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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi guys from FIBO 2018. We have a great interview in front of us with a young guy Andrei Deiu. He’s very famous fitness model, has a huge support, a lot of followers a lot of sponsors, he’s very famous and only 21 so let’s welcome him. Thank you for having me on your show. How do you feel today at the FIBO and is it your first time here? It’s my third year but every year it gets better. I think I’m the most excited to be at FIBO. It’s the best expo I have ever been to. I love Germany and the expo. People are just amazing and everyone loves Germany I think. So, I’m happy to be here. You are so popular in your young age, how did you achieve that? What’s the secret to become this popular? To be honest I don’t even know. I think
because of my age I’m really young and also like of the shreds like when I’m in shape like I have like crazy lines, shreds or like my triceps, so I think that’s why. But also you have to work hard. Exactly, that’s genetics but you can’ outwork hard work. How does your training split look? To be honest I don’t have like Monday – chest, Tuesday – back, or whatever. I just go with the flow. Whatever I feel like doing, I will I’m just do that but always on Wednesday and Sunday I always have on Wednesday I have quads and calves and then on Sunday I have hamstrings and glutes. I split the legs because I think that’s my weak point and I’m trying to bring it up but otherwise I just do like Chest and maybe couple sets of shoulder lateral raises for the pump. Are you training for example arms? Arms? To be honest lately I have only been training them every two weeks because I think they are a little bit bigger than other body parts, so I just want to work on my weak points first to have the balance symmetry so I only work them that much and whenever I do. I only do like two, three exercises. Because I think that’s my best bodypart and they grow faster than the other body parts. Yes when you need to me more symmetrical of course you focus more on weak body parts. Do you think it’s better to train each body part once a week or twice a week? Depends how I feel. I like to train chest and shoulders twice a week because I want to get my upper chest that 3D look on the shoulders. I love that, after the pump. I’m trying to achieve that more. I think that’s the only two body parts that I train two times a week. Let’s talk now about food and diet plans. How often do you eat what do you prefer to eat during the day? I usually can’t really eat that much. I don’t know why for some reason. I only have like four to five meals a day. You have to force yourself to eat it all. Exactly and I eat like very small portions and I try to get like two shakes in so I can hit my protein intake. Because right now, when I’m getting ready for a show or something I like to do carn cycling so I have like a low, medium day and high day and I like to have my carbs only from sweet potato, oats and white potato because I think that works for me whenever I eat like rice or pasta I think it makes me too bloated. I just keep to the basics and also like low fat fish, chicken breast. Just changing protein sources. Exactly, it’s like you just have to change them every time because otherwise you’ll get bored and start having cravings and stuff. You just need to like mix things up. What do you think about cheat meals or cheat days? Do you prefer to eat like that or you try to eat clean? I prefer to have only one cheat meal not cheat day. I think like because I have my cheat meal at the end of the week so on Sunday. I think it motivates me to work harder Monday to Saturday and then Sunday to have the cheat meal as a reward for my hard work and also you have to eat something that you really enjoy. What would you eat for a cheat meal? I like pizza and burgers. Me too, actually. You are sponsored by BPI, so what do you think about supplements? do you find them really that necessary, beneficial and if so which one do you like the most?
What are you using? I think as a pro athlete if you do it for a living or performance I think supplementation is is needed alongside with good nutrition. It’s a must. My top supplements are like BCAA’s, Isolate protein and whenever I shred I take like L-carnitine or fat burners. My main thing is BCAA’s, glutamine and isolate. You train hard in the gym but you also need to look after recovery or like make sure you don’t spend too much time in the gym and then try to burn the muscle. That is why BCAA’s and glutamine is needed. Be more concrete. What do you use before workout, during a workout and after? Before workout whenever I feel really tired I just use like pre-workout or just black coffee. During workout I like to drink my BCAA’s. How much do you take? 10 grams. One scoop and a half, two scoops during the workout would and then post-workout straight after I finished my workout I just have like one and a half scoop of Isolate, alongside with 30-40 grams of Vitargo. Fast carbs. That’s my main stack but also during the day I take multi vitamins and minerals, Omega-3 All this to look after the body. You need to be healthy inside as well not only outside. You need to look after yourself. Let’s talk about your closest goals. What is your biggest dream to achieve? I think my biggest dream is to get on the Olympia stage and win it one day, that’s my goal in my dream. And your closest dream or closest contest you have? What show are you preparing for now? I just won my pro card in November and I’m trying to get ready for my pro show which is gonna be maybe June, July. I have nothing planed yet. I just wanna see how my shape is coming along and then I will decide what show I’m gonna do and then
I’ll try to qualify for Olympia next year. Hopefully. I wish you great success, you’re professional and the doors are opened everywhere for you. I appreciate that. Thank you. Is there something you would like to say to our fans? I just want to say I thank you guys for the support and the motivation that you gave me like you make me work hard in the comments and like the messages that you send. I see everything. they make me to work harder so I really appreciate that. Thank you very much for the interview I wish all the best. Thank you for having me on the interview.

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