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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Skinny guys must play by different rules and
figuring out a workout routine can be a source of confusion and frustration. Did you spend hours in the gym with no results? Did you spend the year filling your body with
mysterious supplements that only make you sick? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Ok. This video will be useful for you because I am going to give you 8 actionable tips guaranteed
to put some meat on your bones! If you’re not gaining weight, you’re not
eating enough. Surplus is what you need. We know this because the laws of thermodynamics
are pretty damn clear. Particularly the first one – Energy Balance. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, only
modified in form. How Much Should I Eat to Gain Weight? Well. If you’re a hardgainer, I would recommend
starting from 3.000Kcal. This number is approximate because can vary
from person to person. The 3000Kcal won’t always be accurate. I gave you this number as a starting point. Your target is to gain no more than 2 lbs per week. In this situation, Your surplus will be enough to build muscle without
gaining too much fat. You should never be afraid of carbs if you
are a skinny guy. The truth is, carbohydrates play a vital role
in your ability to gain weight and build muscle. The point is that, carbs are readily broken
down into the body’s main source of energy – glucose. And afterwards it is stored as glycogen The more energy we have available, the harder
we workout, the more new muscle tissue we build. How Many Carbs Should We Eat? Not less than half of your total daily energy
intake. So If you use (e.g) 3.000Kcal daily, you have to
get not less than 1.500 Kcal from carbs. Every single gram of carbs contains 4 Kcal. So, you can divide 1.500 by 4 and we will get 375
grams. How many is it? A half cup of cooked rice contains 22 grams
of carbohydrates. Eating 1 cup of rice would mean that you are
consuming 44 grams of carbohydrates. Sounds like a challenge, is not it? If wake up at 10am and eat at 11am because
you’re just not hungry when you wake up, that is a double mistake, my skinny friend. You have to wake up as early as possible and
eat as soon as possible. This is not easy strategy. But this is a very efficient tool to kill
your «skinny genetics» because it helps to consume more calories. Track your calories, weight and workouts. There are a lot of different applications
for this. People underestimate the benefits from this
approach. Tracking your weight and calories is the only
way you’ll be sure that you’re eating enough. Perform cardio as little as possible. Cardio training with low intensity is nice
choice for cutting. But your target is opposite now – gain weight
and muscles. You have to understand one important thing
about cardio. It is a kind of physical activity. It stresses the body and expends energy. The higher our energy output, the more we
need to input if you want to make up for lost calories. Do Not Drink Water Before Or With Your Meals. The same as with cardio. Drinking water with a meal is a simple method
of coping with feelings of hunger, satiety and desire to eat.It is a nice idea for cutting. But your goal is to gain weight. You should aim to increase your appetite,
not suppress it. This is why I highly recommend that you eat
first and drink last. Don’t Overdo The Protein Intake
Have you noticed that it’s much harder to get 250 calories from a lean chicken breast
than it is from a bag of potato chips? That is because protein decreases appetite,
dramatically. We all have heard than story about 1g of protein per
pound of bodyweight. My recommendation is simple. Do not consume more than this 1 g. Because your protein synthesis has natural
limits. Splits and specialization are tools for increasing
the level of stress. At the beginning, you do not need both of
them. The bigger you become, the more stress you
will need for constant gaining. But it will be later. Now you have to focus on overall muscle mass
by making heavy compound lifts the focal point. Your training program has to be full-body
and contain squats, bench press, pull-ups, overhead presses, and other compound movements. ok. I hope this information will be useful for you. A little bit…maybe Thanks for watching. Subscribe to my YouTube channel.

22 thoughts on “8 Tips To Kill Hardgainer’s «Skinny Genetics» And Build Muscle

  1. Great video, Den
    And the best part is how you act:

    You act confidently on camera in spite of fact that you're ESL blogger

    good job!

  2. What kind of English do you study?American or british? I mean, which of them better to learn first? (Hope that My spelling propper:))

  3. Люблю русский акцент, русские говоря на английском имеют привычку проговаривать каждое слово отдельно, поэтому легко различают русских

  4. Немного странно слышать советы для хардгейнеров от человека,который изначально одарен природой и не может знать что такое набирать массу хардгейнеру. Опять же автор сам качался на химии,что признает. Т.е. одаренный от природы парень накачался на химии,а теперь учит хардгейнеров как им качаться в натуралку??? имхо перебор.

  5. интересно,эту херню хоть пара процентов американцев(не из снг)смотрит?)даже еслиб такие нашлись,они бедняги даже не поняли бы на каком языке болтает хомосапиенс в видосе)

  6. So, I've been watching your first channel for a long time, it is my first video which I watched on your channel and I precisiely can say that listening to it in English is more effective for me, your ideas is better understandable, because it's make me to be more concentrated than if I watch your video in Russian. Best wishes, from Ukraine =)

  7. Привет Денис! очень понравился твой выпуск про Чул Суна, настолько что я его каждый день пересматриваю, заряжает меня как-то он. Такой вопрос когда есть ли у тебя в планах еще выпуск богов эстетики?

  8. Den, Hi from Nizhny! Your English sounds natural, it wasn't so at early videos. It means that your advices in learning English must be effective. It's cool! Please give me advice what is better for training legs for hardgainer instead of standard squats – squats in Smith or bench press? Thanks for your work and best regards!

  9. Звучит как будто читает заученный текст на уроке английского в 5 классе. Слишком тужится и напрягаетя, пытаясь говорить по-английски.

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