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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

all right gang I’m going to share with
you nine tips today on how you can build more muscle with push-ups this also goes
for just almost any pushing movement particularly dips in my mind they’re
pretty much about the same exercise so let’s get jumping right into it step
number one plan your workouts just like I said in the last video you just
because you could do push-ups anytime anyplace whenever you feel like it
doesn’t mean you can get by without a plan where you’re saying this is the day
I do my push-ups this is the number of sets I do this is how many I’m doing per
set you plant just like any other workout when are your rest days when are
your workout days keep a log and stick to the plan that way you have
consistency with consistency you have progression where you will have
progression you will find more muscle and strength so make sure you got it
somewhat of a plan doesn’t have to be a good plan just as long as the up plan
don’t wing it wieners well winner winners never wing it as I like to say
number two kiss the baby talk about this in convent conditioning a lot of times
when people come down and push-ups they’re like okay how close do I get
down to the to the ground fists with you know about six inches you know what are
we talking about here kissing the baby how much range should you use all of it
which means you come all the way down and – you are physically touching the
ground but what we do is we touch the ground with the chest not the chin not
the belly the chest lead with the chest with just the amount of force you would
kiss a baby on the forehead with so you come down touch pause that’s number
three and then come back up again this is all about increasing tension all of
this stuff if you increase tension time under tension you’ll crease muscle
strength it’s as simple as that something does not include increase your
time under tension it’s worthless and pointless to follow in the name of
muscle and strength maybe it has other purposes to it so kiss the baby
make sure you pause top and bottom you again we’re using product of tension and
following PTR so product in tension a lot of times people just jump down and
start banging out push-ups like crazy and their mind is thinking okay just do
the push-up that’s the low how low the bar
set is as long as you can do the pushup then that’s good enough
don’t settle for that low level of standard you’re not doing push-ups for
the sake of doing push-ups you’re doing it for the sake of generating tension so
use proactive tension as I talked about in my chain training PDF to create more
tension don’t just be like okay this is the minimal amount of tension I need in
order to do the rep really stress the hell out of that sucker to the max and
Pt our position tension resistance will help you do just that again a lot of
people do this backwards they put on the resistance on their hands they let the
tension go wherever the hell it wants to go and then as they’re doing it they
adjust their position like oh wait where’s my elbows supposed to be what my
hips are getting a little hot do it the other way around get down on knees you
can do push-ups from the floor up what I’m starting to do now is I have my arms
straight but my knees are on the ground okay get everything on positions I’m
like where my hands where my shoulders get my hips and core just right okay
then set up the tension get everything right good turn it all on as hard as I
can then I’ll lift up my knees or I’ll lift myself up off the floor and have
the resistance so it’s backwards from what normally just drop in give me
twenty will will do for you number six of course again breathe do not let your
breathing limit your tension and therefore your potential strength and
muscle gains more breathing you do the more energy you’ll have the more tension
and the more time you can withstand to have that tension therefore the more
muscular fatigue you’ll have because at the end of the game or at the end of the
day building muscle is never about sets it’s never about reps it’s all about
tension and tension causes fatigue fatigue is what tells your muscles they
got to get bigger and stronger and if you’re not breathing very much and
you’ve got systemic fatigue versus more like muscular fatigue you’ll never stand
a chance in hell so breathe and do not limit yourself as far as how much
tension in there for fatigue you can experience number seven taste tension
not repetitions okay don’t be a rep chaser this is something I used to do a
lot and it’s very prevalent with push-ups these days feel like I can
100 pushups blah blah blah there’s tons of videos out there if people do 100
pushups and they’re not doing 100 pushups they’re doing 100 cries for help
it’s not the reps that matter it’s the tension it’s the fatigue and when we
chase wraps our mind is naturally going to start looking for ways to be able to
do more a repetition more volume with the same amount of tension therefore how
can I get less tension with each repetition like I say I don’t want to
learn from the guy who promises hey Matt I can teach you how to do 100 pushups
I want to learn from the guy says I’m gonna teach you how to do like 10
push-ups and you’ll feel like you did a hundred that’s the guy I want to learn
from not the guys like I can do 100 pushups so what 100 pushups is not
impressive 10 push-ups and collapsing into a heap and being like oh my god
that was everything I had that’s what I’m looking for
number eight make sure you got back strength and stability yeah a lot of I
talked about this in a previous video your core is not the center of strength
for your upper body it’s your back your back has got some of the biggest
strongest muscles that are responsible for where your shoulders and everything
are like so if your back is not tense tight and tucked your pushing muscles
are gonna again it’s going to be all over the place it’s like tensions just
bouncing around all over the place who knows what’s going on make sure your
back is stable locked in put just as much if not more so tension in your back
as you do with your chest this is particularly the case with dips I’ve
even heard some people say that when you’re doing dips it should be 50 50 50
percent of the tensions in your chest 50 percent is in your back and it just it
pulls upon itself and it keeps it nice and stable it’s like a little tug of war
back and forth otherwise it all goes forward and that’s when you get guys
doing this kind of thing okay so make sure you got your back strong and stable
and make sure you’re putting tension in your back for every pushing exercise you
do and finally make close push ups and overlapping push ups your staples so
coming down I talked about this is a centerline principle the more we focus
on centerline pretzeled the more we’re gonna get all of this stuff the more
time the more tension the less stress on the joints everything
and a lot of times this is the standard way of doing things
and nothing wrong with this but if you want to get really more advanced you got
to come in to the point where you’re used to doing things along your
centerline which is I’m quickly finding out is now what feels good like wide
stuff feels like it’s really backwards really wrong and I do wide push ally who
in the world ever thought this was a good idea this is home now for me
so make these your staple and the wide stuff is the stuff you play around with
let me know if you have questions down below beef it look free

100 thoughts on “9 Tips for Building Muscle w/ Push Ups

  1. I can’t kiss the baby my belly hangs low I’m strong I can do 30 push-ups full push ups slow just belly hits floor first I’ve even started using two center blocks for a better burn just belly touches first

  2. Been doing the close grip pushups for a while now and i think this is the first time i see any change in my physique, but my palms tend to slide inwards. Is that supposed to happen or am i doing something wrong? Love your channel man, all the best.

  3. But if i go for endurence and do my maximum with 50 push ups

    But at the last push up i hold it as long as i can is tht helpfull ?

  4. Do I need to rest 24h to do more push ups, even if I'm doing just 3 sets of 8 reps, or can I do it every day and still build muscle?

  5. Missing a bit; as with any chest exercise beginners don't know how to breathe even if you tell them to do so and end up holding their breath and rush to finish their reps. When you're working the chest, the chest pressure prevents you from breathing, so breathe in when you go down and breathe out when you come up

  6. Hi Matt,
    I am a so called hardgainer who has a lot of trouble gaining any muscle. I have been working out for about 6 months, but without any real results. I think will try with push ups everyday including a whole body workout 2-3 days a week. What would you recommend for muscle growth?

    I would really appreciate a reply!
    Thanks, and best wishes!

  7. Maybe I'm stubborn I want to do both. Get to 100 crappy push-ups and when that goal is complete switch gears to the 25 really slow really grueling tension push-ups. However I may be in a different boat then 20 year olds. Short version age 15-30 good ok diet great shape, 30-40 bad diet, injuries/couch potato, 40-50 great ok shape. Aiming for great shape, it's taking roughly forever to acquire. A bad habit of ignoring pain, Testosterone, ego, life and recovery time are all factors.

  8. So, there you have it. Don't look to do more reps. Do 10 push ups, then train to do those same 10 push ups in such a way as they get harder to do as you get stronger.

  9. Great content,man!totally agree…I've seen so great improvement and results from following these rules in my calisthenics practice!

  10. U rock guy. Thank u for this information. It really clicks. I get it. I can't wait to get up n get that tension going. Tension is the key. Damn i m motivated. Thank u so much again. U seem very cool too like a nice decent person. B good God Bless!

  11. Well making a comment after a whole year but I want to ask this question if you don't mind
    Is doing daily ( well 1 rest day per week ) push ups or any kind of exercise till failure considered as a plan ?

  12. @RedDeltaProject In Chinese face reading you have all the signs of a genius, so let me ask can I really get a thicker body by doing push-ups alone like this?

  13. Not gonna lie, but for years I was doing pushups and kind of holding my breath on the down, everything else was fine but I noticed I'd get really bad headaches after…I learned to start breathing and I dont get headaches anymore. Literally for years I was making such a stupid simple mistake and I just corrected it a couple months ago…smh.

  14. Sooo very informative.
    Thank you much bro.
    Keep sharing your knowledge, ofcourse with your great sense of humor. 😊

  15. This guys the truth , this is the main reason why i dont even count , my main focus is to shock my muscles

  16. Great video. What's a good routine for someone getting started? I'm interested in slow, challenging reps, but what's a good number of sets, and times per week?

  17. Would it be a good idea to put some weight in a backpack for extra gains? Or will that screw with your technique?

  18. I completely get where you are coming from. However, I watched guys in jail do upwards of 900 push ups a day with zero focus on anything you are emphasizing. Just banged out fast reps. Never touched the floor. And these guys upper body were absolutely enormous. Volume really will get the job done. Maybe not optimally, but high reps definitely work.

  19. So true. usually 100 pushups takes rhythm and momentum to do. With rhythm and momentum theres a lot less tension so you're waiting your time. Good way of putting it

  20. Correct me if im wrong. But dont wide pushups target your outer chest (further than nipples) where as close grip pushups target your inner chest more. If thats the case, shouldnt you train both equally?

  21. I want to learn from a guy who tells me "I am gonna teach you how to do 10 pushups, but feel as you have done 100 pushups" . That guy is you, thanks a lot.

  22. So will doing these tensioned disciplined push ups equal high reps? For instance, will training to do slow, disciplined, tensioned push ups prepare me for high, fast reps for a physical fitness test that requires a high rep count? Or should I be training for fast, high rep cries for help? Also, how frequent should I train for push ups? Would it be the same as weightlifting i.e. rest for at least a few days afterwards? Thanks for all the great videos!

  23. I just turned 50, I am 5-10 170 lbs with some extra belly fat. Are pushups a good way to lose my excess weight? I want to lose BMI then build a little definition.

  24. im 54 an my problem is i fractured my right wrist when i was younger. so when i try to do more that 15 push-ups by ten that wrist is in pain so have to rest. what would you recommend. ps all your advice for this video is a eye opener for me thanks for posting it.

  25. You are one of my favorite guys who talks about what I really see is true. Short and informative videos, quality content. Thanks.

  26. great video! I had the subtitles on and when it came to your sign off… it said "beef it look free". gave me a good laugh 😛

  27. That's how I do it , slow and I do 20 to 25..60 to 100 per day..i spread it out…no need to do 500 push nobody does..

  28. Best routine for push ups, or any other calisthenic move, or any push up variation, is simply using the Russian ascending ladder method popularized by Pavel. You do 3-4 ladders a session, every other day. Do it for a month and your previous max will be doubled in a month. For sure. So long as you haven't passed the novice stage of muscle growth.

    I have done it for the one arm one leg push up feet elevated, and I got to a double bodyweight bench press with that in 2 years of only that movement,when I could do 50 reps of them in a row each hand, feet elevated to a table.

    You can always wear weighted backpacks too.

  29. One of my elbows cracks on the way up and down. It hurts sometimes so I try to go very slow. But I have to be very careful. I love your content Matt. You are the best.

  30. Hey RedDeltaProject why did you say wide pushups are sort of a bad idea or things to play around with?? I don't get why you said that. Is it possible for you to elaborate on that?? Please??

  31. This dude knows his shit 100%. Its all about King Tut I tell my friends. Time-Under-Tension (TUT). Thats why weight selection really isn't important but one will need a weighted chest for progressive resistance eventually. Freakn great video!

  32. I do 60 pushup throughout the day by splitting –15 in morning, 15 after 2 hours of lunch, 15 in evening, 15 after 2 hours of dinner.Because, I can't do 60 pushup in a row….Is it ok???….Can I do it??….(I am quite a beginner)

  33. A hundred cries for help! Lol! The push up is a deceptively simple exercise. Done properly it is not only a top rate exercise but remains extremely convenient: all you need is the floor. I used to be that guy banging out around a hundred in 5 sets. Then I looked online at how to improve my technique. The numbers dropped off significantly, as my technique improved. Gradually over time I was able to do more as well as maintain good technique. If I feel my technique wavering I end the set and rest. Numbers don't matter. Good technique is safer and delivers better results. Results matter.

  34. Matt some time ago i had no money for gym and i used to do push-up body weight squat and overhead press with 10 kg dumbbell in each hand.. Only those 3 exercise made me fit question to you is can someone do those 3 exercise whole life if goal is basic fitness with minimum equipment

  35. today was my upper body day and for some reason bench felt like shit, could not keep upper back tight no matter how hard i tried and i didn't have strength to lift even my warm up weights, so i decided right then and there that i'm not gonna bench today, i have not recovered properly, so i decided to do push ups instead just for fun and i remembered this video and took advice from this and normally i can do about 40 push up, but now i only could do 15, i really focused on doing every rep perfect and i used so much tension that my pecs felt like they are gonna explode. I'm definitely gonna do push ups more often, especially on days when bench don't feel right and that's quite often. bench is crappy exercise

  36. Are you talking about a 100 straight push-ups or sets of 10 or 20 until you reach 100 push-ups? Because you said 100 push-ups is not impressive but 100 straight push-ups is impressive..I wont listen to this crap, as long as you do push-ups correctly than you need to try and always max out your reps..what's the fucking point is always only doing 10 reps a set when you can be doing push-ups correctly but and also trying to add more reps each time? Your giving false info out.. plus dips add one extra muscle that push-ups dont reach which is your lower chest muscles so doing dips is not the same as push-ups but it's good to add them to ur pull-ups game if you can but pull-ups & push-ups is really all you need until it's time to add dips to the rotation because you do need to learn to do dips eventually for that lower chest muscles

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