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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Yo what’s up guys. It’s Eli with Mind Muscle TV. Today have got something new for you I’m 6 weeks out from the WBFF Denver show gonna be competing as a muscle model and a fitness model and what I would do is just gonna start
a new blog type series is gonna be a lot of changes
happening at my diet and my cardio and things like that and yours going to see a lot of changes
really quick for these next six weeks as I shred up so I thought it’d be nice just to do a
quick blog type video where I could just kinda walk you guys
through kinda my day to day thing and fill you in on any little minor
changes or anything that i’m having so that if you guys are thinking about
doing a competition or just want to shred it up real quick before vacation or a music festival or whatever then you can follow along with what I do
technically have been prepping for the show since January I do, I like taking my time whenever
I’m trying to lose weight coming off a bulk I bulk for about two years I did a
competition in 2012 til 2 years off to improve my weak areas and then started my diet in January so
I’ve slowly been losing weight since January
very very slowly being clean about ninety percent of the
time and having a couple epic cheat meals on the weekend I definitely I love my sweets and I
love my carbohydrates but my body just always bloats so much from
that and I’ll get more into that in detail later whether a low-carbohydrate are high carbo, high carbohydrate
diet is right for you but that’d be and another video so where my diet is at right now I am doing
carb cycling okay so on my a hiatus I’m getting roughly about 80 grams or so 80 to 100 grams and then on my lower
days which are five days a week, I have two high days, my five low days are around 40. A lot of you guys will think that’s crazy and that’s insane and those carbohydrates are way too low And in the past I would have thought that
too but with my own experimentation I am as well as my coach’s advice my my body just doesn’t need that much
carbohydrates now if you’re in a similar situation as far
as your body you know you may read online that you’d needed 400 grams of carbs and that’s okay for me I eat two hundred and I’m bloated and watery looking and I get you know kinda brain fog and I’m tired
in the morning I just don’t feel that good off of a lot of carbohydrates honestly I feel
excellent off 80 gram 60 grams 40 grams in here’s why because my fats are high that’s the key
guys whenever you’re dieting in particular you know,
this only works with my body type your body type may be totally different I was a fat kid growing up in I put on
fat really easily put on muscle easily too which is good
but I can get fat just like that so what helps with
me is I having your carbs and your fats can kinda act like titter-totter So anytime your carbs are high bring your fat low which I’ll do if I’m specifically trying
to build muscle. I bring the carbs a little higher still never go super high but then when I’m trying to diet down I
will drop my carbohydrates increase my fats. So my fats are really high I’m eating about two avocados a day and a couple of servings of coconut oil it’s my favorite sources a fat right
there. So as my carb sources I prefer kewa, oatmeal and then banana like my after workout. That’s kinda my diet are at right now six weeks out and carb
cycling my fat your high protein is super high As far as my workout go very very high volume I’m training five
to six days a week Kinda depending on my energy levels and
how I feel if I need us two days off or not now as far as my cardio goes what I’m
doing now is low-intensity in the morning so go for
about 45 minutes just walking on a treadmill incline I’ll
take my dog out for a walk trying to go side as much as possible. So if you do that fast in the morning and then I gotta
work, I’m a trainer or so I go and train a few clients till about noon then I’m working out and then I’ll do
about 20 to 30 minutes of interval training post-workout. So
now my cardio is moderate I like doing cardio I listen to
a lot of like podcasts and things like that. Say you know books on tapes so I try and learn I don’t just get on the stairs and you know listen to music or anything and
you know that’s an important time we can work on our introspect and use that as a chance to fill your
brain with knowledge I don’t have any time to sit down and
read a book so anytime I’m doing cardio it’s a book on tape its podcasts much and how it also new to youtube
trying to learn and become stronger I mentally as well as physically is very
important guys they’re intending to improve your brain
power and your just knowledge instead of just always
focusing on be slowed in the gym and you know trying let as much weight as
possible try to prove your mind as much as your body so it’s basically it guys keep your eye
out for just more kinda casual updates as I get closer and closer to the show.
If there’s any changes that are made in my diet or my cardio
I’ll make sure to let you guys know so if any of you guys out there following along you know maybe you can try and permitting some of those things into your routines you can be cut out for the summer Now keep in mind any thing that I give
your specific numbers or training routines or anything like that
is all just what I’m doing that I found works best
for my body and by no means am I saying it’s the only way to do it it’s the right way to do it and then it
also gonna work for you everybody’s gonna be different guys so
you know don’t feel like this advice and giving is this broad advice is all just as it
pertains to me and how I found that it works out best
for my body and that something I encourage my clients to do as well as you guys out there don’t be afraid to experiment and you
know just because somebody says something works it may work for you but it may not okay
so experiment try something for couple weeks see if it works and if it doesn’t just
make minor changes to it until you find what does work for your body with all the different kinds of dieting
out there exercisers out there every the friggin works guys it’s just
about finding what works best for your body So don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t knock others who might be
doing something a little different I get, like I said about the low carb thing guys can be such our time about that they’re blown away and I find I’m eating
60 grams of carbs a day but I feel good I have perfect mental
clarity my strength is up I don’t get hungry that’s my body works so I do it alright stay tuned guys I will keep you posted
remember WBFF Denver July 19 going for muscle model and fitness model you guys will be there every step the ways to stay tuned and make sure you
subscribe to my channel for videos at least once a week a lot
more of these vlog type of videos coming out see ya later

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  1. Really great idea about books on tape when doing cardio. I'm just getting back into the gym and working out regularly so I need to get better conditioned before I switch away from music because I need it to amp me up, but I'll definitely try out books in the future. 

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