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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

A lot of trainers and people who train take
a whey protein shake post workout. Whey protein is a very good source of building
block material for your body, providing that you can absorb the protein powder that you’re
using. Many people use a whey protein. However, what
I typically find is that most people are actually intollerant to it. So, what I find now is
the best option is a gluten free, or vegan, protein powder which I use something called
Raw Meal or Raw Protein, and this is from the garden of life.
Which is available off Amazon and is delicious, dissolves well and is full of nutrients that
are very bio available. One of the key symptoms of a poor absorbancy
to whey is that if your shake leaves you feeling bloated or you get a drop in temperature,
body temperature, or a substantial increase in body temperature post taking your shake.
This is indicative of a reaction within your gut because the digestive system is drawing
blood towards it which means it takes it away from the rest of your body.
As I said before, this is an immune reaction and should be deemed that your body does not
like the protein source that you’re using. So, I would try choosing a different protein
source. The other benefit I’ve found to using a Raw
Meal, or Raw Protein, protein shake is the lack of aspertame found within the shake.
Aspertame is a chemical sweetener which has been proven to be detrimental to human health,
so therefore should be avoided at all costs.

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