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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hey guys welcome to poltava ukraine my hometown i have a 5 minute miracle class thats going to target your lower abs a lot of you have been asking me about exercises to help you get rid of that little pouch on your belly so if you’re ready gran a mat some water and lets do this ok guys so were going to begin in a seated position starting with our single legged roll up exercise and take it down nice and slow reaching your arms up and roll up the challenge of these exercises is to keep your knees together hold it here gas pedal press bring the knee in and push bring it in and push awesome lets take it to the other side right leg extends and take it down reach nice and slow and up flex your right foot and press it away and oush and release awesome and slowly lets take it down to the mat taking our double leg lifts hands under your butt legs up flex your feet inhale down for 4 exhale point the toes flex and point good job and now moving to our double leg stretch reach the arms up and forward peel shoulder blades off the floor extend and in keep shoulder off the floor for this exercise press and push and 8 coming into our corkscrew big circle witht the legs to the left don’t have to be on your forearms you can stay down on your mat and to modify this exercise make smaller circles reverse other side lets come up to boat posture hands on the floor extend release body and up press and in awesome and release grab the left leg bring it up and hold and siwtch feel the stretch in the hamstring switch hold and leg go of the leg other side right leg up and hold double leg switch 10 more last exercise were almost done here magic criss cross release hands down like in double leg lifts knees in push away and cross for 4 kness in and press cross cross cross awesome job release and stretch it out! roll over to your belly baby cobra stretch or if you want to up all the way take full cobra and sit back to childpose thank you guys so much for joining me good job and ill see you again soon

100 thoughts on “Ab-Mazing Core Workout ♥ Best 8 Exercises For Lower Abs

  1. Dear Boho, you're my favorite excercise YouTuber! I hope you could make more ab only videos, they're really good! Thank you <3 <3 Lots of love from Chile!

  2. You're from Ukraine? Awesome! what brought you to Canada? You are so beautiful and inspire me to be better mentally and physically.

  3. вау,сперва посмотрела пару видео, нашла те, которые добавила в плейлист по йоге и спорту, а потом увидела, что Вы из Полтавы! это так приятно колыхнуло) я из Одессы 😉 и хочу с помощью Ваших видео заставить себя заняться серьезно своим телом )) отличная работа, я в восторге!

  4. I love the way you two casually choose to blend your workouts with bits of randomness from the places in which you film them.
    Thank you, Juliana and Mark, for being that natural and fresh!

  5. hello hi. I hve a lower back pain always. its nt strong enough. so I am nt able to do any of the leg rise workout it hurts alot.. can u gve me a suggestion. Thank you

  6. Any Workout for inner thights? or double chin?😂 Seriously i need an inner thight workout asap! Is that possyble? Keep up the great worko tho! thanks for your vids!💞

  7. I'm on my 4th day challenge, so I just finished this and I love it! 🙂 I can feel my core is getting stronger… thanks for sharing! Love from New Orleans.

  8. This was fantastic! Just discovered your channel on the weekend and have been doing a new video every day for the last 4 days!!

  9. The Wouahhhhh effect. Never a day without this one, amazing, fantastic, I love I love I love but I will do it 2 or 3 times cause the marvelous work in the abs is so effective ! Thank you, kiss from France and tickles for beloved dog.

  10. Just discovered your videos, love them..keep them coming…your ab videos make you slow down and focus on the movement, instead of using momentum.

  11. i absolutely LOVE your videos, my mom love you too! i am doing nothing but your videos every day 😊 gonna add this to my daily workout that consists of your muffintop destroyer, the innerthigh workout and your morning wakeupcall that i just started doing 💪

    what you said "your abdominal workout is Only as effective as what you put inside your body." is really a wakeup call for me. Me and my sister are now supporting each other with our eating clean movement and i am just so HAPPY i found you! Thank you so much!!

  12. Really? No way! You are from Ukraine!!!!🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦so nice to hear that♥️yours videos just amazing! Do you speaking Russian?

  13. Wow! Hi! I'm from the Ukraine too! From the south actually. Were you born there? An d thank you so much for making these videos. Very helpful indeed!

  14. Thanks guys for participating with this video and giving it it's purpose…. it means the world to us! <3
    If you want, you can help support us by checking out our online store:
    And don't forget to follow us on social media: &

    Love and Light
    … Juliana & Mark* ☮️❤️

  15. Thank you so much for this amazing video! I'm also from Ukraine, and I miss my country and hometown. Thank you for the great work out, my abbs feel amazing

  16. watching and excercising from Mexico…. absolutely love your workouts, plus your voice and personality help keep them from becoming tedious. Thanks for making these…

  17. I`ve got the same dream of every other guy on the planet – having six pack abs forever. I was told about this guide “suza great plan” (Google it). Right after Eight weeks of everyday 30-minute exercise at home, I was able to 5.5% body fat, missing 34 pounds and got 6 pack abs.

  18. What a beautiful country, you are so privileged to travel and explore cultures and lands; as equally, though we aren't with you, your videos transport us to these places as if we are there too. I am so grateful to have found your channel and we are so priveledged to have you as our fitness instructor. Much love to you both, the effort you put into your videos is so evident. X

  19. WOW! you're getting me into shape quickly! Been doing several videos each day (mixing it up) for one week and I am already seeing toning results:-) I love that most of your sessions are 10-20 minutes to allow us to try a variety of HIIT, Yoga, Ab, etc and not get bored or allow our bodies to become complacent. You ROCK!

  20. awesome! love it! actually love almost every video you guys make! go on and never stop sharing the love 🙂 <3

  21. I love Boho's Ab workouts! I have been doing them faithfully each day for about 6-7 weeks and I have noticed such an improvement in my core stength and even some definition! It's amazing, when I started I could barely get through this video and now I find many of the moves easy so that I add extra videos or reps from this channel. That is a feat for a 38yr old mom of two:-) Thanks BohoB!

  22. I'm following you last few months and trying to make different exercises. You are great and one of the best trainer I have ever seen. I am sending loves and positive energy from Turkey 🙂

  23. This young lady is in incredible condition. Very inspirational! like a younger version of Denise Austin (and I mean that as a huge compliment).

  24. Hi Boho Beautiful, I just started watching your videos – fantastic work and really well articulated so even beginners can follow. Question – I'm going to start working through the 21 day Thailand challenge. Can I follow up with this video at the end of the workout (and maybe the ones you suggest in the description)? Of should I just follow the 21 day challenge? Thanks!

  25. Amazing as usual. Can't believe how hard I find this even though I'm used to training weights. Need a lot of practice!

  26. Hi from Russia🇸🇮 I do your videos every day as my morning routine and as training for my body and soul and I love it soooo much, thank you❤ But today I did exactly this video for the first time and it looks so Russian , you know, my native language is alike Ukrainian thats why this one makes me much more happy❤❤❤❤

  27. Did you guys delete your previously posted butt workout?? The one you’re on top of the hill and you’re bringing a rock instead of a dumbell

  28. Boho Beautiful
    thank you. I am beginning a new life, and this morning ive done YOGA for the first time, and watching you has inspired me in many ways. I am grateful for what you do, and frankly YOU make the whole prospect, a daunting one for me a very pleasurable and evocative experience. 😉

  29. Great! I've been doing your 20 minute easy flow and just added this on to the end for more workout. What would you suggest is the next level up video from the 20 minute easy flow? I really appreciate these classes! Best, Barbara (not Keith)

  30. hi Juliana! I was just looking for your 5 min miracle inner thighs class and haven't found it on your channel. I've been wondering if you deleted it, and found across that video on some other channel "Boho Beautiful TV" . Just letting you know in case it's some sort of copyright infringement!
    anyways love you guys and keep inspiring us!

  31. I just love everything about this video. The exercices, the way you give instructions and the stretching exercices followed by this amazing music and lively end.

  32. recently started doing your workouts combined with my Mma training and loving it ! ! just realized you are ukrainian , def see the eastern european in you . You two are a joy to watch ! keep it up lovebirds ! 😉

  33. Great workouts!!!! i love them all, and i like how u give great guidance and a very clear peaceful voice to your vids , this be my 3rd week and im not going to stop!!! I feel a great achievement, pride and tranquility, and just in general…alot happier!! 😋
    so thanku.

  34. Thank you, a good one, indeed. Will you please share a video for back workouts ? Waiting impatiently ☺️💕

  35. Oh my GOD…I just finished this awesome work out…it really is a GOOD ONE …I am a Healthy 49 and it good shape.I have exercise most of life..but I tend to do more cardio,still I do my Resistance training BUT I REMEMBER What really worked for me has been PILATES for some reason(well there is a reason never really found awesome teachers like and if I did were the ones that use the prices that were 2 much for me.I KNOW IF I STICK WITH YOUR VIDEOS I WILL GET RESULTS,PLUS I GET TO SEE ALL THE BEAUTIFUL PLACES YOU TRABEL 2…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LOVE,ENERGY AND KNOWLEDGE MUCHAS GRACIAS.Iam from Venezuel.One of my best friends is from Eucrania,her name is Vita Tusheva…We both LOVE travel.My Birthday is on Valentine and I want to travel to a beautiful white sandy beach..We had GORGEOUS SANDY BEACHES IN VENEZUELA BUT UNFORTUNATELY WE ARE HAVING TERRIBLE POLITICAL PROBLEMS NOW.IAM FLYING TO FLA TO SEE A GOOD FRIEND AND I WILL HAVE THE WHOLE CARIBBEAN TO CHOOSEE

  36. Wow, I am from Ukraine and live in Ukraine , watching your videos and working out to them and had no idea you are from Ukraine! I am pleasantly surprised 😉

  37. Ура! Землячка ! Молодчинка!!! Ахтырка, Харьков привет передаёт . Занимаемся по твоим видео, не останавливайся !!!

  38. I have been doing this workout every day for two weeks now and I’m really seeing and feeling the results !! It’s amazing, my belly is flatter than ever and toned, thanks you.

  39. I love your workouts! Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job !! What is your hometown in Ukraine ?. I am from Sumy !;-) 🇺🇦❤️❤️❤️

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