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My name is Yulia I’m almost 30 years old I’m a mother of 2 boys and a wife
for one person mmmmm the amount of surgeries I’ve had in my life are 3 1st operation was my wisdom teeth and the following 2 surgeries were for my 1st child
and 2nd child This surgery is a bit different from the previous 3 so long story short a month ago i took flight to Korea to do 2 types of surgeries at the same time and those surgeries were… 1st surgery was for my breast augmentation following my rhinoplasty surgery wow wow wow wait I’m a diet, health and fitness influencer why am I getting a breast augmentation??? “Make your breast bigger by working out !!!
Right ?!?!” Ok, I know most of you are thinking about this well… I actually discussed about this in a previous video to be honest so just to recap on that the breast volume cannot be enlarged by your muscles end of story The only ways to enlarge your breast are by these 3 steps 1st is filled by breast milk
2nd through increasing your body fat
3rd by inserting an implant thats it and please please… pleaaaaaase…. no need to mention about enlargement creams or any other un-logical ridiculous tips and/or technics because deep down in your heart you really know those kind of techniques don’t really work yeah right?!?! Sooooooo………………… long story short this is my experience This video does not aim to incite or encourage anyone to carry out any type of plastic surgery this video is targeted towards adults / appropriate age this video targets people who do have a goal to do plastic surgery before. (For those who do not have these objectives are welcome to not watch this video) this video only contains information, experiences & personal stories. the information contained in the video CANNOT be used instead of suggestions from DOCTORS Carry out further consultations with licensed doctor & medical experts Thank you 🙂 Hi YouTube ! This episode is going to be a bit different compared to my previous videos which i have uploaded in the past Ok now is the time to jump right into the video But for those who have subscribed to me don’t forget to click that ring bell button like this if i upload another video about post recover from surgery or another diet video you will get an instant notification There are so many clinics in Korea but there are allot of bad ones too so for foreigners, this could be an issue to choose a worthy clinic that is one of the main reasons why I have chosen to go with an agency There are allot of advantages to go with an agency firstly would be that we can help you choose a clinic secondly, they provide free consultations via long distance before heading over to Korea following consultations after the surgery to check up on your status Not only that but they provide transportations following full medical prescriptions for medications post surgery they also provide help with booking hotels and accomodations and last but not least
detailed consultations pre and post surgery to keep you on top of everything Price of the surgery regardless whether you use the agency or not is the same therefore in my opinion, going with an agency like them is much better so for more information regarding the agency, you can check out their website for more details because they have their website in multiple languages Introducing the team Ok guys, this is the team from Beautique Korea This is Nana she is originally from Korea she has helped well over many clients with their operations! and this is Celine. She is originally from Indonesia and is a dedicated team to Beautique Korea So Banobagi has 4 buildings The first is mainly for plastic surgery and next to that is a dental clinic owned by Banobagi as well Following that, this is a building for hair transplant and for the fourth building is focused towards dermatology and now I will show you guys around the place so you can see And this is a list of treatments and specifications that they have from hair transplants plastic surgery botox cosmetic whitening following breast implants, all of which are complete. And this is a “before & after” book that they have and the one that I’m holding is specifically for breast augmentations. So as you can see, the results are so different There are implants that look super natural with a natural drop from gavitation There are implants that look very firm and in this book there are results from breast augmentation from their own clinic alone And next, here is a “before & after” book of their patience after focused towards facial operations so you guys can see the results are soooooo much different ridiculously amazing like wooow amazing right?! So for you who are looking for inspirations, you can see for yourself from their booklets. The day of the consultations is conducted on the same day of the surgery so after fasting for 12 hours before surgery the next step before seeing the doctor is a general medical checkup First step of the medical checkup is the blood test soon after, we take a photo for the before & after results now because I’m not wearing any cloths for these photos, I wont be uploading those photos here and right after this step we move onto the next Here on the second floor the Banobagi clinic will interview me to find out more about my health history and medical medicine consumptions. that I have or currently consuming “Sis, do you remember the last time you had your menstruation?” I really like this, because they are so detailed for example, one of the few this which they ask are : “What operations have you had done before?” “Do you have plans to have another child or not?” “Do you have any keloid scars or not?” and following much more detailed questions… and they also provide help and suggestions on what kind of size breast, nose, implants etc I would like before seeing the doctor like this when I finally have the consultation with the doctor I don’t forget any important information I would like to mention to the doctor OK… now is the time to discuss regarding the implants… mmmmmm ok So all of the implants which they have are all rounded shape So regarding the teardrop shape they do not stock them up anymore so based on the different brands of implants, you can choose them based on your budget for those who do not have a really high budget, they would suggest these implants these are made in Korea and the quality is substantial but the price is cheaper but for those who have a really high budget they suggest the implants made by ‘Motiva’ “Motiva’ has a warranty for 5 years and after feeling both the different implants they really don’t seem too much different but Motiva the texture of the outside skin is just slightly thicker but overall the difference is not so dramatic “Motiva has like 5 years of warranty service” so in the end, the doctor suggested that I take ‘Motiva’ Demi 360cc so for those who are looking into finding out more about ‘Motiva’ like “How good are they?” “Where is it made?” bla bla bla you can check straight away on their website you can find ALL the details there Yongjoon Noh
Plastic Surgeon Specialist Consultation the consultation for my breast and nose were done at the same time because Doctor Noh will be responsible for executing both surgeries at the same time First step was the doctor asking my what kind of breast and nose size / shape i was looking for following that, the doctor inspects my nose based on my request hidung OK as for my nose, I don’t to change or overdo it too much I just want to adjust the lobe of my nose by a little bit just that but the doctor said based on inspection, the base of my nose should be adjusted as well following a bump on the bridge of my nose just a small bump which will be reduced in size just a small bit because this will allow my nose to look balanced with the reduced nose size I will have and my nose since birth has always been really high so here there is no need to insert an implant because if encourage an implant to be done my nose will definitely not look natural now the breast so before discussing the doctor wants to check and measure the size of my breasts and all the other details following that, I also explained all my daily activity and movements because i have plans in the future to build muscles and loose allot of body fat so I want the doctor to know because in the near future my body fat will be way less than it is now and I also provided body shape examples of what I aim to achieve in the future and the photos which I have provided are the basic concept of what I want from the body shape to the volume of the breast size all way to the body fat estimation which I aim to achieve After all the long detailed discussions and after all the measurements the doctor has taken this is the estimated range of implants by ‘Motiva’ that’s ideal from the shape and size for my breast way… before I departed to Korea I already did allot of research and I already have special notes that include exactly what I want and notes about what I dont want so all of these special notes I have, I can give to my doctor like this I dont forget to miss anything when I have the consultation with the doctor example of the notes I have dotted down are firstly, regarding about breasts ya I dont want my breasts to drop down to low at all when I dont use a bra secondly I also dont want the size and shape of my breasts to bother me during my workouts 3rd note I dont want my implants, while my body fat is low, to look very rounded and sharp super fake looking I want even when my body fat is low but the outline of my implants to look natural, like that at least so it doesn’t look so fake and what made me really happy here was the doctor explained everything in such a calming yet patient matter because I asked ALLOT of questions. I’m supper talkative and detailed but the doctor was really oh my god I’m so happy, thank you, thank you last step even though after all the long discussion with the doctor Banobagi still asks again whether I still have more questions to ask to pass down to the doctor like “are you sure you didnt miss anything?” other any other questions And after that I have to sign an agreement with the clinic for legal agreements and after that here I begin to prepare for the surgery and here Scot, Celine and Nana cant join me Soooo, with self confidence and bravery yup… I head on first guys Bye bye, see you after the surgery 🙂 Any kind of surgery regardless can never help you with being insecure or believing in yourself no matter what because without any effort for fixing yourself from inside thats in here and in here then changes and/or improvements physical form with effort or wont affect much the second point is whatever you guys want even if you can achieve it naturally even if its related to diet or fitness best to stick to the natural solution if possible the point it dont try to be that person who focuses on only their physical appearances unless your internal organs are already in bad condition becuase you havent taken care of yourself Ok guys I just want to say thank you so much for those who have watched this video and for those who still have questions regarding about anything which I can answer but in the sense of detailed medical consultations but more towards general questions which I can answer please do ask in the comment section below because I will answer your questions in the next upcoming video please feel free to ask anything I’ll be happy to answer any questions So thank you for watching this video dont forget for clicking the ring bell button 🙂 bye bye So whenever I breathe it feels like….. oooohhhh hard to explain, feels really heavy…. feels so soar

100 thoughts on “AKU TERPAKSA OPERASI !!!

  1. omg yulia! i admire your courage to do plastic surgery all in one time!😭 i wish i have money and courage to do surgery🙄

  2. Kirain yg berpola hidup sehat ga akan melakukan oplas 😂

    Balik lg ke pribadi masing-masing intinya sih, cm jd gimana gitu, jd kurang percaya sm tips2nya, lbh baik langsung ke Ahli gizi drpd gimana gimana (bingung jelasinnya).

  3. Aku juga ga percaya diri, ngerasa kurang ini dan itu. tapi untung suami aku selalu support keras dan ngajarin aku arti bersyukur.

  4. Ada rencana nose job juga. Tapi posisi hidung agak miring & sinus juga. Bisa sekalian gak ya di situ??? 🤔🤔🤔
    Yang paling penting nih.. kamu budget habis berapa di sana, Yul??? 😅😅😅

  5. Hi mba yulia! Aku mau tanya tanya sedikit nih. Kan sudah di mention divideo bahwa hal yg dapat membesarkan payudara salah satunya adalah lemak. Nah kebutulan aku memang gemuk nih mba, maka dr itu mungkin payudara aku agak besar. Dan aku pastinya punya rencana utk menguruskan badan. Nah pertanyaan ku adalah, kalau nanti berat badanku turun, kemungkinan lemak lemak ditubuhku akan hilang, akankah ukuran payudaraku berubah juga? Apa nanti payudara aku bakal mengicil juga pada saat berat badanku turun? Dan mungkin upaya nya biar payudara walaupun mengecil tp tetep bentuknya msh bagus itu gimana? Makasih😁😁

  6. Ka, mau nanya dong klo implant bermasalah ga klo mau punya anak lg? Ato dah implant ga boleh punya anak lg? Ngaruh ke asi jd dikit ga?

  7. Payudara aku ud besar dari sana ya ka even sampai susah cari ukuran bra karna beberapa toko ga ada yg sesuai sm ukuran aku… Gimana caranya mengecilkan payudara secara alami?? Aku suka fitness… Gimana gerakan yg bagus supaya payudara keliatan kencang?

  8. apa cuman gue cowo yang suka ngikutin videonya kak yulia yang seksi ini karena semakin original dan otentik tell the truth yang jarang banget di publikasi. walaupun aku cowo aku jadi bisa belajar memahami bagaimana menjadi wanita 😀

  9. Kak Yulia…bagaimana kalo payudara sdah gede tp kendor…setelah menyusui anak ke dua..dan badan sdah kurus payudara pun menyusu dan kendor…adakah cara untuk mengencangkan saja.

  10. Masih g nemu jawabnnya.. Minta tolong dijawab ya.. Ada kata TERPAKSA.. Terpaksa nya karena? Kalo ditonton dr awal sampe akhir, g nemu alasan yang MENGHARUSKAN utk operasi selain memperbaiki penampilan.. Dan rasanya.. Rasanya.. Itu tidak harus.. CMIIW..

  11. Kak pertanyaanku agak aneh..maaf ya..kalau payudara implant trus pada saat punya baby apa masih bisa menyusui kak?

  12. Baru aja nonton breast deformity salah satu youtuber luar, eh lanjut ntn breast implan youtuber indo. Recommend youtube maunya apa si? Wkwk

  13. Akhirnya ada video ini.. makasih kak. Mmg jika kita lagi ngurangi fat apalagi cardio.. lemak payudara jadi hilang. Yg tadinya montok jadi mengecil. Sedih rasanya. Ga olahraga salah. Olahraga juga salah. Sampe2 aq gemukin badan lagi supaya payudra kembali montok. Mau cardio berlebihan trauma. Pengen impal, takut resiko.
    Kalo boleh tau.. bisa tunjukin foto implan yg agak jelas kak ? Dan berapa harga operasi nya, brp lama harus disana.

  14. Please serius tanya, jawab ga kak yul, kalo udah implan payudara nanti seandainya mau punya anak lagi gimana ? Bisakah menyusui ? Atu harus lepas implan dulu ?

  15. Mbak Yulia, besok2 bikin video tentang bagaimana cara merawat payudara agar tidak terkena mudah kanker ya… Kalo mbak Yulia yg ngomong dan jelasin, sy suka dan mudah dimengerti.. Semoga cepat pulih ya mbak😘

  16. Apakah masih bisa menyusui? Atau mungkin bisa diberikan ilustrasinya, bagaimana susu tsb dari kelenjar lalu berjalan keluar dari puting, karena aku mikirnya, saluran antara kelenjar ke putingnya, terhalang oleh gel implant 😁.

  17. Aku juga sempat ingin operasi payudara suatu hari nanti saat sudah memutuskan untuk tidak punya anak lagi, karena pasca menyusui jadi kendur… Pingin banget kumpulin uang buat itu nanti, karena seneng aja lihat tubuh sendiri bagus… Ga pede banget sama tubuh sekarang… Suami memang terima apa adanya, cuma diri sendiri aja yg ga pede… Tapi yg namanya pasca operasi pasti sakit banget perlu recovery beberapa bulan … Salut kak Yulia …

  18. Kak. Mau tanya donk, kan ada 3 pilihan untuk memperbesar payudara, pertama Asi, terus kedua menambah lemak dan ketiga implant. Kenapa kak yulia ga pilih yang nomer 2? Dan kalau implant dengan garansi 5 tahun artinya harus operasi lagi untuk di ganti atau gimana? Makasih

  19. Otot perempuan pria berbeda lah kalo perempuan gak bisa punya otot dada seperti pria biar pun pola latihannya sama tetap gak bisa ….

  20. kak gimana sih caranya biar kita bisa semangat buat atur pola makan ?
    soalnya aku sering mulai nanti aku ngga konsisten dan gagal jadinya

  21. Aq sih ga blg salah kalau OP.. But bgi aq Syukuri apa yg ada.. Suka rada aneh aja buat orang2 yg OP.. Tp bagusnya mereka punya keberanian extra 😂

  22. Kakak bilang penambahan vol payudara hnya ada 3 cara, salah 1 nya menambah lemak seluruh tubuh. Kalau untuk menyusutkan volume PD sendiri brarti bisa dengan diet ketat dong kak? Supaya lemak PDnya berkurang. Plissss jawab kak Yulia, gimana cara ngecilin Vol payudara. Keganggu banget kalau olahraga punya PD besar

  23. Sukses terus kak…😘😘😘😘
    Berrti klo penambahan lemak utk memperbesar payudara, berarti kalau badan kita membesar karna bertambahnya lemak payudara juga bertambah besar ya kak?

  24. makan daging merah yg banyak kalo pengen susu gede (kandungan protein dan lemak di dlm daging merah sudah cukup membuat penampilanmu tambah aduhai), ga perlu memasukkan benda asing ke dalam tubuh, our bodies deserve better!!

  25. Pasca operasi ada makanan atau aktivitas yg dilarang ga ??? Berapa lama masa penyembuhan sampai kakak balik ke Indonesia ???

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