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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey what’s up my friend Aaron here so if
you want to know what what brand what line is my favorite when it comes
to toning on protein feel free stick around to the end of this video I’m also
gonna include details on how you can get free access to my secret on how I make
my supplements more effective. all right so my favorite brand when it comes to
toning is Dymatize iso 100 so with this right here this one’s a strawberry
flavor is really good I’m a really big fan of the Orange Dreamsicle if you do
end up trying it feel free to leave me a comment let me know what you think about
it. Besides that this has about 25 grams per serving it’s got about five
point five grams of BCAAs so keep that in mind
it has 110 calories per serving with with my experience with proteins there’s
been a couple that I’ve tried that I actually I couldn’t even take half of
the the product because it would upset my stomach with this one right here this
this one’s always been great I’ve never had that issue
it tastes a lot better when you use it with milk than with water. if you feel
that you’re lactose intolerant I would feel I would highly recommend trying it
with almond milk almond milk is lower on calories and it seems to work better
with people who are lactose intolerant as well. yeah so if you do end up giving
it a try feel free to leave me a comment let me
know what you think all right I really appreciate you
hanging out with me taking the time of day to watch my video if you did enjoy
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don’t wait besides that if you do end up trying this product do me a huge favor
leave me a comment let me know what you thought about it I’d really like to hear
if you do end up trying it where there’s something else that you think that I
should look out for let me know that way me and other people will know as well
and as far as my my secret that I use to make my supplements more effective look
in the description section below this video at the very bottom there’s gonna
be a URL where you can enter your email address it doesn’t cost anything
just enter your email look around you know there’s plenty of options right
there that you’re definitely gonna enjoy thanks again definitely appreciate you
guys means the world to me I hope you guys have a good day
cuz gains

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