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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, The Sore in Six Minutes series continues today
and today we’re hitting the abs. you’re probably thinking “Sore abs? I haven’t had sore abs in like, shit – never?!” That’s probably because you’re not training
your abs the same way that you are your other muscle groups. Meaning, you’re not applying eccentric overload
to your ab exercises. We do a lot of short, abbreviated, concentric
only reps and we never really focus on that whole other half of the rep. Especially when it comes to ab training. But no more! Today we’re going to address that. In the Sore in Six Minutes Ab series you have
four exercises that you’re going to do. The first three you’re going to do for 45
seconds. The fourth you’re going to do for 30 seconds,
then you’re going to get a 15 second rest. This whole circuit you’re going to repeat
twice for a total of six minutes. Now let’s look at those exercises. First up, as always; we’re targeting the bottom
up. So we’re going to get in this drag and thrust
position. What you’re going to do here I shoot your
legs out, and then try to eccentrically control, and lower them slowly toward the ground. When you get down, pull your legs in, and
then shoot them out again, and lower down. You continue to do this for 45 seconds. If you’re more of a beginner you don’t have
to shoot them out at this angle here. The lower you are to the ground when you do
that, the harder the exercise is. So you might want to shoot them up, almost
to a vertical here, and then try to lower them down from there. Next up, after 45 seconds of that, now we’re
going to try to hit the obliques. You’re going to try to hit the rotational
component of ab training. We do that with a thread the needle. So for here, you get on your side, get into
a side plank, and try to resist as you reach under as far as you possibly can without allowing
yourself to over rotate, or even just fall down to the ground. From there you’re going to come back out of
that, come up to the top, and then repeat and go all the way through. When we do this exercise you’re going to work
all the way through on one side, and then the next time through we’re going to come
work all the way through on the other side. So if you work the left side on the first
round through, you’ll work the right side on the second round through. From here we move into our top down eccentric
overload. You get in position here on a bench. You can anchor your feet if it makes it a
little bit easier for you. Now what you do is you take a plate. It could be, again, beginners, you can start
with a 5lb plate if you have to. You don’t have to use a 45lb plate. But you’re going to get into position here,
raise the plate up, overhead, and then allow yourself to start lowering backward. Allow your torso to now start becoming subject
to the force of gravity, and making it that much more difficult for your abs to hold. When you get down to about 45 degrees from
here, pull the plate down to your chest, sit back all the way, and then start over again. Raise the plate up. Continue to repeat this for 45 seconds. We’re almost done now. We’ve got one more exercise. Here you’re going to get down to the ground
– this is the fourth exercise, this is the one you do for 30 seconds. It’s a cliff hanger mountain climber. Getting in this cliff hanger position alone
is a challenge because you have more of a resistance to extension here. Your body wants to fold up into extension,
and you have to hold on for dear life. So we have this eccentric overload, now we
add some movement from the lower body, not to mention a little bit of conditioning work,
and it becomes a hell of a challenge. Do that, you’ve earned 15 seconds of rest. I know, doesn’t sound like a lot. But this is not Sore in Six Minutes for no
reason. It’s Sore in Six Minutes because this is damn
hard. Get back in and go for round two. I’m going to show you what it looks like here,
now, in action. So there you have it, guys. Sore in Six Minutes in the books. If you haven’t seen all the other ones that
we’ve done so far in this series make sure you check them out in our channel. All of them. We’ve covered back, we’ve covered triceps,
we’ve covered biceps, and we’ve covered legs. Everything is there. However, it’s not a good idea to think that
you’re going to put all these in together, into one workout. That is not what these are designed for. These are really, really intense. These are designed to spark, and more so prove
to yourself that yes, you can make any muscle sore if you train it the right way. If you’re looking for a program that lays
it all out for you, manipulates the volumes as you should follow them, make sure that
you’re not overtraining, but at the same time make sure you’re training hard enough; head
to and get our ATHLEANX training system. Again, let me know what other things you want
me to cover. Maybe not in this series, but another series
as well. I’ll do my best to do that for you in the
days and weeks ahead. All right, guys. See you soon!

68 thoughts on “Abs Workout (SORE IN 6 MINUTES!)

  1. Hey Jeff or anyone knowledgable on the subject, I've been using this as a the last thing I do in most of my workouts (3-4 times a week) but I'm not feeling the any real soreness the day afterward or seeing much development long term. Any advice on alterations to make or better approaches? (Primarily looking at fat loss in the abdomen area, and have cut back quantity eating wise and changed what I eat (no more soda, or sugary snacks).

  2. This hurts so much. I fucking hate you. Combining this with my pull up workout today has resulted in me being to sore to stand sit or lady down.

  3. So if I do this for 6 minute for lets say for a month will I see results. Or do i need to do more than this 6 minute exercise?.

  4. NOOOOO! Not 6. 7's the magic number not 6. Who works out in 6 minutes? You won't even get your heart goin'; Not even a mouse on a wheel!

  5. Today is my third time doing these exercises if any one wants updates of my abs after 1 months just tell ill check the replies from one time to another

    Not going to lie i’ll take a photo now and another after 1 month and see the differences between

  6. My shoulders kinda got sore from the 45 pound eccentric cruch, now i can't do thread the needles 😛

  7. Hey sir,thank you for this valuable video but, what kind of protein supplements or protein shake do you use? If u don't mind me asking.👍

  8. Jeff, it is a privilege to watch you. So much to learn about our body. You just seem to clear some air. Thanks.

  9. Love these videos! What a great sense of humour too, always has me lol. “Like in …….shit never” 😂🤣

  10. Hi Jeff, can 'sore in 6 minutes' followed as a regular workout schedule or once every 4 weeks for good results?

  11. Jeff, your 6 min sore workouts series is absolute genius. Been following yr YT for past 3 years since i started weight training. Thanks bro

  12. Jeff is setting us to get so sore that we won’t do cardio, thanks, never really liked cardio anyway.

  13. I try the Dragon thrust!!! I didn't think I could. To find out my core is strong !!! I did 3 sets . I felt amazing!!!

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  15. Once again, THANK YOU! I enjoyed this routine. Actually, I done all of your follow-up ab routines, and this is my favorite, although all are amazing. THANK YOU

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