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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

C’mon. C’mon. Three. Two. Best rep. Good job. What’s Up. I’m Vince Del Monte Welcome to Muscle Camp Alright guys. Welcome to Muscle Camp. This is workout 2 for today. For viewers at home they’re doing three workouts in one day. These are three workouts out of the first phase of the Living Large book program. Today’s stress day. Alright. Arnold would be proud of us today. Short rest periods. 3 sets of 20 with the drop set on the last set of every exercise. So we’ll break it up and we’re going bang-bang-bang.We’re knocking them out. Alright. No time for talk. We’re gonna fly through this workout, get a huge huge pump and then that’s it. In and out. Let’s get down to it. Exercise 1 guys Leg Press here. 3 sets of 20 so we’re going for constant tension here. He’s not resting at the top. He’s not resting at the bottom. You don’t need a lot of weight to get a lot out of this exercise here. This is all about maintaining the tension within the muscle. Not letting it off. A lot of pressure in the muscle here. Slow it down a bit. Slow it down. Slow it down. Just right there that’s perfect. Good. Keep your abs locked down. Keep your ass in the seat. There you go. No resting at the top and we’re intentionally trying to contract our muscles. We’re trying to make these 5 plates feel like 10 plates. There you go. The burn man. this way activate the glutes the quads really well There you go. Don’t think about it. Just go. Last five. Get your hands off your legs. Come on. Let’s go. I’m with you now. Let’s go. C’mon. Three, two. Best rep. Good Job To isolate your lats even more is to drive your feet into the pad before you row. Good. Push your feet into the pad and this helps keep your trunk more upright so your lats have to work harder because your lats are working through and around your trunk more. Don’t forget those pauses at the back guys. It’s about to get nasty here. Come on yeah I know those veins popping so we get that vascularity. Good. So het gets say five seconds just to switch the weights and he’s going to keep going. Alright this is the money set here. We got to get your head down in it and go for it. Two. Last rep. Good job. Whoo. Feel heavy. Alot of lactic acid. Next exercise push-ups Alright. Most people underestimate three sets of 20 with the drop set so stick to the program first before you think ah that’s easy. well let’s find out. Frank I know the 20 was easy for you so why don’t you show them the 20 with the resistance bands. The band’s here help equalize the tension through the whole range all right so this is gonna be his first 20 then he’s gonna take that off and I’ll show you guys how he makes it a little harder instead of going off his knees. Good. Boom. So he’s gonna come right here instead of going through the knees which is an option. We’re gonna go from here. He could take even a slightly wider grip – he’s gonna be pushing this thing into the rack and he’s thinking about driving the bar together. OK. Next exercise are Low Pulley Cable Pull Throughs. This is gonna help get you strong at your deadlift. It’s gonna help you with your squat. We’re gonna really focus on those glutes alright. A lot of hip movement here. He’s not thinking about going up and down but his hips are focusing on going backwards and then forwards. So yeah Josh is doing it more how I do it with my hands a little more out in front so you feel that those shoulders get jacked up a bit more so just kind of play with this. The main thing is hip movement so most of you guys if you’ve never done these higher rep workouts it’s mentally challenging and if you have to really reduce the weight I’ve had some guys who’ve had to cut the weight almost to a fraction like a quarter of the first set just to get the goal reps. That’s okay yeah so we just find that rep range we need to get to the end goal reps here. So next exercise are low pulley rope rows. This is for your shoulders today. This one here what we’re really thinking about here is not just pulling up which would activate a lot of biceps but we’re thinking a lot of elbows out, elbows in, elbows out, elbows in. This is basically the path of a side lateral raise. If you look at what the humerus is doing from the shoulder to the elbow this is the path we’re thinking about tracing but with the rope right we’re using a weight that we can still get those muscles maximally contracted in the shortened position that’s gonna make those muscles pop. Next exercise rope press downs three sets of 20 here. Constant tension. I’ll just let you guys give yourself some triceps goals right there. Look at that. There we go. Boom. Hold that for an extra second for the camera. Don’t stop teasing them. There. Boom. 1. So we want to hold it for one second at the bottom on each rep. There you go. Contract hard. We really want to make those muscle fibers pop on every single rep. Notice how he’s got everything from his shoulder to his elbow stabilized. There’s no movement happening here. There’s no movement happening at his trunk to isolate this muscle here. We’ve got to create a total body activity of stabilization alright. This is how he’s able to get these triceps to grow guys. Final exercise. We’re gonna do a little group class here but not our typical group class with pink dumbbells. We’re gonna go all out. 3 sets of 20 hammer curls. 60 seconds rest and we’ll drop set it. We’ll do them as a nice little group here alright so it’s not a race. Still maintain that tempo. We’re gonna see who’s got the biggest pump at the end of this so that’s the competition we need. There you go. So on our third set everybody’s going to trade weights. If you guys enjoyed that workout you guys want more full body workouts I’m gonna put a link up here to a playlist that’s gonna take you to a whole series of different full-body workouts from this channel alright. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you guys got any feedback, questions, comments, how can we help you let us know in the comment section below. As always thank you for watching we’ll see you next time.

27 thoughts on “A Simple WORKOUT ROUTINE for Serious Mass Gain (HUGE PUMP!)

  1. Hey Skinny Vinny, is this work out routine inside the Living Large book? I ordered my copy yesterday and this work out looks intense.

  2. If you're doing this for mass you need to rethink your training. Pretty much all machine and cables? What a joke. Please move to better channels for workouts aka someone who doesn't have a shit physique like skinny here

  3. I mean. The book isn't free. It's $8. Good video though. I'd prlly be more apt to buy the book knowing it costs money right off the bat, instead of going to the site expecting something FREE and seeing I need to enter my credit card to view it.

  4. Full body workout is done by using basic compound movements… Not a bunch of isolation movements or cutting exercises… It's considered off-season training not pre-contest… don't expect to get much pump working the entire body!

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