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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey my name is Erin and I’m a former U.S.
Junior Olympic-certified swim coach and personal trainer and fitness is my passion so I cannot
wait to share it with you guys. All right. Some weight training tips for you ladies. Now the first thing that I hear from many
women is, “I don’t want to weight train. I don’t want to get big and bulky. I don’t want to look muscular. I’m going to look like a man. I can’t lift heavy weights.” Let me tell you if you haven’t heard it before,
there is no way that you will look like a man unless you have a hormone imbalance. Women just don’t produce enough testosterone
to grow as big as men. Therefore, you should not be afraid of lifting
weights because no matter how heavy the weight, you’re really never going to get huge. You always need to stretch. If you don’t stretch the muscle won’t appear
long and lean. It can have a bulkier look. And you need to maintain a clean diet because
you can build muscle underneath a layer of fat. You know the more fat that you have over that
layer of muscle, the larger you’re going to look naturally until you get rid of that fat. So those are a couple of things to keep in
mind. But please do not worry because you will not
look like a man even by lifting very heavy weights. Most women don’t actually lift enough weight. Another thing to keep in mind is that as women,
we lose 5% of our muscle mass every ten years after age 30. So starting at age 30, your muscle mass is
dropping off by 5% every ten years so it’s really, really important that regardless of
what age you are you continue a strength training routine. If you start before the age of 30 that’s actually
better because you’re building muscle mass and your body will have that muscle memory
and it will be easier for you as you get older. But even if you’re 35, 40, 45, 50 it doesn’t
matter. Pick up a set of weights. It’s never too late to learn. That said, if you’re brand new to strength
training and you’re not quite sure how to use them, don’t just follow a DVD or even
our videos alone. Get the help of a trainer, even if it’s just
a couple of times so that they can correct your form and that you understand how to do
it on your own. Another cool fact if you didn’t already know
this is that muscle burns fat. Yes, it does. So the more muscle that you have on your body,
the higher your metabollic rate will be, theoretically, because muscle requires energy so you are
going to expend more calories the more muscle that you have on your body. So it behooves you to build some muscle mass
and it’s not that easy for women. You really have to work at it, eat enough
protein and keep a clean diet, get enough rest. Rest is also really important. Don’t overdo it. More is not necessarily better. People tend to think, “Well, if 15 reps is
good then 30 reps is even better.” That’s not necessarily the case. You need to rest your muscles in order for
them to grow. So what happens during exercise is that you’re
creating tiny tears in the muscle fiber. Okay? And the way that the muscle grows and strengthens
and hardens is by those torn muscle fibers healing. So you want to create those teeny little tears. They’re good. But if you don’t give yourself adequate time
to rest, you’re never going to see any improvement. So it’s really, really crucial to rest. If you work legs one day, don’t work them
the next day. Just listen to your body. Being a little bit sore is good sometimes,
but you don’t want too much pain. No pain, no gain is true only to an extent. Don’t force yourself to the point where you
can’t take it anymore. Another important point is that the scale
lies. Yes, it’s true. The scale can lie to you. And what I mean by that is that the scale
is not literally lying but that people often focus on the number that’s on the scale and
while that can be a good motivator to inspire you to work out and lose weight, it’s important
not to focus so much on that number, specifically if you are weight training and looking to
increase your muscle mass. The reason I say that is because muscle weighs
more than fat. So it’s not necessarily a bad thing to see
that number increase if the increase in that number on the scale is coming from muscle
gain. So I always put it this way to my female clients:
I say, “Look, would you rather step on the scale and have the scale be a couple pounds
heavier but your dress size having dropped a size, or would you rather see a 5-pound
decrease on the scale but your dress size is the same or you increase the size?” Obviously, everyone’s going to say, “Well,
I’d rather that my dress size decrease.” I mean, that’s the whole point, right? Don’t pay attention to the scale as much as
you pay attention to how you feel, to what your doctor maybe tells you when you go for
a checkup and what your clothes are telling you too. You should just feel good about yourself so
don’t put too much stock in the scale. Another cool thing about weight training is
that it helps to build bone density and that of course is something that women of all ages
can benefit from because as we get older, our bone density decreases and most American
women are at risk for osteoporosis at some point in their lives. So it’s never too early to start bone building. Combine that with your adequate calcium intake
and you should be good to go. To wrap it up don’t be afraid to pick up the
weights. The weights are your friend. You’re not going to get huge. You’re only going to do your body good and
you should absolutely incorporate resistance training into your workout routine.

100 thoughts on “9 Weight Training Tips | Female Bodybuilding

  1. No, women can't get muscles as big as men, but women that lift heavy weights frequently will have huge muscles, and it looks horrible when wearing a dress. To say otherwise is disingenuous.

  2. muscle weighs more than fat? So a pound of muscle weighs more than a pound of fat? please explain what you REALLY mean.

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  4. You don't have to get really big if you don't want to, besides the only time you would look horrible in a dress is if you had just finished a workout and your muscles are flexed. Otherwise you don't always look flexed and pumped up, when you are relaxed you pretty much look like she does in the video.

  5. Muscle doesn't weigh more than fat. It just takes up less space. A pound of muscle or a pound of fat is still a pound…

  6. women who lift heavy weight frequently will NOT develope huge muscles.. unless they follow a specific diet to do so. neither will men. huge muscles = huge amounts of food. without the food ur muscles cannot grow. ull just lose body fat and get more toned looking. proof- female olympic weightlifters in lighter weight classes.

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  12. That's not exactly true though, I've seen someone who has never missed a day of lifting weights and after several years she has huge biceps. And this is without the help of hormones or steroids.

  13. stretching does nothing except increases the pain tolerans of the joints. so you have no clue what you are talking about, everythign u say is pure anekdotal and is useless information

  14. Good advice except muscle doesn't weigh more than fat- it's denser. A pound of muscle = a pound of fat. They're both pounds after all.

  15. the way the camera keeps panning over to her  tits makes me think this video is just as much for men as it for women

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  17. Will resistance training actually help someone who is fat or overweight lose weight? I see a lot of people say it will help if your like 10 to maybe 30 pounds over weight but what if your like 60 to 100 pounds over weight? 

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  21. OK to all those who are negative about what she is saying! Her body may not be all toned but what she is saying is in fact true. I hear diffrent theories and none of it work for me and as I came across this video as if right now!!! I said to myself "Check, Check, and Check I did all that What she is saying I see massive results in my body. She may not be toned or muscular but she is smart on what she teaches.

  22. These are some really good tips! Ever since I have been weight training I have gained 10lbs and still gaining… Also my appetite has increased is that normal? I have had trainers say it is and I should in take more protein?

  23. "you need to stretch for the muscle to [change shape and] look long and lean"…not sure what the evidence is for this claim or is this just from your experience ?

  24. Thought this would actually give me woman-specific tips for lifting. Videos like these are important of course, but most, almost all, how-to lifting videos where they use more than 5 pound weights are made by men. There needs to be more of these made by women because we have different body types!

  25. I must admit that I also thought she was a little chunky but I've seen other videos of her and she's pretty fit…she just has a full figure shape she looks great…different body type than most are used to seeing probably

  26. I want to lose weight but I don't have equipments to do weight training, but I do jog. So how do I lose weight and do weight training at home without equipments?!

  27. That the weights are lying is sooo true… I started weighttraining about 7 months ago, I've never looked better, still, I've gained almost 10 pounds, and I've never weighed more… 🙂 It took some time to get used to the number on the scale, but now I'm almost excited when the number is higher.. Haha. I love it weighttraining!

  28. I wanna increase my Wight & have more muscle …. We have no licensed female trainer … 😢 I live in amman jordan

  29. Really helpful video. I would just suggest to keep the music a bit on lower volume, it is slightly louder than speach.

  30. Muscle does not weigh more than fat. A pound of muscle weighs the same as a pound of fat. What you're trying to say is muscle is more dense, therefore you can fit more of it in a smaller space. That's why the scale can go up when weight training, even though we're getting smaller. It also has to do with water retention after a good workout, perfectly normal.

  31. what.. muscle size weighs more i was 55k and when i started eating clean.. and working out i saw massive change but i was 54k and i was like wt the hell is going on should i be lighter

  32. But I wanna have large muscles to beat up guys and to look really tough and I don't give two shits if a guys doesn't like me because of my muscles, ill just wait till I can find a guy that will weight train with me.

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  38. Are use my earbuds in my phone so I could hear what you have to say and absolutely great tips everything you said is very helpful good to re-learn many people need to spring training they have pain or injury they have to rest it and it becomes a vicious cycle happened to me years ago and now I've been lifting weights for over year and I love it

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  40. Then how can we create a workout plan right for us so that we can have a beautifully feminine physique…Even people in gyms don't seem to bother and help us like before when they tried make us members.
    Pretty annoying though 🙁
    Thanks for the video
    I really wish I could find a otoff

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