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4 thoughts on “Ab Doer 360 Fitness System with Resistance Band Kit

  1. January 13th. 2018. I recently, fell off this garbage! I put it together properly, and when used it, it shifted to another side. I can tell it was used, when I received it because it was dirty, and not in it's original package.
    I sent email/called cust. service and they said I had 10 days to return it. I did not read anything like this on the website. Cust. service, said they do have this info on their site, then said, she wasn't sure if it did!! A complete joke!!
    I have to pay to have a dirty, used unstable piece of junk sent back, or get charged for a piece of defective junk, I fell off! They say I have to pay for shipping and the trial fee. A complete gimmick, for a hunk a junk!!!!!!!! Shameful!!!!

  2. You should be ashamed to put out this garbage item, and take people money!!! I ordered it on a trial. Customer service is a complete and utter joke. They apologize but won't refund your money.. A complete gimmick!!!!!

  3. The best machine ever!!!!!!! I was very fat guy. I use it that machine with healthy food now I'm perfect 3 months that's… it I feel great thank you very much John

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