 Pack. I’m sure you’re going to be impressing people
who are looking for that by having any degree of abs. The fact is we have to make sure that you’re
not losing focus and becoming obsessed with something that you’re not going to be able
to have. Which brings us to the 8 Pack abs. With the
8 Pack, all we do guys, we look at the 3 different rows or the general 3 rows we see of abs. We have our top 2 that sit underneath our
chest right up at the top here. It’s what sits underneath our chest ok. Then we go down to the next row which would
be our middle abs and then we go down to the last row here which is usually even with your
belly button, ok. Where the 8 Pack comes in is below that, and
some guys genetically have the ability to show 2 more abs below. Why? Because that linea alba is sutured tightly
down there, too. Yes, it’s going to require low body fat level. But it’s also going to
require that you train your lower abs because when you get down here, you have to
make sure that, again, body fat levels are low, but you’re training your abs with lower
ab movements. Now, some of you might say, ‘Well, you can’t
target the abs. You can’t isolate one area of the abs versus the other.’ And you’re right that it’s impossible to isolate
one area of the abs versus the other, but we do know that scientifically we have different
nerve innervations, about 3 or 4 different nerve innervations, to our abs that can preferentially
incorporate different areas of the rectus abdominis a little bit more favorably by the
direction of the movement. If the movement is occurring from the top
down, if we’re doing Top/Down movements like Crunches or Band Crunches, things like that,
we see, even through EMG, that we see an increase activity of the upper
fibers of the rectus abdominis whereas if we’re doing lower ab movements like Hanging
Bar Raises or Reverse Crunches, we see preferentially an activation of the
fibers in the lower area of the rectus abdominis. So we know we can do that. and also, guys,
you know just empirically by doing your own ab workouts that doing Hanging
Ab Raises, you feel much lower than you do up here in the upper area of your abs, and
vice versa. When you do Crunches, you feel it much more
in the upper area versus the lower area of the abs. So we know that it exists, but if you don’t
have that genetic makeup of that linea alba crossing here below the navel underneath your
belly button, you’re not going to get 8 Pack abs, and it
doesn’t matter how lean you are or how shredded you are. You can’t get an 8 Pack if you don’t
have it. So, that being said, what can you do? Get
that diet in check. Here’s a nice recap for you. Stop eating those bad things throughout
the day. Get your diet in check. Do your ab work. I recommend 6-7 times a week.
Yes. I always think that doing your ab work as again, as a postural muscle you should
do your ab work regularly. It doesn’t have to be long. It could be 5-10
minutes. That’s all it needs to be, but do your ab work regularly. Target all the areas of your abs. Target your
obliques. Your obliques have the ability to frame the outside of your abs. We’ve talked
about that before. It’ll give you a tapering effect. Train for
Top/Down movements. Train for rotational movements. Train for lower ab Up movements. We incorporate all these movements into our
ATHLEANX Training System with over 115 different ab moves. So, obviously I place a high priority
on it. But the fact is, train them and stop worrying
about whether it’s 6 or 8. I’m telling you. It’s all going to look good. Especially if you can build some lean muscle
to support it and look like an athlete around it, then you’re well on your way to looking
the way you want to look. Guys, hopefully you found this video helpful.
In the meantime, if you’re looking for a system to help you start getting the 6 Pack, the
8 Pack, whatever it is that you might have, then head
to ATHLEANX.COM right now and grab our ATHLEANX Training System. And in the meantime, if you found this video
helpful, make sure you leave our comments and your thumb’s up below. Whatever else it is that you want to see,
this is Washboard Wednesdays. Once a week, ab-devoted videos, you tell me what you want
to see, and I’ll make sure I cover it. Alright guys, I’ll be back here again soon.

100 thoughts on “8 Pack vs 6 Pack Abs (THE HARD CORE TRUTH!)

  1. awesome vid mainly cuz sooooooo didactic yo, well played…enjoy helping others….good for you…this vid comes from a good place….helpful stuff…here's my abs vid 🙂

  2. I have a 4 pack and lower belly fat but if i try to pull my belly button down it shows my 6 pack abs and when i flex it shows a 4 pack how can i lose lower belly fat

  3. I have an 8 pack, but I barely make it to 3 sets of 40 crunch reps, and I've been worried since the lower 2 look like a divided fat bulge more than solid muscle, should I be worried about any health problems?

  4. Im lucky enough to have 8 pack, but too lazy to work around 7% and less bodyfat to see them.
    Im good with 6:D

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  6. I remember when i was serving my duty to the country and doing from 100 at the begining to 350 sets of abs pull ups after 3 months i was so riped. I jus wonder what will happen now close to 40 years old if i tray to do that again. 4-5 monts evry day …

  7. I now how to train I just have no f**** self control smh can't put the damn chip bag away I ate supper healthy for about a month lost like 20lbs abs started to show and slowly went back to my old bs because I got tired of eating the same thing chicken, rice, veggies

  8. Sure it's easy to pull chicks without a full 8 pack. Easy for you to say. I need the extra two abs to make up for my personality.

  9. bro can you explain to me, I ate and slept, when woke up I had 8 packs but before I barley had 6 packs but now I have visible 8 packs

  10. I have a 6 pack, but a few years ago I think I had 8 visible once, (visible because I was really skinny) but recently I’ve been pretty steady on I’d guess 12% bodyfat. And whenever I try to cut down a bit to maybe 9-8%, then I might have an 8 pack

  11. I have 4 packs and feels shit cause i workout so hard i loss fat like from 82 kgs to 66 kgs and now i see 5 packs 😭😭😭

  12. My diet is fine, I eat healthy. Vegetarian so I try lots of other sources of protein…I lost a lot of fat, but I still am overweight and I exercise often. Took some rest days…messed up stuff…never had abs…closest was a hard belly in 7th grade…

  13. My stomach is getting flatter and flatter. I'm eating right , going to the gym, walking an hour everyday 3 miles a day. I can feel the bottom line there. Can't wait till they start coming out 🙂 8 pack here I come. 😁

  14. He is speaking to the general audience and I’m lucky to be an outlier here! I guess having a hyper metabolism isn’t such a bad thing. All I did at the gym was hang from the monkey bars and raise my legs perpendicular to my torso for 5 seconds, 3 sets and almost instantly I saw the 7th muscle, of my future 8pack, emerge below my belly button!!! I also do muscle shredding which is an extreme form in which you do not need weights. I’m relatively knew to muscle shredding but it is a very interesting topic. You do not need weights and the gains are super fast. If anyone can relate to this please don’t be shy to respond.

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  16. Came here to get more information on why I have 8 (6 with 2 smaller ones at the bottom) thinking I was strange, only to find some people have 10. >.< I no longer feel bad 😛

  17. I have never been so grateful for my genes….

    My dads side of the family all have athletic body types and some were even in the olympics. I’m naturally skinny but when I work out I go super Saiyan Broly for some reason. I have 5.4% body fat and a metabolic age of 12 (I’m almost 22😳) but my doctor said that 8%is a good number. I have tried in the past to gain fat but even eating crap food does nothing. But my 8pack just started to show from my gym efforts so I searched this video and I learned something I had no idea about. Thanks for the genes Pops 😂

  18. I am 35, I am single, I have shitty mental illness and chronic anxiety, but at least I have a symmetric 8 pack.

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