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Did you like the camp? Very much! I’d like to stay longer! It’s interesting! What impressed you the most? Sportsmen are supposed to have fun too, right? Yes, exactly! Not to think about trainings only! And to think more about the trainings afterwards! And achieve even better results, in my opinion! You played bowling yesterday and today you… I lifted 98 in the snatch! So everything is in order, I guess. Good morning! This is my room! Here comes our trainer! Good morning! Doggie, doggie… Join us for lunch! Very good! How frequent are these trainings? All the time during preparatory period If in the gym – then with discs on Floor push-ups, pull-ups behind the head bar pull-ups with weight everything necessary plus abdominal exercises, much is done to strengthen the core Abs frontal and side crunch Everything is important! I´m always with the trainer, so there is no way to escape You´ll have 6 pack abs in compensation Yeah Yeah Or you have them already? Kind of, but still hiding -Done? Yes! One set now and there will be another one in the evening to vary… it’s nice to have for trainings something different …not the same as every day there’s snatch and clean daily Abdominal side and stretching, that’s it! It’s a training, right? Is it a 25kg disc? It is! Done! Stretching! more stretching… I’d better have a nap And enough! Hello! Hi! What is this? It’s an eggplant with mayonnaise and garlic Oh thanks a lot It’s a very tasty and strong thing! A dietetic roll! 150 to start with! Only! Can you beat right here? Awesome! You will beat and strengthen my core as much as it’s possible I won’t beat, I’ll just do like this But strongly! You want me to do like this? Come on! And then you’ll just… I’m also afraid! Did you slip over? I’m sorry! It won’t last long! Rebeka! When did you play bowling last time? Oh, about 6-7 years ago Really! When we first traveled to Norway for a meeting we were also judged in bowling I see you don’t have fun that often! Definitely! What’s the new dance? You’re preparing No, no! This one is even heavier! Why are they all so heavy? Good luck, guys! Bye!

91 thoughts on “A Day with Rebeka KOHA / weightlifting

  1. Awesome! When you see people like Torokhtiy or Rebeka perform in the sport they excel at, their technique, mental game and strength are so elite that you almost forget they're human. It's great to see more relaxed, casual moments like these.

  2. Аааа, наконец-то Ребека, топовая тянка, эталон молодой спортсменки

  3. прикольный видос. Вообще формат каких то совместных тренировок прикольный.

  4. Вот смотрел видос, видать какая добрая,спортивная обстановка, в таких условиях спортсмен может и без фармы подымать хорошие веса

  5. for the 3% reading this, I hope you become successful in life with everything you dreamed of, and accomplish more than you had imagined. I am a youtuber myself and I'm not asking you to do anything. but I would love to hit 20k by the end of February! THANK YOU, ALL OF YOUTUBE

  6. Блин, она такая милая) даже не верится что такие огромные веса рвет и толкает

  7. Умница, красавица, спортсменка! Влюбиться можно. Эх.. жаль что я уже женат )

  8. Важка атлетика цікавий спорт. Шкода в Україні вона не розвивається. Навіть в Києві нереально знайти секцію.

  9. На спортбазе хорошо,результаты прут как на дрожжах. Живёшь как на курорте,жрёшь да пьёшь.На работу не надо ходить,красота.

  10. Ей бы в "Толчке" ( во 2-втором упражнении) прибавить ( килограмм 10 кг) – к ее нынешнему-текущему Лучшему Результату ( до 135 кг хотя бы), и к Олимп Играм в Токио-2020 – она была бы Главной претенденткой на Олимп Золото Игр ( в 59 кг) и побила бы Тайваньского Лидера в этом весе. Очень кстати : Милая, очень Скромная, Симпатичная, Трудолюбивая ( и Упорная) девушка Ребека Коха !!!!!!

  11. good lord… i wouldnt want to leave training camp either if i had every guy there drooling over me and every woman hating me tooo… i thought i was beyond crushing on a woman… i guess i was born a dreamer…. : )

  12. Алексей, спасибо вам за вдохновение и такие точные инструкции и рекомендации. Видео/канал супер. Я может всё же дерзну перейти, после многих лет, от тяги и приседании, к рывку и толчку. Думаю что в 38 ещё не поздно. Большой вам привет из Калифорнии.

  13. The thing I like most is they enjoy they laugh and they train hard . Athletes all over world shoul learn to enjoy their sport this way and not to become a robot

  14. Они и на Украинском говорят или мне послышалось?) Хорошо хоть спорт вне гнилой политики..

  15. some people are actually able to inspire themselves with this. i, on the other hand, am just amazed at incredible harsh nature of this sport. i always think this sport must be the fairest of all sports since it seem to require both physical talent and complete dedication in balance to succeed like no other. the champion of all individual sporting activities. of course if all of them are drug free.
    the young lady here seemed superhuman. i hope i was fortunate enough to witness such a rare sight. let me thank you for showing that in advance.

  16. I can see in her eyes…she's not happy with her life. There's something missing …and that's me …come to me Rebecca 😂

  17. She is so handsome and strong <3
    I wish I have had the "atlehte life" Train, eat, sleep and recovery and got paid for it 🙂

  18. She is a really cool girl, not many people understand the grit required to train 3 times a day. At least looks like the food is better, than it was in the Soviet times. Funny how she complained about the bowling balls being all too heavy, LOL. She's a charmer, I didn't know she speaks Russian and so well too. Good luck! Давай, Бекка! Ты Агрегат, Бекка!

  19. Уаууу да она говорит по русски))) сколько наблюдал за ней но даже и предположить не мог. Молочина умница красавица болею всегда за тебя! Удачи во всех соревнованиях

  20. Всегда боялась из за тяжёлой атлетики испортить фигуру!
    А глядя на неё и с нормальным весом для девочки 58 кг она очень красивая, милая и женственная 💕

  21. Are these all just sponsored athletes paid to live life like this? Free food? Training? Massages? Food? Food? God I wish to death I was born in a different country that treated their athletes like this

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