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Hello everyone, today we came to visit Aleš. we have an honorable guest from polland. We are going to pump hardcore today! There is also Seba, i almost forget. Hes right here, the good boy. Where is Faceless hidding? Faceless ran away, he shit himself. Well its going to be the three of us For everyone from Poland, We are going to train, with Aleš and Anabolic Horse Even Faceless is here I dont see him. I found faceless. Enough of bullshiting, lets go! Come on Aleš for fuck sake. I dont have all day for you. i am a Maskless DownLess, we went through 2 excersises, just to warm up. holy shit. Do not interupt me now we do some deadlifts pyramid, lets se how far we will get. we all have injuries. My heart is broken so, Monica injured me, she didnt make me breakfast today stuff from Poland? Seba has Aleš cum on his hands, so hes waiting for it to get dry. we are getting ready for maximum I am injured you cunts Very good, Very good. i am injured you cunt. i got to put on the weights, shit. Let me know if you want more of these videos. with other people, from other countries or from czech republic let me know down in the comments who would you like to see. he tried wieghts that are not fakes from polland, for the first time. And he had problems. Done, You have to do some acrobatics you know. Proficard in crossfit thats what i want what the fuck Honza you aint in cinema now you can chat, you deserve it. Pump it Fuck me we got pumped by godmode before the training. Take a look at him, he only tasted Damn man, its comming i even take it before sleep, couse it pumps my dick and in the morning i got etna down there. Anabolic Dick Jeeez fuck me. COME ON ALEŠ ill pump it Aleš is triing to intimidate, couse we could fight in Strength wars. hes got to pump it you know. but hes gonna pump it two times Come on, no mercy! Show the Horse power. I had a leg day yesteraday, they cant take it today. I am a pussy i am going home. No come on lets try some more. lets do 290 Come on Fuck him, one wave is enough. Injury and doctor, now Dude, punish me! no thats enough man. come on more, Come on Aleš. 300×4 but his waist is like 4 peoples. Cheers Shit From behind please with the mask please Come on man Super, play with it! keep playing. Be gentle Pump it Dont you hear what hes saing? you got to pump it! you wanna be buffed? then PUMP IT Strength Wars finals What Seba was saying before… That rotator Muscles are muscles where is a many brachystasis Thats why they can take bigger wieghts So its great for the excersise you just saw. And he finishes the excersise with this We are bodybuilding, it came to that Seba just said, that 2018 amateur olypmics in spain, Will be ours So i hope dude, ill get a chance at bodybuilding at least. Well i think this is utter bullshit. Faceless is just lazy hes lazy so we do this kinda shit excersise But thats okay its important to have your shoulders down and elbows up. and pull the elbows back like this Not that you throw your hands like this. but push them gently. Seba is injured, his ribs are injured. he cant go ribs, and elbow he cant go the basic excersises with elbows so we are triing to do some alternatives so we can all train tell me if you do these kinda excersises, or if you see these for the first time. dont go up with your shoulders, only back Aleš is 96kg okay? if i had 96kg then i would look like a skeleton out of nowhere it went to gayporn. but what can you do? Seba is showing us how to do it. Dicktator Seba he stretched us like bitches. stand like me What he basicly said, was that if you have shorten legs, your belly is getting bigger and your shoulders are opticly getting smaller, and you look like a cunt. so you have to stretch yoru legs. Very improtant thing, during this excersise is the movement of shoulders you can see how he is stretching now he pulls the shoulders front. and when he moves back he moves them back aswell and then he pulls them more its a very important move Today you have seen our training, Czech, Poland together Now i am talking you faggots Big thanks to Aleš That he came to train with us big thanks to Faceless, that he came a long way to train with us. we showed him how to excersise, he streched us a little bit. Dont forget to subscribe to our channel And let us know what you want to see next. Thanks a lot guys!

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  1. Lidi můžete podpořit náš kanál koupí trik #PumpingHardcore na a samozřejmě nákupem na Gigasu viz popisek videa! Děkujeme moc!

  2. kluci pobavili, fakt sem se zasmál. anabolic horse pěkně hlásil. budu ještě třistalet trénovat a pak dám trénink s váma kluci

  3. I am a fan of strength war and u guys are amazing…. love the mask of faceless wish I could have it 😍.. love from India 😊

  4. Seba kot the half good from the evil faceless haha!! The guy is very cool! m/ three monsters!!!!
    One more subscribed!!!

  5. Heck strength war vids! More pls of this!! U Monstrobeasts are unreal!! Btw, huge fan of Faceless…from Sabah/North Borneo!

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