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46 thoughts on “Advanced Body Weight Circuit Workout | Nerd Fitness

  1. good workout, but shouldnt the planks/abs be added at the end of the workout, since the whole workout essentially works your core?

  2. music in background was a little distracting during the instructions. overall, pretty good though. I plan to use this to get me started this week.

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  4. If you go to his site you'll see that this is advanced compared to the beginner workout. This is more advanced than the previous workout, thus it is called advance. The site has a large number of people who have never worked out in their lives and are using his guides and forums to get into shape.

  5. Try the pistols (single leg squats) going all the way down, arse to grass. I do these as a staple in my long jump training using a backpack full of water bottles.

  6. Depends on the body type of the nerd – is he obese or skinny? He must be talking to some pretty fit nerds if they can do 5-10 pull ups and dips too and push ups too. You're pretty much strong enough to begin planche/front lever training. Besides you need to master straight arm strength first.

  7. Start with negative reps 🙂 Do deadhang from the pullup bar? Or you could do inverted roles. You can choose from these 3 options. I personally began w negative reps combined with 30s hangs. Now I'm nearing 20 pullups after a year of training. Not too tough but it's still progress.

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  10. You can do inverted-bodyweight rows,one arm dumbbell rows,barbell rows, two arm dumbbell rows,t-bar rows or seated rows instead all of those chin-ups,pull ups are all upper back exercises and all work the same muscles seated rows and one arm dumbell rows are safer than barbell rows and two arm dumbbell rows you have to worry about hurting your lower back doing those just like you can do chair dips instead of regular dips.

  11. This is not brutal unless you never workout or are a couch potatoe type in bodyweight 500 challenge,body weight 500,body weight 1,000 challenge those are brutal but this is still a good workout and all you have to do to make it harder is add more reps.

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  13. i start to realize that most gym guys either have a aquarium or a guitar and amp at home. so do i. funny isnt it? 🙂

  14. Ok…hahahaha, am, just a thing, how much time should i warm up if i wanna get a little bigger, i used to do like a lot of cardio and people told me to do less, i'm trying to do my exercises slower to make…it was time under tension? (my english is bad sorry :3) but i still have doubts about my warm up, how much do you recomend and…that's a pretty cat you got there…sorry i like cats :3

  15. its a bit late but anyways… cardio doesent hurt, its like high repetition training on your legs, so if you are 100% focused on your legs size you might want to reduce it a bit.
    But as long as you eat right and assume the right amount of calories to sustain your cardio its not going to hurt you…

  16. This isn't "advanced" or "super difficult".. It's not really hard if you're just a little bit used to working out with you bodyweight? :b

  17. 10 pistols each side and 10 good pullups might be tough for a lot of people, even regular exercisers. if you find it easy you could do this x4 for time and focus on beating your previous record, without sacrificing good form…that would be brutal!

  18. Every time i exercise, i feel like i haven't done anything with my left arm, despite i'm doing the exact same thing as with my right arm. Is this normal, or i'm doing something wrong? And i don't think that my left arm is stronger, because i't right handed…

  19. I wouldn't say advanced workout that will beat you down… this is like a learners thing after maybe a month or two of regular exercise. like 10 push ups and 30 second plank? come on, 50 push ups and a 3 minute plank for an advanced workout atleast

  20. Go and google  Morsch Muscle Madness to discover the thousands of regular  people who bulked up who never thought they could.

  21. Foe those that are saying this is too easy, it's not enough work or whatever. .. he does say you're supposed to do the circuit more than once so yeah just 10 push ups…. TIMES 3 !

  22. Without doing the whole circuit everyone can make a video and say 10
    Reps this and 20 that. Neither you look like you have well toned muscles nor do you sweat a set in your video. There are better videos in YouTube for intensity training I am sure!

  23. Without doing the whole circuit everyone can make a video and say 10
    Reps this and 20 that. Neither you look like you have well toned muscles nor do you sweat a set in your video. There are better videos in YouTube for intensity training I am sure!

  24. Seems people are getting bent out of shape with the word "advanced"…"being at higher level than others" is a definition. This workout feels follow on to his beginner body weight, so for those people, it IS advanced. The word does not have a set limit, it's on a scale. For example doing 10 push ups would be beginner, doing 20 would be advanced (as in it's more than the beginner). It's all about perspective. So lay off a guy who is trying to help people get the exercise habit, and feel better about themselves.

  25. i have been doing the beginner workout of this 2 part video and i must say its been challenging for me. it saddens me to read in the comments people bashing the content of this video because of their own biased opinions on what has worked for them and what they percieve as being begining as well as advanced. u can build muscle any way by doing exercise that requires resistance. ur body dosent know if ur picking up a 50 lb dumbbell or a 50 lbs bag of pet food muscles are worked and its resistance. like the person in the video part one says " find something thats heavy and find a way to pick it up, its that simple". personally, im thankful for these informative videos because they teach u ways to get healthy and probably save u loads of money for gym memberships, which not everyone can afford. u can do most of these exercises from the convience of home. not everyones goal is to look like the hulk on handfuls of steroids. some of us are trying to escape the "skinny fat" bodies and others are simply trying to build lean muscles. needless to say, its the internet and u can say what u want. however, bashing a vid because it dosent conform to ur biased view of what beginning and advanced is without trying it for urself is in poor taste and bad show.

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