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I’m a kid from Wales who had a dream .. And that dream was to be on this Olympia stage. And now I’m here. I sacrificed so much. Everything in life if you want something you’ve gotta go for it Now this dream is a reality. And again, like I said, I have fallen many times, but I’ve gone back up and dusted myself off This is my last show .. I achieved so much through bodybuilding – to now have an amazing house, an amazing life, a beautiful family. ALL through bodybuilding. Again guys.. BELIEVE TO ACHIEVE. Dream big and don’t let anybody talk you out of your goals your dreams. I was told more times that I would never do this, but I DID You HAVE TO BELIEVE. In bodybuilding the closer you get the weaker you feel the better you look. So mentally it’s staying in that mindset. To grind every day knowing that you’re gonna look better But yet feel worse by digging deep. And I feel like this is my chosen path in life. But you know what when I got that mindset I worked on a daily .. .. And I put my foot down out of bed with a different step each and every day until I clicked. And I was A MACHINE. You fall you get back up, you learn from that. You NEVER give up on your goals. And let NOBODY.. NOBODY tell you or talk you out of yours. Because this wouldn’t have been achieved if I had listened to these people. Set forth dreams That if you put everything into it you can achieve Then ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

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  1. ''I'm a kid from Wales who had a dream. And that dream was to be on this Olympia stage. Now I'm here, I sacrificed so much.. Everything in life, if you want something you've gotta go for it. This dream is now reality. I've fallen many times, but I've gone back up, dusted myself off, and now I can say that I am living the dream. This is my last show. I've achieved so much through bodybuilding.. To now have an amazing house, an amazing life, a beatiful family, all through bodybuilding. Believe to achieve, dream big, don't let ANYBODY talk you out of your dreams. I was told more times that I would never do this than I did.. You HAVE to believe.'' #WorkHarderAndBelieve

  2. Terrible animal, años de entrenamiento y entrega!! total admiración de mi parte!! También compito y se lo difícil y sacrificado q es!!! Cuesta mucho, pero todo está en tu cabeza!! A sudar!!!

  3. I love the drive beautiful speech never give up on what you believe in thank you for your speech at my age of 51yrs old I believe everything that you have said I belive this all the way deep into my soul thank you again.

  4. Lewis is a suck up, I don’t think he’s that good. Definitely a champion. I can name two guys better than him. Jose, & Henry. Lewis is never consistent. His abs are weird and legs are small

  5. Flex knew that it will b hard to win against Hadi Choopan he was bit scared at his last show if Hadi would have got visa that year Hadi would b a clear winner that year.

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