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44 thoughts on “A Look Inside Tommy Caldwell’s Gear Shed | Outside

  1. Send me some used climbing shoes tommy please!! i want to go climb but shoes are so pricey! I live near lots of river gorges with tons of climbing near lake tahoe, lots of walls to climb nobody is climbing them but me and i have no shoes anymore

  2. Loved your book Tommy. Not sure if you read these but have you ever considered a trip to the Adirondack Park in NY state? A ton of climbing here well worth the trip.

  3. my dream is to have my very own rock climbing, snowboarding, and mountain biking van just like that and travel the world and have fun!!!!! great vid!

  4. Now imagine everyone would live like you. Having 99% shit they don't need. 7 billions people billions people with way too much climbing shoes, and a fucking ton of quick-draws. I wish I could tell you that it is an American sickness, this materialism and shit, but I am unfortunately not so sure.

  5. I built a shed with these plans from Ryan [Check Details Here?> ]. The instructions were clear and easy to implement. Even a novice can be able to build fast using this plan. I'm happy I bought the plan. It also saved me much cost

  6. Thank you Ryan, I am happy to purchase your shed plan [Check Details Here⇒> ]. It has saved from being frustrated, something I always encounter with other plans in the past. I just love the easy step-by-step method you use.

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