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72 thoughts on “After Knee Replacement: Two CRITICAL exercises!

  1. TL;DWatch. Seriously? Two exercises takes 5 mins to explain? The pre-amble was fkn torturous. I hope you don't charge by the hour.

  2. the first exercise was good, the second- so so… knees need workin on– just these 2 exercises are not good enough for ROM

  3. Physiotherapy is the key. My orthopedist surgeon tells that he does 5% of the work. The rest is up to the patient. It is painful. I had my left knee replaced two years ago, and my right one in September, which seemed more painful than the first. I'm 74, been on the Great Wall of China last Fall, and intends to do a lot of traveling as soon as my knee if ok, around the middle of November. Extension is the most important but not very easy. Hang in there.

  4. Had left knee replaced 3 months ago & still more pain than I ever had before the operation. I am not sure I will get thru this without amputation to relieve the pain. I think Americans maybe fooled into getting this operation & it is not nearly successful as any Dr. will ever tell you before the operation. Think about this before having this done. I would NEVER have it done if I had any idea of the continual & so far everlasting pain.

  5. TKR Oct 2010  56 yr old male.  All American athlete in high school.  Very active. Hiker, biker, nordic skier, tennis etc.  31/2 yrs in I am worse than before the operation.  My flex has reduced from 100 to 68. Two post op manipulations. No improvement.   I cannot bike now.  I can't even manage stairs without tweaking my back with every step.  Patella hurts all the time.  Crepitus with flexion.  Surgeon was one of the top in Seattle.  Since retired.  BE VERY CAUTIOUS!  

  6. never would i recommend knee replacement surgery to anyone.  i am in more pain today than before the surgery a couple of years ago

  7. Well I have to add something here. I had my right knee scoped in 05, got infected. Insurance co. would not allow me to have a 30 day script for antibiotic leviquin. Didn't know I could have purchased it myself, not one sole mentioned it to me. Was changed to Augmentin and Keflex for 8 weeks. Totally ate the knee joint because the last two didn't work. Right knee replaced in 06. Left knee replaced in 2011, also went into right knee to remove a lot of scar tissue. Got infected again. In 2014  I severely cut my hand with a table saw. Surgery was good but index finger wouldn't work. Aug 20th had surgery to repair tendon, got infected and  went to the right knee. Last  week had the right knee totally removed with cement spacers put in. Crutches for about 8 weeks while spacers slowly release the antibiotic. Have a PICC line so I can give myself I. V. antibiotics daily for 8 weeks. Egg shell weight only for the eight weeks while the cement antibiotic spacers slowly do their job. With three infections, no knee cap, and a knee that has a tendency to over build scar tissue the odds are against me. I first had a 132 degrees of bend and 0 flexion. The left knee had a 140 degrees with 0 flexion. Most want 110 to 120 degrees of bend, not good enough!! This all takes a great amount of work to get. My Doc tells me that due to what I am facing I will be extremely fortunate to get 100 degrees. I WILL PROVE HIM INCORRECT.

    Dave in good ole Vermont

  8. 8 months ago I had both done at the same time. I'm male. In my 40's could hardly walk or even stand. Now I'm like new. Walk every where bend goes from straight to 120° best thing I've done. I have my life back. I think the key was my physio had me doing exercises before AND after the op. I did as I was told, and it worked.

    As with most operations there is a risk and I suppose sometimes is about getting the right advice or help from the right people.

  9. I had an oxford knee partial knee replacement three weeks ago.  Absolutely amazing.  No pain.  I can do stairs both up and down.  Walk without a limp and I can't wait to start golfing again.  I wish I would have lost about 30 pounds prior to the surgery but I'm on that right now.  I would recommend this to anyone.  Painful the first week and getting range of motion back is tough.  I had some bad swelling requiring getting it drained three times but it's a lot better now.  Three weeks and I'd say I'm about 85% of full motion and working hard to get to 100%.  Dr. Michael Anderson in St George Utah is amazing with this type of surgery.  His success rate is amazing.  Do It!!!

  10. I'm 56, my knee was shot. Every step I took felt like someone was stabbing me. It turned out my bones were off-center and every step chipped away at the bone. I couldn't bear to walk, stand or sleep. I got a total knee replacement 8 weeks ago and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. I opted for the spinal block and leg nerve block and I was up and moving my leg immediately after surgery. Yes, I had pain meds for 2 weeks, yes it hurt bad, yes, I had trouble sleeping, but I did what the PT told me to do. I can flex to 130+ and extension is -0. I walk without pain and sleep thru the night. It has changed my life and I am grateful!

  11. 2 weeks tomorrow for TKR, doing great on exercises but one, straight lift of leg—nothing, can do on good leg, any tips?

  12. I am having my Left Knee total knee replacement on the 27th of April I have been putting it off for years and doing other things to help like losing 200 lbs. Pain medication and shots to the knee. The time has come I like what you said about the race against scar tissue that will keep me motivated to do the exercises and I like your videos. Thank you for taking the time to put them on the web and helping people like me.

  13. I had femur fractured on my left leg 8 weeks ago.i can move it i can bend it but it only bend until 100degree. I did all the xercise to bend it little more. But still wont let me. Any advice? or what should i do to bend it until i reach 180? thank you.

  14. It's been approx. 3-1/2 mos. sense my surgery.  Because of back pain there are certain exercises I cannot do.  However, I have noticed a slight pop in my knee when I first awaken and begin to walk.  Forgot to mention this to Dr., so is this normal in recovery?

  15. I've had two knee replacements, first in 2009 and the other in 2015. In both cases I did NO exercising at all! Did my leg seize up like concrete? Did I end up with a limp? Not at all! In both cases I got to 120/0 within in a few weeks and by 12 weeks after this last one my surgeon measured me at 135 in both knees! I've seen and heard from numerous TKR patients who were complaining of pain and poor ROM and then heard they have been doing these insane exercise regimes which resulted in more pain, swelling and stiffness than they ever had before.

    Take my tip and just rest your knee, take short, gentle walks and climb your stairs every day, gently and carefully. Take your pain meds, elevate and ice as well. That's all you need to do.

  16. hi….my husband has had both knees replaced as of october this year. the first one went pretty well as far as therapy goes, and is doing great. the second one seems to have gotten a bit more scar tissue behind his knee and we can't find any thing on the internet to address this particular issue. we can find plenty of very good sources for excercises in general, but nothing for behind the knee and nothing on how to remove any scar tissue from the inside of the knee behind the knee. can you give us any insight or information on how to address this? thank you

  17. WOW Great information. I just had partial knee replacement Nov. 2015. Wish I saw this video earlier; the home PTS didn't stress the importance of keeping the knee straight but thankfully I am good with that part. However, I am having issues with extreme tightness. thanks..

  18. Great physical therapy instructions. The captions are a horrible mess! They do not even come close to what he is saying.

  19. I had TKR surgery in Nov 13 the operation was successful no problems its heeled really well, I did the exercises as I was instructed to do, resulting in getting 110 degs bend,  because of the work I do I could do with getting 115/120 degs this will enable me to climb up vertical ladders/steps, at the moment my knee will not bend enough to enable me to climb on to the next rung, taking into account the scar tissue which would have formed over the past 2 & a half years what should I be doing to get more flexibility ? ? ?

  20. I developed blood clots after my total. I was told to do no therapy other than patting my foot as if I was driving a car and pushing the gas pedal. So two weeks later I can do therapy. Now I am beginning my 3rd week of therapy. I can get to -5 and to 100 degrees. This is so painful, I feel the tightness is causing me to be unable to bend it past where I am now. Is this tightness the scar tissue? How can I get past this point? My pain level coming home after therapy is a 9 and stays there the rest of that day. I feel as if I am unable to go any further. I'm 58 and healthy. Thoughts?

  21. Bob, Brad, I just had my left knee replaced July 14. They sent me home Saturday July 16, after they (pysio) were able to see I could use crutches properly and navigate them up and down stairs. But most importantly, they worked on bending my knee to 75 deg. No way I could of done that myself.
    My question is:
    Since you say we are racing against time when it comes down to scar tissue, how much time are we talking about? I won't be seeing my therapist till this Monday July 25, but I have been doing your video's to try and at least get started for my therapist. I realize now that the pain I am experiencing will restrict me from totally reaching optimum range unless I am working with a physiotherapist.
    So since I already have a start but not seeing the therapist for at least 12 days after surgery, will I still be able to reach optimum range?
    Also, how long can a person wait till it becomes critical that he/she better get moving?
    David G.

  22. Hi I had knee replacement 9 month ago still have lots of pain and my knee is not straight I walk on my toes because my knee is shorter than the other . my doctor tell me to keep doing exercise still no improvement .

  23. Hello again Bob and Brad. Well it's been 4 weeks today and now I am seeing some good results. I have a ROM of 100 and knee straightening is close to 0. I am walking with only a cane outside, though I can go small distances with no cane. I am also going up stairs foot over foot with the cane and coming down the same (this is more careful, for I have the feeling of pitching forward right now). Today I did my first full rotation on the stationary bike, very painful but sweet success. Your exercise of sitting in a chair and pulling your heel in has been one of the best exercises I have implemented. In fact, my floor is marked with tape showing my progress from day to day. So this way I not only had a goal to get better, but a visual so I knew that no matter how much pain I was in and/or the swelling and stiffening of the knee, I knew I was progressing, albeit a few inches from day to day.

    Ok, I have a question. When I am walking, I can feel my knee clicking. I am a little concerned about this, I will be seeing my surgeon on Monday Aug.15 and hopefully this is not a malfunction of the new knee. Is this normal? If so, I will assume it will go away with time?
    Thanks again for your videos.
    David G.

  24. Hello again Bob and Brad. I have another question for you two. This may also pertain to a lot of others. Is it normal that I can reach a ROM of 115, but only after I have had a good physio session, good work out and then later on when upon wakening it seems to retract and I feel that I am almost going backwards. Like during the day when I am at rest, watching tv and/or icing my knee while elevated, only then to get up I feel so stiff and can only bend my knee to 95 or a bit more. I do 2+ sessions each day and see the results of my ROM inching forward but am amazed how I lose that ROM later at rest.

  25. I came to look at this as having a full knee replacement in February 2017. I admit I am scared, particularly of the epidural offered. I guess I wont be doing the splits any more!!

  26. mi nombre es emma hace 14 meses tuve mi cirugía de full replacement y día tras día tengo más dolor si pudiera me pondría mi rodilla vieja estoy en depresión de tanto dolor y el doctor solo dice más. tiempo

  27. Hi is it normal to feel a lot of stinging because of the 24 staples around the incision, one week out of surgery 107 degrees and leg is straight hopefully things will pick up when staples come out

  28. I had to go to rehab after my knee replacement due to some infections the best thing I learned from them instead of using the towel or the cookie sheet buy a pack of sliders that you use to move furniture there just a couple of bucks and they're great on either tile would linoleum rugs, anything . I was amazed at the bend I was able to get I went from 63 to 95 in a little over a week so it's just a suggestion but worth trying for just a few bucks

  29. I just had a revision done. doing exercising at home doing well. watched the video of the surgery here on line. now I know what questions to ask the surgeon when I see him in a few weeks. thanks for this information. it was helpful.

  30. I think you may not be giving yourself enough time. I've had both knees done now, it dose take diligent's with your exercise. and at least 1 yr of your patients.

  31. Yes I had a total knee replacement for an a half weeks ago and have been exercising but my knee I can only bend it about 25% and I am so scared I need some help or answers and what I should do as soon as possible because I'm so scared

  32. Hello. I had a partial replacement in 2015 and I never got to 0 extension because the replacement came a loose. I just had a fully replacement 5 weeks ago and was told it would be hard to get to 0 extension since I didn't last time. How soon should I get to 0 extension this time before it's too late? I am still not there after 5 weeks. Thank you!

  33. I had TKR about 6 weeks ago and have been going to physiotherapy 6 days a week, Is anyone getting ultrasound treatment for braking down scar tissue or will it be a problem with the prosthesis ?? Any ideas?

  34. I've had 3 knee ops in oder to prevent me from having a TKR due to my age (47). I've had two osteotomy's, one with bone grafting & a metal plate fixation. The plate was removed 1yr later. 3 ops in 2 years was a struggle. Pain everyday, crutches for 2 years. I've now had a tkr 4 weeks ago. Straightening my leg is good but i can only achieve a 55 degreee bend at the mo. ☹

  35. I was 64 when I had my knee replacement done, 3 days in the hospital, 7 days at a rehab facility, 6 weeks after the surgery, no help aids for walking, best thing I ever had done !!!

  36. I had my Left knee replaced Monday, Aug 28,2017. Walking without walker on Friday after 1st PT as outpatient , My surgeon had me doing PT in hosp same day as surgery , walked 400 foot in hallway ! continued Pt 2 times a day with therapist , and walking several times a day in addition with nurse . all I can tell you is Yes, it hurts, the staples hurt , the exercises hurt ,but if you do all you can do , you will be good as new (or better ! ) afterward . glad I had it done ! the only thing I notice is i hear/feel a light clunk with every step, I'll take the clunk compared to the soccer ball size my knee was with inflammation and swelling before surgery .BTW- rode on motorcycle at 6 weeks post-op !

  37. hello sir
    my acl surgery was done 5 months ago but i cant strighten my leg full … my physio say their is 5°lag i m doing all your exercises .. its very helpfull for me.. now i m very frustated , sir after 5 months can my leg is straighten … now i cant afford the surgery … i just want to know that it will be straighten or not ??

  38. Btw, my range of motion was at 120 after 1 week. Did it hurt, yes, did I use pain meds, yes. In my opinion, it’s kind over matter.

  39. I’m at 3 weeks left full knee replacement and further than most. I stretch every chance I get. Exercise causes swelling and pain. Stretch as hard as you can before stopping. Some days are frustrating thinking I’m not gaining but I do. I’m walking with a cane just for balance up and down stairs hurts but I’m doing it , keep moving as much as I can. Mental attitude is key ups and downs everyday

  40. I am sorry to hear of the pain many people experienced after knee surgery. I had two knee replacements & did well with both knees. I think it may have been because I had been swimming all summer & had my surgery around Labor Day. I did the same thing the following year with the other knee. I think the swimming exercises really helped.
    My niece is now recovering from knee replacement surgery & she’s had a lot of severe pain.

  41. Question : I have had open heart surgery, because of this I cannot take aspirin, or anything over 325 mg. a day. I was told I could have knee replacement. I hesitate because taking aspirin now, before the surgery, doesn’t work. It screws up my body. Is there another way. I have bone on bone. What is manipulation or other treatment I could try?

  42. Thank you so much going in for total knee soon .Looking forward to being able to walk again .Promise I will work hard to get rid of scar tissue

  43. A gadget you can use when you have a knee replacement is the which allows you to put your shoes on without bending down.

  44. I had one of my knees replaced 8 wks ago, and I'm 64, no spring chicken. I did my research (I live in CT near Yale), snd chose to have Dr. Steven Haas perform my surgery at the Hospital For Special Surgery in NYC. He is famous for his minimally invasive procedure, and I'm pretty certain that his other colleagues in his department also do this procedure. The most important thing about this is; he doesn't cut the quad muscle to put the new knee in. This is not a partial knee, but an entire knee. I came home, did my "job" with PT exercises and within 5 days (and in-home PT for the first week) I was walking without a cane or walker without any problem. I only had to do 3 weeks of outside PT, and I have a ROM of 130 degrees so far. My goal is between 130 and 140. We'll see! But this recovery was SO much better than I anticipated that I'll have no problem mentally to get my other knee done there in about a year. It's worth the travel!!
    But even with the best surgeon (which he is!!), you have to push yourself at home with the exercises given and then you'll be golden.

  45. Not to advertise, but I bought this item called "The Knee Glide" that works PERFECTLY for this exercise!! Thanks for posting this information, I've used it a lot in my post knee replacement recovery:)

  46. Notice the left foot turned out a little more than most golfers , joist had my knee replaced looking forward to getting out in a few months

  47. Hello Guy's, Little update this is Hal Abernathy, had left leg total knee replacement Dec 3rd 2018,had total replacement on my right leg yesterday February 27 2019, came home today,walked in the house unassisted,had great attitude and a great Dr. Jason Norcross, Orthocare Hickory N.C. I'm 65 years old,great therapy same location, I'll keep update by the week, dedication 1st, great doctor,great therapy,and a great big ❤,thanks for reading, both legs are straight and a miracle don't give up thanks Hal

  48. Had partial knee replacement Feb. 1. I am back to work. I am 63. When will I get some energy? I follow you and thank you for all your tips and suggestions.

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