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Whether you call it Roaccutane Accutane or Isotretinoin I’m going to give you some really useful tips that
everyone should know whilst taking it Isotretinoin is one of the very few
clinically proven oral treatments for acne and the results can be pretty
impressive but before you get too excited
please remember that isotretinoin can have some pretty serious side effects
which everyone should know this is why it’s recommended that everyone reads the
fact sheet on this medicine before they begin taking it now I’ll leave a link to
this in the description below for everyone to read this video however is
more about common side effects and what you can do to help reduce them so I
really hope my tips help you now let’s begin common side effect number one
general dryness of the skin lips eyes and nose this is basically a consequence
of one of the ways that Isotretinoin works by reducing the natural oils that
we secrete so for the dry skin use a water-based moisturizer as often as
needed avoid using thick greasy moisturizers however as it will make
acne worse for the dry lips use a lip balm whenever it’s needed now if you
suffer from dry eyes an artificial teardrop may be useful for this and you
can pick up from any pharmacy generally speaking I find hypromellose to be
quite useful for this but if you do wear contact lenses please let your
pharmacist know as it may not be suitable I also think it’s important to remember
that while you’re taking isotretinoin and for six months afterwards your skin
is going to be a lot more delicate to waxing epilation dermabrasion and laser
treatment so it’s best if you avoid these unless you’re told otherwise by your
healthcare professional generally speaking shaving is okay but
make sure that you moisturize afterwards common side effect number two general
dryness in the nose mouth throat and even nose bleeds so for the dry nose and nose
bleeds you can apply a very thin layer petroleum jelly on the outside of the
nose this isn’t suitable for children however
and for the dry mouth and dry throat you can try chewing gum or sucking on boiled
sweets or ice common side effect number three sensitivity to the Sun please
avoid direct sunlight if you’re taking Isotretinoin because you’re far more
likely to burn so to avoid sunburn try to keep your skin covered from the Sun
and if it’s needed wear a sunscreen and lip balm with a high
protection factor at least SPF 15 also I’m sure you won’t be using sun beds but avoid these
at all times common side effect four headaches and
pain knee joints muscles and back now light exercise should be okay it shouldn’t
really make this pain worse but if you’re going to do more heavy exercise
it can sometimes make the pain worse so if the pain is getting more and you
can’t bear with it either speak to your doctor or speak to your pharmacist to
recommend you some painkillers so I’ve tried to give you the common side
effects of isotretinoin that I see on a day-to-day basis and how to
prevent them but please remember this is not a detailed list of all the side
effects of Isotretinoin and if you do want to see that please check out the
links in the description below now I’ve left more information and really useful
links in the description below which I’d advise everyone to read and if you
have any of your own tips that work well for you
then share the knowledge with everyone else by leaving a comment below and
that’s the end of this week’s video I really hope my tips help you and if
you have any further questions about Isotretinoin feel free to leave a
comment below and I’ll try to get back to you in our respond to your
comment series see you next week shaving is generally well torerated, torerated (LAUGHTER) Isotretinoin is one of the very few clinicry common side-effect number
one general dryness of the nose lips eyes and something else (LAUGHTER) hey guys thanks
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100 thoughts on “Accutane | Roaccutane | Accutane Side Effects | Isotretinoin Helpful Tips

  1. Hii sir ,! Thank u for this video . I hope u answer my question . I've read side effect of it can grow your head bigger and even your nose longer is it right ??

  2. I just finished week 1 of isotretenoin and I’m having nose bleeds, dryness in my nose, eyes, throat, mouth, and face, and joint pain. I’m scared that accutane is going to hurt me, but I’m just trying to remind myself that these are normal side effects and that it’s not going to do harm. Any advise?

  3. I am a pharmacist from Hong Kong and I appreciate your effort on making so many videos on the medical knowledge! Respect!

  4. Such a shame that they dont tell you the truth about Roaccutane ., YES it is a WONDER DRUG and it WILL cure your acne BUT what they dont tell you is it will return as soon as you stop taking it and the side effects it can cause . I was prescribed it a few years ago , apparently in Britain at the time they only allowed you 3 prescriptions of the drug but they really wanted to experiment with it , even the NHS told me i was pretty much a Guinea Pig for them, id had my 3 courses of treatment and every time it cleared up in a few days but always returned as soon as i stopped my treatment , they even forged my medical notes by using Tippex so they could claim id only had 2 courses when i knew id had 3 , so i stupidly had a 4th course, the side effects where terrible , depression , mood swings and bouts of violence towards people, eventually the only treatment they knew that would actually cure me was plastic surgery to remove the entire nape of my neck , im permanently scarred on the rear of my neck from one ear to the other approx 7" x2" long

  5. Hii! Been using isotretinoin for almost a month. What I noticed was my acne gotten worse. Is it normal? Thankyou and pls notice 🙂

  6. Wish I never took this medication. I never had any mental health side effects however my joints have never been right since and I still have to moisturise my face every day 10 years later.

    Sick of the joint discomfort and pain, going to try TUDCA. 🤞

    Think long and hard before you take roaccutane guys.

  7. What happens when you take a different brant of isotretinoin then the last isotretinoin u used?.will it relapse again because its not the same brand for example:you used acnetrex for 1 and a half months and then after that you tried to use isonoin.will it relapse again if u do that?

  8. I took accutane last summer for about 2 months 40 mg a day then 20 mg but now again this summer I have congested acne clogged deep white heads which gives bumpy appearance to my skin….. I want to take accutane again but don't know how much should I take may be 20 mg a day .plz guide me

  9. I took my last last pill in april 2016 and i am still losing my hair.plz tell me what should i do ? I have stopped eating red meat post acctuane may be that is the reasom or some other reasom plz reply

  10. Doctor accutane is the cause of DUPA pattern hair loss? Im onthis case and i found a lot of People on forums about hair loss who has this same problem… Does it have a cure? I read about finasferide and minoxidil doesnt work in this kind of pattern help please and sorry for my english is not my Mother lenguage

  11. Hi, Abraham! Your tips are great, my doctor said the same about keeping my skin hydrated and protected(moisturizer and SPF). Patience is important during this treatment, also. I have experienced photophobia and night dizziness so I'm asking if these are short-term side effects. Thank you! Have a good day!

  12. Can i stop taking Accutane 5 days before I drink a lot of alcohol for one night and then after can I continue?

  13. I’m on day 19. Has gotten a lot worse however there is also a lot of scabbing. When can I expect to see improvements?

  14. Thank u so much to share such a good words with us.
    I have started already before one month ago my face is going very dry can i take 2 tablets per day and what about the using om emtpy stomach or after meal,?

  15. Here's the thing Doc I want to get rid of all my hair and acne all-in-one go I've heard the main ingredient Isotretinoin a vitamin A derivative can do just that but I don't want to just get rid of the hair on my head no that seems to be too freaking easy just using the off-brand shampoo seem to do that my problem is body hair and all women are dealing with it but for me it is not a deal-breaker to lose the hair on my head in fact I would prefer it because I like wearing wigs not to mention it seems to be more hygienic you can tell me I'm wrong I don't care when I'm trying to understand is how much would I have to take being a woman of 5.5 and roughly 170 pounds so it won't kill my liver because what I'm thinking is that it's easier for it to remove the hair on my head due to its weight and constant pulling and I figured I'm probably going to have to wax a few times to make sure it's fully gone could this work

  16. Why I found him so funny 😂 he is making a kind of serious video but the way of how he stands up and speaks sounds so funny in a good way 😉

  17. Doctor helpppp should i be worried…im already almost 2 and a half months on accutane or isotretinoin and i an still breaking out whyy????.i thought that starting from month 2 and so on it will get better and bo more break outs?what should i dooooooo;((((

  18. I m in 5 month of isoterinion.. I have noticed darkness around my mouth and also my forehead become little darker… Is it also side effect.. Plz tell me

  19. i’m a 13 year old girl and i haven’t started my period yet. do you recommend i go on it? my dermatologist does but i’m not sure.

  20. Hi, I'm almost 5 months in and noticing my face is often patchy and red in areas, I've never been one to have redness of face before. What can I do to prevent/reduce/difuse this? Will it be permanent?? Thank you

  21. Thanks for this! I just completed my first week of accutane. Just today my skin began to dry from the nose and lips. I've had two major headaches in between the week, but at least I'm glad to know these are common effects. Once I showered today, and applied moisturizer, my skin felt irritated and burned while applying it, but it wasn't visible (redness on the skin). Do you think it has something to do with the moisturizer I use?

  22. A little dry skin, fatigue or sore joints doesn't scare me.. but this drug made me a cripple for more than a month. How could I ever find the courage to try it again?

  23. do I really need a referral for a dermatologist from my family doctor? my family doctor just said if he refers me to a dermatologist, the dermatologist would just increase the dose of accutane he already prescribed. bruh

  24. hi, i was wondering whether you recommend this Doc, is he a good derm? He lives in Ohio. I was thinking of getting consultation from him.
    🤔 any ideas?

  25. Im supposed to start it in a month but I've seen on YouTube that it really can damage your liver are there supplements you can take while on accutane to help your liver while on the pill? Also I've heard joint pain is common what can you do for it? And will it continue after accutane?

  26. I've been on Accutane for two months and the only side effects i experience is dryness especially on the lips.
    I have to drink a lot of water, wear lip balm frequently, and moisturize.

  27. I have read online of people using wet ones wipes for their blepharitis and crusts at the Base of the eyelashes . ..however I am unsure whether it's safe or not and if it could work for me, what would you say/advice?

  28. My so will be 13 in October. I’m wondering if you think it would be safe to let him take this for his severe back acne?

  29. If you ever try touching on this topic again, you should definitely talk about the risks for people who are of child bearing age/ are capable of conception. The risks for birth defects are incredibly severe and stand as one of the primary reasons for the drug’s limited availability. Women are unable to even get their hands on the medication without going through a good deal of paperwork and monthly testing.

  30. I found from using accutane, the dry lips are best solved by using caramax, it's the best at moisturizing lips. Do it before you go to bed and in the morning and just reapply throughout the day.

  31. Hi um, is it okay that I will have to skip taking a dose for 2 days? Because my family doctor is not available until Monday😰

  32. I’m about to start Accutane in a week for mild acne… I was on doxycycline and Tretinoin and went through a horrible purge stage with those… now, I would like to know if people always go through the purge stage with Accutane or can I luckily be an exception?

  33. I love you videos, so lucky you are in suggestions.
    Well, yes i have a question please.
    I started my isotretinoin treatment (xoractan) today and am using as well DEFIRINE GEL (kind of exfoliating gel), is it safe combining this gel with my isotretinoin treatment?? Would the results be better ??
    Another question please, more important one, i suffer from serious hair lost, so does isotretinoin have any side effects on hair ??
    I also take collagen and iron pills 120mg, hopefully combining all this wont hurt.

    I started drinking lot of water, i hydrate my skin and i use a daily wash for sensitive skin, i dont go out much in the sun and if needed i wear i highly protection sunscreen.
    Thank you once again
    You are amazing

  34. I am currently using Ret a and clyndo and I am not getting the results I want. Would the next thing to try be accutane or do I have to try more stuff before I can be approved for accutane? I have moderate acne, excessively skin, large pores, and I still have acne. I desperately want to achieve glass skin

  35. Scratch that eight glass of water a day myth and start drinking 32 glass of water per 12 hours lol

    Nah seriously drink a lot of water

  36. Oh my, this must've been so hard with these effects. I hope you have chosen clean eating and insurance got you covered. The accutane costs must be enormous!

  37. I've been on accurate for 2 weeks now and I've noticed that my face is now covered in whiteheads, I normally had a lot of whiteheads which is one the reason why I went on accutane but now it's very very visible they are everywhere. Am assuming that's the purge, but am worried about how they will come out of the skin so that it can clear up. Should I leave it to come out on its own. Because when whiteheads come out of my skin they leave visible holes that don't heal very well, especially when I force them. Also my complexion has become darker than before, I understand it could be from the Sun exposure buy I really don't spent time out side at all.

  38. Am in the second months on accutane . i wanna go to swim
    Is that normal or no ?! Its not dangerous for my face. ?!!

  39. Hello Dr. Abraham. How are you? I am happy i go the browse on your page. I was treated by this medication and i am super contented with the result. I have tried so many products out there but none of them worked till my dermatologist prescribed me with iso. I do have a question which i’m not very sure of. I used to have a thicker full volume hair prior to taking the medication, during the course of treatment i started to having some hair loss. It’s been 1 year post treatment and my hairline hasn’t grow back. Can you give me an insight and what should i do to regain my hair. Thanks Dr.

  40. I am on it and my scalp was so itchy and flaky but I went to lush and bought their soak and float bar, it has my scalp back to normal! I just use the shampoo bar first and then my normal shampoo and conditioner afterwards! I HIGHLY recommend it it’s amazing

  41. I’m about to start using this next month,pretty sure by the the end I will be looking like tomura shigarki oof

  42. Should you take it with any creams, or just it alone will likely do the job, Can this be prescribed by your local GP/Doctor ? (Based In Ireland)

  43. Should you take it with any creams, or just it alone will likely do the job, Can this be prescribed by your local GP/Doctor ? (Based In Ireland)

  44. Thanks Doc Abraham. You are always bringing amazing content to the audience. You are one of a kind doc. Hope to meet you one day. Wish i was still living in the UK. oxox

  45. should i use accutane? Ive had severe acne about a year ago but it reduced when i started using a topical gel. But since 3 months ago my acne has gotten worse and it leaves many scars. I dont EVER get pimples on my forehead and im breaking out badly there. Also Theres little bumps all over my face and about 5 red angry pimples…PLEASE HELP!! i have oily sensitive acne prone skin and HUGE PORES on my cheeks and im only 15!!!! Please help

  46. Im indian so if i dont wax every week on my face ill be a HAIRY ANIMAL!! and shaving doesnt work itll leave tiny spots which look like hair. What should i do while im accutane to get rid of facial hair?

  47. How about severe acne by using it when I didn’t have any ? Should I suspend the treatment or keep using it, I went with another dermatologist too, which gave me a prescription to use retin-A forte instead, I’d appreciate a lot if you could give me any advice on this matter

  48. Today is my first day of the 3rd month of using isotretinoin, but i have been using a different brand the last 2 months and they gave me a different one for the third month. Is it okay that I switched from a brand to another but taking the same dose???

  49. I finished a year and a half ago with great results
    However, I feel like my personality is different. I read that it decreases up to 21% of activity in the brain. Is this true? How can I combat this? How can I ensure the drug is 100% removed from my body long term?

  50. I used to take curacne and now after three years ( after finishing the treatment i used it in 2016) i can notice lots of articulation imperfections this year do you think it's because of this medication? And how could i fix it if it's possible ? Thank u dear

  51. I would like to leave my skin care routine for Isotretinoin since you may have to switch products once it kicks in. My isotretinoin kicked in 10 days after starting treatment and my face was hurting a whole day as i was still using my regular face cleansers (i had super oily skin) and it felt horrible, what i have found to really help soothe the feeling of dry burning on my skin is Targets Green Aloe Vera Gel by Up&Up, for my moisturizer’s i find thick moisturizers really annoying as they make my skin feel mucky so i use two of the same brand; CeraVe PM Ultra Lightweight which is oil free and feels really light, its expensive but it really is worth it this is one of those products where you get your bucks worth. And for sunny days i use CeraVe AM with Sunscreen which is also oil free and keeps my skin protected with its SPF-30 protection, both of these are amazing.
    To clean my face since I mentioned most of my cleanses hurt my face now that its sensitive i have dropped everything and use 1 cleanser and 1 toner. The cleanser i use is a Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Soap Bar which is gentle and keeps my skin bright, for the toner i use Thayers Witch Hazel Rose Petal Facial Mist which i also use like the aloe gel and it feels very good and almost instantly soothes my skin when it feels like its burning.

    * I will include the ingredients to the target aloe vera gel i use cause i need you too be careful if you but it as they used to have one where the recipe contained alcohol as the second ingredient and it WILL burn your skin.
    * The ingredients in products are listed in order from most quantity to least quantity.

    Target up&up Green Aloe Vera Gel:(water, aloe, barbadensis leaf juice, glycerin, polysorbate-20, triethanolamine, carbomer, diazolidinyl urea, lodopropynyl butylcarbamate, benzophenone-4, FD&C Blue#1, FD&C Yellow#5, Fragrance)

  52. I'm kinda worried I started this medicine back I think 4 months ago. All of a sudden I noticed my vision has become double all of a sudden. I'm now on 80MG on my medication. Is this because of dry eyes or something worse thank you.

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