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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

– Please welcome Josefina! (energetic Latin music playing) (audience cheers) – Pow! (audience cheers) – Hi! – Hey! – Pow! (laughs) – Come on, do it! – Yeah! (audience cheering) – Hi, how are you? – How you doing? Alright. That’s good. – Look at my muscle. – Oh, yeah. Where you from? – Venezuela. – Is it true that you took up bodybuilding when you were 59? – I was 59 years old when I started competing in bodybuilding. I had no clue what
bodybuilding was all about, and I discovered that through discipline, commitment, doing the thing that you want to do, age is a number. (laughs) Yes, yes, yes! Women tell me that they thought at 40 years old it was too late to get in shape. I’m here to tell you that it’s never too late to get in shape. You start getting in shape now! Pow! Yes! My guns are bigger than your guns. – Your guns is bigger than my guns? – Uh huh! – Don’t know which guns you talking about. Okay. (laughter) – Let me see your abs. – See my abs? – Yeah. – I can. I, yeah… – Oh, yeah. Okay. Look at them, look at these. Pow! – Yeah. You watch it right here. Look right here. POW! Yeah! How often do you work out? – One hour every single day. – Okay. – But I do a body part. – You do a body part everyday? – Yes. Like, exactly. Like shoulders and back are Mondays. Chest on Tuesday. Legs on Wednesday. Back and shoulders on Thursday, and Saturday, legs again. – Well, when do you do arms? Like biceps and triceps? – When I do… Biceps? When I do back. And when I do chest. Back, tricep. Chest, bicep. POW! (laughter) – [Steve] Pow! (laughter) – How often do you compete? – I compete every year, at least four to five times. This year, I did four shows. And then I also go to Masters Nationals, and I never leave the stage without a first place trophy or at least I place. I never lose, never lose. Look at my trophies. – That’s, How many trophies is that? – More than four hundred. – [Steve] More than… – More than four hundred. Because I am 72 years old. So I don’t do age. I do open class. Because we have to open ourselves to believe the potential that we all have and not allow age to limit our power. POW! – Yeah! You heard that! You heard what she said! – POW! – Yeah. I’d like to show you my routine. Do you want to do my routine with me? – [Steve] Yeah. Hell, yeah. Right now. – You’re going to follow me, okay? – I’m following you. – Okay, we need some music. – Some music. – Throw up biceps. Throw up biceps. POW! (Latin music plays) – Side chest. Yes, oh! Woopa! Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Now, back. – Back. – Your feet. POW! (audience cheering) – [Josefina] Strut, strut. – [Steve] Give it up for Josefina! Thank you! We be right back!

100 thoughts on “A 72-Year-Old Bodybuilder Who Will Make You Smile

  1. Блять,нашла чем хвастаться….перекачалась до мужика….Женщины знайте меру во всём… плииииз,то губища и ботекс до кукольного вида то мышцы перекачееные….фуууу просто фууууу 👎

  2. sHE Looks happy but am I wrong in seeing a male in drag as opposed to An OLD FeMALE Body builder? it's Funny either way I think?

  3. Im kinda shocked 72 years old? She looks like shes in better shape then alot of people I see in my community in there 20z POW!💥

  4. Surely she's on some sort of hormone or steroid. That's too crazy for a 72yo! I'm all for performance enhancement in late age!

  5. Not only she has a amazing fit body for her age, she also has a incredible positive attitude. Very unique & inspiring lady

  6. Unfortunately the plastic surgery on her faceis not to good. But dang her body looks nice more so for her age.

  7. Wow, toned and on point! She’s putting us younger ones to shame for sure. Also, I love her fun and vibrant energy. What a cool lady!

  8. Sugar is the worst for aging you, use Xylitol instead it's natural and looks and taste like sugar. Also take iodine, magnesium and b12 as we are all deficient in these, we don't get nearly enough on a daily basis and they are all important for healthy cells and immune system. I always thought we shouldn't be aging so bad and this lady proves this!! good diet, all vitamins levels up to scratch and exercise is all it takes.

  9. Thank you Steve. You are my angel. I feel very bad at the moment, tired and my heart week. I have many kilos to lose. I swear on God that owing to this video I feel better. I am 56 years old and tomorrow I start over. So from all my heart, thank you. And sorry for my bad Enflish.

  10. Judge Judy . Next pick salvation army with "tinted windows" never give 'em clothes, before picking ones without tinted windows . Salvation Army most have tinted windows by that I mean not what Microsoft had on the mind. You are always on my mind. Lol

  11. Wow! I am so impressed! I am 52 years old and out of shape. I never had to worry about my figure until 50 hit. This really inspires me. If you can do it at 72, surely I can at 52. Thank you for sharing😊

  12. She is amazing 😂👍😍🏋️‍♀️
    I love her, Thank you for share her experience 🙏🏻👍👍👍👍👏👏👏👋🇳🇱😃

  13. Im chubby missing back teeth. Gray hair .And I love myself .To many people want to be perfect. Just be yourself.were not on earth to people please. I'm a happy camper.

  14. Does anyone who's either "Hispanic" or "Latino/Latina" knows is she was the one who appeared a few years ago in "Sábado Gigante"?

  15. La amo! Que alegría me dá verla 👌👍👏👏👏👏👏😆😁Buenísima fuente de inspiración 👌👍💪
    Gracias Josefina!!

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