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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

what’s up guys one on the third one here and today’s video is gonna be a full day of eating I’m gonna show you what I eat when why what when [Music] okay you got it let’s get to the kitchen [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is my first meal guys 40 grams of whey protein 200 grams of almond milk and 80 grams of not flakes I really like this because it’s tasty and it contains more than 10 grams of fibers in hundred grams and it’s perfect for me because I can have a solid amount of carbs without causing an insulin spike in my blood and probably I’m gonna have another meal later and after that meal I’m gonna hit the gym if I train late night probably I don’t even eat carbs in the morning because I try to save them for the meals before and after the training and this is my next meal hundred grams of rice cakes but I’m not gonna eat the whole package probably I’m gonna eat around 70 grams of it and the rest I’m gonna save it for later I’m gonna put cold meat on top of that some like ketchup and I’m gonna eat one whole banana so as you can see guys right before the gym I eat more carbs and I really pay attention to my potassium and sodium intake sodium and potassium helps you to have a better and stronger muscle contraction basically sodium and potassium helps to the cells to communicate with each other through electric impulses if our plan is to build muscle and if we are involved in body building the only thing what we want is to have a right mind muscle connection because we don’t want to lift up the weight we want to create a muscle contraction with our mind and the weight will be lifted as a result I’m gonna get six hash browns which is 376 grams 2 whole wheat balls which is 130 grams I’m gonna put light ketchup on the top and I had precooked chicken breasts in the fridge and I’m gonna put it into the bun [Music] you can see guys that after the workout I eat a pretty big meal which is rich in protein and carbohydrates I eat about 70% of my carbs pre and post-workout pre-workout because I need energy for the training and post-workout because I need to refill my glycogen stores and I have to take advantage of the high insulin level which is caused by carbs and with the training I give a stimulation to my body and now I have to feed it in order to grow and if I eat a lot of carbs it means that it will elevate my insulin level which is an anabolic hormone and it helps me to building more protein into the muscle alright guys so this is my last meal I have 200 grams of smoked salmon here 3 egg whites and rest of the rice cakes plus I have 20 grams of dark chocolate so currently I’m eating 220 grams of protein 350 grams of carbs and 60 grams of fat all right guys that was my full day of eating video don’t forget to Like share and subscribe and we’ll see each other in next video keep training keep gaining and yeah [Music]

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