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9 Awesome Whey Protein Benefits Hey there; Paul from
here and it in this video I’m going to hit you up with 9 awesome whey protein benefits. You’re probably aware whey protein is good
stuff, but you may be surprised by just how many benefits
it offers. I’ll get into the details in just a couple
of seconds, stick around, don’t go anywhere… Hey alright, welcome back! Thanks for sticking around. OK, Before I get into these 9 awesome whey
protein benefits, one quick thing… I have included links to the scientific studies
that support my statements in the description field under this video, so be sure to check
those out if you get a moment. Alright, let’s get started with the 9 awesome
whey protein benefits, starting with… Benefit #1 Whey protein is rich in branched chain amino
acids – or BCAAs – one of which is leucine, which is an important contributor to muscle
protein synthesis. In fact, a typical
100 gram serving of when protein contains around 24 grams of bcaas, half of which are
leucine. Benefit #2 Whey protein is also an awesome source of
essential amio acids or EAAs. Essential amio acids are the amino acids that
your body can’t make on its own and you have to obtain from your diet. A 100 grams serving of whey protein contains
almost 50 grams of essential amino acids. Benefit #3 3) Whey protein Is a precursor of glutathione,
which is considered the body’s master anti-oxidant. Reduced levels of glutatione have beem tied
to a number of diseases. Supplementing with whey protein can elevate
levels of glutathione in the body, which may have therapeutic effects in diseases like
Parkinson’s, Cystic Fibrosis and more. Benefit #4 4) Whey protein isolates are rich in Bioactive
peptides which boast a range of immune enhancing and antioxidant properties. Benefit #5 5) Whey protein enhanced fat loss and spares
lean muscle mass in obese subjects who were dieting. Benefit #6 6) Whey protein helps with satiety, or in
other words, it helps you stay full for longer, reducing your food intake. If you eat less, you consume less calories,
and if you consume less calories, you�re well on your way to
weight loss. Benefit #7 7) Whey protein has one of the highest biological
value of all proteins at 104. Bioloical value is essentially a measure of
how easily a protein source is utilized by your body. Benefit #8 8) Preliminary studies suggest whey protein
may protect against certain types of cancers by exerting anti-tumour effects. Benefit #9 9) Whey protein is a potent insulin secretagogue. Alright guys there you have it, 3 Best Supplements
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2 thoughts on “9 Awesome Whey Protein Benefits [You’ve Never Heard Of!]

  1. Yes, whey protein is an excellent source of aminoacids, they all nessesary for building muscle. Besides it has bioactive peptides that enhances inmunity, lowers blood pressure and promotes glutathion synthesis. Excellent video man !!
    I encourage you to make a video about the forms of whey is filtered, low tempeture microfiltration and the cheap ion exchange. The way whey is filtered will impact it´s nutritional profile and biologival value of the proteins it contains !!

  2. Hey, your videos are very informative, glad I found them.Weird thing is that I didn't know Whey had amino acids and BCA, I also use supplements of BCA and EAA, since whey has both of them does that mean I am wasting those supplements

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