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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Okay so, good morning guys We’re going to shoot a video today of my daily routine. I have so much to show you. I’ll show you how I start off my day, about what I eat, my training, and what I do in between. So today, we’re going to… My wife requested that we visit her late grandmother cause we weren’t able to visit last November 1. So, we’ll go there first. Then maybe, since my son just got home, I’ll drop him off at his tutor and afterwards, we’ll be watching a movie. Then let’s see what else we can do for the day. But I’ll be showing you every meal, how it’s cooked, and every meal, I’ll also try to include my macros. So, the first thing I do when I wake up is I check my weight. Then, I’ll send my condition to my coach. Because right now, as you can see I’m a bit flat, I have no water intake, so I’m dehydrated while asleep. Think about it, how many hours do you sleep? I wake up two to three times to pee So if you look now, I’m a bit flat right? But once I drink water, you’ll see how it gradually changes for the whole day. Since it’s my carb up day, I’ll be loading up on carbs. So you’ll be seeing how I take it, okay? Hey Google, play Pakinabang (by Ex Battalion). Cutie Saitama 😽 Okay, I have to tie my shoelaces properly so that later, I have no reason to stop my cardio training. I’ll just prepare my BCAA (Branched-Chain Amino Acids) These are the two flavors that I always choose. green apple and lemon lime But my favorite is the green apple I know a lot who prefers this. So, this is what I’ll be taking today. I got this from Supplement Hub. If you want a discount, use my promo code: KEN10 Use this to get a 10% discount on Supplement Hub and at JFIT apparel. 💪 I’ll be putting one scoop each for today (for BCAA and Glutamine) Then while drinking my BCAA, I’ll prepare my oatmeal, so that after cardio, we can eat. Since I’ll be doing fasted cardio today, I need to drink BCAA. But I don’t have food intake, so only liquids For energy and… this is really good for muscle recovery. So this is the oatmeal brand that I use This is what I buy cause I like it more than Quaker. I don’t know. Maybe because of the texture when cooked. So, since it’s my carb up day, This one. Don’t ever forget this. This is a big deal. I require all my clients to use this. What I’m using right now is a scooper from Whey ON. Most likely, this is 30 grams. 31 grams=one scoop. You can use this so you won’t have to use a scale. So, 75 grams of oatmeal. Here’s some egg white, I’ve separated the yolk. For my carb up day, I’ll be lowering my fat intake, so only egg whites. Then later on, I’ll add some Whey, and almond butter I’m out of almond butter so I’ll be buying one in Trinoma later. You’ll see. Also, its price. I’m gonna put this on the stove, then do my cardio. Shout out to JP Yap! 💪 He gave me this, Abs Of Steel. You can get this at Supplement Hub. I apply this on my core, lower back, This will add more definition. It can cause a burning sensation when applied. But for me, it will only be effective when you have low body fat. For subcutaneous water you want to lose. If you’ll use this with a high body fat, I think it won’t have any effect. So let’s apply it. I just bought this last week. I was supposed to buy shoes I really wanted new shoes. I wanted to do cardio on a treadmill. I was instructed to use the treadmill. This was a second hand. Super worth it. Shout out to the person I bought it from. I forgot the name. I really saved a lot on this treadmill. So I invested on something I needed. Next time, I can buy the shoes I wanted. Who knows, I might get lucky and win. 😬 We started on a flat level for warm up and then with low speed. Then, I gradually increase its incline to 10. Later, I’ll put it on its max incline. For the speed, I’ll keep it to 4 probably. 3.5 to 4 (speed) Then, I’ll do low intensity only. Then, I’ll decrease the incline later. So, as you can see… I already drank water. I have water in my system. So my muscles are fuller. Awhile ago, my muscles were dehydrated. Later on, I’ll put macros on my food. I’ll see what tips I can share with you today. Please watch until the end! 💪 (Warren) What happened, bro? My cellphone got stuck. (R4pnu) You really need to stick your tongue out. (Z4pnu) Like when Cardo gets mad in Probinsyano. My dog really needs to poop. This is the finisher for my cardio most of the time. I take Vodka out for a walk (pooping time 💩) Vodka 🐶 So handsome, right? What time will your tutor session end? Ahm…. 1 pm. Wazzup guys… Welcome to my… 😀 Wazzup guys, Welcome to my Papa’s Youtube Channel. Subscribe and Like 🙂 Ok so will walk for 10 minutes and let Vodka poop. then we eat breakfast because we still have a lot to do Kenzo boy, you have your tutor session today right? My wife’s nanny since she was young So, later we’ll have someone sweep this away. I forgot to bring some newspaper. So, I’ll just show you. I’m just gonna catch his poop. 💩 (Kenzo) Disgusting! So now I’m done with cardio, we’re a bit late. It’s almost 11 am. I woke up around 9 or 9:30 am. So this is my first meal. Oatmeal, Whey, then Almond butter This is the almond butter I’m using. Sometimes when I make ice cream at night, I mix it with Whey, then put it in the freezer. Will try to show you, depending on how the day goes. We’ll see if I’ll include ice cream in my meal So, 75 grams of oatmeal 5 egg whites. I removed the yolk. I’ll add 16 grams of almond butter. So 17 grams, that will do. This is what I use when the competition is near. This is a famous protein powder. It’s a pure Whey isolate. You can get this at Supplement Hub. Use my promo code: KEN10 1 scoop only. I’ll be sprinkling some Himalayan salt on the egg. Of course, we need Sodium for our body. Sometimes, I also put some in my oatmeal. My breakfast has around 567 calories. Then, it also has around 56 grams of protein, I think. 50 to 52 grams of carbs. And then 15 grams of fat. So there. Let’s eat! This is solid, bro! This is our first meal. Later, I’ll show you our second. For our second meal, I’ll be having rice and some chicken breast. I’ll just drop Kenzo off to his tutor session. He’s a bit late already. We’ll pick him up later, Then we’ll head straight to Supplement Hub. Then we’ll watch a movie, right? Play at Timezone. But first, we’ll visit grandma. Ingrid’s grandma. So, Kenzo’s a bit late and we still have 2 minutes more. But his tutor is just nearby. So, let’s go? Hello? Hello, bro! Oh, bro? How are you? I’m okay. How about you? I’m okay as well. I’m shooting a video for my Youtube Channel. I’m thinking of working out there later. If that’s okay? I’ll visit there. So that I can also show them the gym that I.. Is it okay? Yup. It’s okay. Okay, great! Maybe around, evening? That’s fine. No worries! Okay. Thank you bro! Alright. That was Luis. Shoutout to Luis and Coach Marlon! They, always, let me visit the gym, anytime. The coaches there are also very nice. I really miss going there. I’ll call JP. I’ll let him know we’re on our way. Hello bro! I’ll drop by at the Supplement Hub. Are you there? Sure! I’m here, bro. Feel free to drop by! Good! I’m filming with Warren. Where exactly are you? At Commonwealth. We’re near, bro. Alright. See you! Shoutout to JP! 😀 Okay, bro. I’ll see you. Let’s go. We’re now here at JFIT. So you’ll see something like this one. Your face got smaller, bro! (JP) But your size is still the same, man. We’re now here at Supplement Hub. I’ll show you what they are selling here. Shaker bottles. This is the one I showed awhile ago. This is where I bought it. They have towels, apparels, wrist supports, etc This one. For those competes, this is now available at Supplement Hub. One coat. Instant dark bronze. It’s like Dream Tan. You should try this. This is also a good brand. Jeremy Buendia used to be an endorser of this brand. I always get unflavored so I can mix it with anything I want. I use this Whey when it’s almost my competition. Pure Whey Isolate ISO 100 It has high ratings internationally. It’s a bit pricey but it has good quality. PHP 3,900 When the show is far off, When the show is far off, this is what I use. ON. Ever since. This is my favorite Whey ever since. Actually, I’m not the type to try out different brands… Unless sponsored, of course, I have to. But I’m very picky. So, this is a good brand. They offer free delivery at Supplement Hub! 🙂 And please don’t forget to use my code: KEN10 Get a 10% discount! Here. They have many seasonings you can choose from. There’s honey barbecue, garlic and herb salt, lemon zest. There’s a lot. If you’re a fan of spicy flavors, try this. Hot Wings Solid! Another reason why I went here is because of this. A while ago, you saw that I removed the egg whites by myself. But I wasn’t able to show it in the video. There’s a lot asking about this. These are pure egg whites. It’s already separated for only 190 pesos. It sells out fast. (So go to Supplement Hub now!) This is very convenient. Okay, so I would like to announce. Since there are a lot of people who support my channel. And many of you guys also comment about my gym outfits. I’ll be giving three apparels to three lucky winners. You just have to share my video. Like Supplement Hub and JFIT’s Facebook page. and of course SUBSCRIBE to my channel, don’t forget. 🙂 So, here’s what I’ll be giving away. There are many colors to choose from. So in this video, we’ll be giving away three then I’ll announce the lucky winners on my next video. Don’t worry. We’ll be fair. Also, please tag three of your friends on my post. (please see mechanics on my Instagram @kenhanaoka) Watch out for it. Then these will be delivered for free to all lucky winners. Again, you just have to tag three of your friends, send me the color that you want, and your size. Just check the available colors on Supplement Hub’s Facebook page. This is one of my favorites, but I think, I have given it away. It’s now 2 pm here. So, we’ll go home for my 2nd meal. So my wife volunteered to cook for my meals. She will show you how to prepare. She’s a very good cook. You can also check her video on Youtube She’s the girl in the new Jollibee advertisement…
“Cam the Chameleon”. and also please buy food from Jollibee *laughs* There she goes, watch how she cooks my chicken. Hi. So, as you can see, I’m cooking two chicken dishes which I invented, since Ken really loves spicy food. So here I put Cayenne pepper, Spanish paprika, Himalayan salt, and pepper. What else? I think that’s it. Next is this dish. The seasoning is from JFIT. What flavor is that? Yes. I showed it earlier. Ah. It’s cajun. I put cajun, Himalayan salt and pepper. This is the dish where you put onions. Yes. And the reason why it’s a bit color yellow because there is.. What’s that? I forgot. …………. What kind of cook are you? You forgot the ingredients. I forgot the ingredients since I already prepared it a while ago. (laughs) Is it tumeric? No, it’s not. (it’s curry powder) I’ll try to remember it. Electric? (joking cause tumeric and electric rhymes. what a bad joke hehe) Since Ken can’t have anything on his food I put a lot of garlic, onions, green, and red chillis for additional flavor. Since it’s my carb up day, my first two rice meals will be 150 grams. I wanted to add more, so Brad(pet name for Ingrid) can make fried rice for me. Now, she’ll show you guys how to make the fried rice. that I usually post on my Instagram stories. To everyone who’s watching, just wait. I’ll be showing you later all my meals. Wait for my pre-workout meal which is my favorite. You are really lucky if you have a support system. Of course, sometimes, you are really tired. It’s important that people around you understand you. It’s been how many years since I started competing right? 4 years. 4 years of chasing the pro card. 4 years of not being with him when I go out with our friends. Not everytime. Yeah, when he is on prep. (That’s how dedicated he is.) Actually, she only cooks for me when the competition is near. At first she doesn’t like it. (joking) Please watch “Cam The Chameleon” directed by Dan Villegas. Watch it on Jollibee, maybe you want to get me as your model also. 🤣 This is the zero calorie cooking spray we use for cooking. I recommend this to my clients. I buy this in SnR. There is also in Landmark Trinoma. We call each other “Brad”. Don’t get confuse guys. The Kikoman we use is low in sodium. It’s like a make up vlog. 😂😂😂 If the one awhile ago was 150 grams. The 300 grams, we made it into fried rice. That’s for two meals. But since it has broccoli, so I kind of estimated it. So this one is 172 grams. Then I split the chicken to many meals. 130 grams of chicken per meal. This is meal number two. So this is my second meal. Chicken breast, rice, and a bit of vegetables. It’s around 408 calories 45 protein, 42 carbs, then 5 fat. The fat is from meat. As you can see, the fat is low. That’s because I get a higher fat intake in the morning and before I sleep. Let’s eat! Okay so here we are. Let’s visit Ingrid’s grandmother. We’re done visiting grandma. Let’s go to the mall. We are now here at EDSA and the traffic is bad. It’s normal in Manila. I need to eat my 3rd meal. It has the same calories with meal number two. 408 calories, 40 plus protein and carbs, 5 fat. I will show you later my pre-workout meal. Let’s go to the gym after going to the mall. Did you have a goodnight sleep? At last, we’re here. It’s better to have your meals prepared because of situations like this. The traffic was so bad. Good thing I brought my meals with me or else I’ll get really hungry. He’s our friend guard. Shout out to our brother. He wasn’t able to fix my camera.🤣🤣🤣 Just kidding. I actually bought a memory card so I can vlog my competition in Japan. But first, I have to get this fixed or else the memory card I just bought would be put to waste. I also bought a mic. Mic test. mic test. You can hear me even if I’m whispering. This is the first accessory we bought for our vlog. It’s just cheap. Hopefully when we go back, we can buy the most expensive one. 😂😂 Nothing is impossible. Famous. Thank you sir. Thank you bro. Can we put this in our vlog. Sure. Hello. Nice to meet you. I want to show you guys the almond butter I use during my prep. This is the almond butter I use. (Barney Butter) But when the competition is not yet near, I use Field Day peanut butter. When it’s off season I use Skippy. I’ll get one because I only have few days out left. Damn. Im excited to train. Shout out to JFIT for my clothes So this is my fourth meal. It has 36 protein, 57 carbs and around.. I think 17 fat. Total of almost 525 calories This is already my pre-workout meal. Then after an hour let’s go to Kinetix Gym. Let’s eat. 😋 We’ll go the the gym now. Okay Bye. I remember going to Kinetix Lab gym everyday. I really miss it. The only thing that makes it hard to train there is it is surrounded by a lot of restaurants. Let’s see if it’s still the same. Good thing we ate a heavy meal earlier. It has 500 plus calories. It has fats and carbs so we’ll have the energy we need to work out. 💪💪💪 So guys I’ll take over the vlog first. Ken just ate so he will rest for a while. Me and Raprap will have our dinner. Just skip if you don’t want to watch us. 🤣🤣🤣 Damn. I was about to get utensils. but I forgot, we’re eating cheeseburgers. 🤣🤣🤣 So stupid of me. Back To Ken 💪💪💪 So, we are here now at Kinetix Lab. I trained here for many years. This is also the gym where I trained and won my first overall champion. This is my trophy when I won Mr. Philippines 2017 Overall Champion. I really owe them a lot. As you can see they have a lot of trophies. I think the trophies are from power lifting and strong hand. Being in your preparation phase before competition is never easy. It’s really hard. I’ve been chasing for this dream (Pro Card) for years already. When I started body building, my goal is to win. When I became Overall Champion, I made a new goal. Until I won in International shows and then I made another goal. And then now, I’ve been chasing my goal to get the pro card. Unfortunately, last year we’re unable to get it. But for me, If you have a goal, you don’t stop until you get it. Continue making progress. In that way, you get closer to achieving your goal. Like, for example I may have failed last year but I know that I made improvements this year. If I continue to have this kind of mindset And if in case, I’ll fail again this year I know that I’ll continue to learn and improve in the coming years. In this way, I know I’ll be successful in achieving my dream. As long as I am growing, no matter how slow, I’ll have a higher chance in getting that goal. It’s difficult. When some people don’t understand. There are bashers, we can’t avoid them. To my fellow athletes and body builders, I know that we often get bashed But you know, they don’t know the hard work we put in training and preparations. And to the others who is in to fitness It’s not just about getting the Pro card. We all have different fitness goals. You can apply what I said earlier. Be consistent. Keep making progress to yourself. Physically Mentally Eventually, everything will be okay. You will reach your goal. Go near the light. Show your back. A lot of people fail in reaching their fitness goals. It usually ends up as a New Year’s resolution. Some will say, they will start after their birthday, and so on. But the best time is to start now. If you fail, try again. Some people gets discouraged. Always remember, there is always a way. Everything would depend on your mindset. If you think negatively, it will eat you up, nothing will happen. The tendency is you will stop. But if you need help and encourage yourself Because the only person who can truly motivate you.. is Yourself. Yes, we get inspired by other people, but the best person to motivate you is YOU. As long as you don’t give up, you’ll definitely achieve your goal. So now I’m reading Youtube comments. I would like to shout out one of my clients first. Shoutout to Ralph Cid. You really did a great job! I just posted you in my Instagram story. Shout out to the people who are commenting on my Youtube channel. Shout out to Mike Rosales. I always see your comments. There’s a lot of bashers in the comment section but let them be. Shout out to Eugene, also. Thanks for watching my vlogs. I would also like give a shoutout to all the bashers. Thanks for your support. I know you’ll never understand me. I don’t want you guys to change. Because I know it’s part of the game. Still, thank you. To all my supporters and the people who appreciate me. I’m truly grateful. Thank you. Thank you so much. If not because of my supporters, I wouldn’t be here. I’m eager and inspired to continue what I do because of you guys. I know that there will be those haters who will say bad things about me. But I’m happy because of the people I inspire. Especially, those who really got to witness my progress since I started years ago. I’ve been going to gym for 10 years now. I was once noticed in Facebook and I am very thankful. To all my sponsors and even those who sponsored me before: Kinetix Lab JFIT and of course Team KG. I’ll represent Team KG in Japan. Don’t forget to LIKE, SHARE, and SUBSCRIBE! So we’ll keep moving forward. Thank you so much. I’m tired. I think I already need something to eat So we’re already here at home. It’s my 5th meal now. Calories is around 500. 47 grams protein Carbs is around 50 grams to 60 grams This has 5 grams of fat. Now while I’m eating, I’ll send an update to my coach, coach Pastor Pump. You can also see it in my posts. He’s an IFBB pro. Shoutout to my coach! Coach Carlos Rodriguez. I sent this video to him. To those who have their own personal coaches, please do follow the protocol. If you don’t, your coaches will only end up guessing. Think about it. They can’t check your condition accurately if you don’t follow their protocol. It’s a must to follow protocols, so they can change if needed. It’s that simple. Let’s discuss and talk about it next time on how to be consistent on your macros. So now I’m done with my 5th meal. This is my last snack. This is also the reason why I choose to have a fewer protein intake. I’ll use Almond butter and 1 scoop of whey 16 grams of Almond butter and 1 scoop of whey I’ll take a bath after my 5th meal. Then before I go to sleep I’ll eat this snack. Shout out again to Supplement Hub. I use ISO 100. Just be careful. If you don’t know how to control your
diet while you’re in prep. You will have a hard time because you might want to eat more of this snack. It happened to me before. Sometimes it happens and it will turn into a lesson. Then next year you’ll have to wait for another prep But now I’m all out in this prep I’ll just mix this and show you the outcome. I’ll show you later once it’s done. Delicious. Now, I’ll put this in the freezer. So this is my last meal. 150 grams of Tilapia fillet. and 100 grams of rice. I was supposed to eat oatmeal, around 45 grams, but chose rice instead. Like I said this morning, I put Himalayan salt on all of my meals. Sometimes, I put soy sauce. (Kikoman) You need to be consistent on you sodium, everyday. Sodium is very important to our body. We need it. The only thing you’ll gain in sodium intake is water weight. Zero sodium is really not advisable. But it’s okay. It’s their protocol. Let’s respect that. I also tried that before but this protocol suits me better. You can still try it. I will just eat this, then we’re done and I’ll go to sleep. Warren and I will edit this so we can upload immediately. See you again next time! 💪


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