Selen Dar

Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

March in place. Lift those knees and make
sure you’re breathing. Now let’s do a step touch. Step out away from your body and pull
your other leg toward you. Reach your arms out in front and pull them back. Step touch.
Step touch.
We’re going to double it up. Step step. Step step. Couple more. Step step. Don’t forget
your arms.
Let’s march in place again. Now we’re going to do a heel dig. You’re going to bring your
heel out in front of you and press it into the floor. Heel. Heel. Heel. Add a biceps
curl with your arms. Lift those arms up and dig that heel out. Now we’re going to reach
out to the side with a toe tap. Step that foot out. Tap. Tap. Press your arms out back
behind you. Tap. Tap. Tap. Now march in place. Move those arms and legs.We’re going to do
the step touch again. Step touch. Step touch. Pull your arms towards your body. Reach out
and in. You’re doing great.

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