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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

hi there Andrew Lessman here with another one of our monthly specials and this monthly special is equally applicable if you’re engaging in a new exercise program if you’re trying to lose weight if you’re trying to just improve the quality of protein in your diet our ultimate whey protein whey tends to be for those of us who aren’t vegans or vegetarians weight tends to be the first choice of the highest quality protein you can find there there’s no question about the quality of the amino acid profile of whey protein and in terms of our whey protein it corrects the problems that are found with typical whey proteins first of all our whey protein is whey protein isolate which has whey protein isolate you can be confident that you’re not getting things you don’t want with your protein there’s no lactose there’s no sugar there’s no carbohydrate there’s no fat there’s no cholesterol of course if there’s no fat there’s no saturated fat so all you’re getting is the the pure whey protein you want the amino acids you want the quality protein you want also typical whey protein they use as a solubilizing agent they use soy lecithin a lot of people choose whey protein because they want to avoid soy related products they might have a soy allergen or something like that soy allergy or something like that so of course ours is soy free so our whey protein if you want something that you could add to a smoothie you could add to your oatmeal you could add even to a vegetable drink it has no flavor and it has no sugar added it is just 100% pure whey protein so you’re getting a way protein that is also uniquely soluble typical protein mixing it like water with water is like creating glue it is not a pleasant experience it’s not highly soluble the way ours is granulated makes it highly soluble you can actually mix our whey protein with water I do it on air all the time and in a matter of seconds it goes into solution so what I do before I go to the gym in the morning I put a scoop in about 6 or 8 ounces of water I stir it up and I just drink it straight down it’s it’s delicious it sort of has a milky flavor without the sweetness of milk because of course milk contains lactose and of course our whey protein for those of you who are lactose intolerant it doesn’t contain measurable levels of lactose it might have traces of lactose but as you could read from so many of the reviews on this product those are there are folks who are lactose intolerant who use this whey protein without any issue or problems at all so if you want the highest quality the most flexible the most easy to use whey protein in the world there isn’t a whey protein that comes close to this you’ll hear folks talking about whey protein concentrate that it’s better because it has these cofactors in it in these I don’t know hormones it’s the last thing I want because frankly for me I tend to not eat dairy products for exactly that reason and this is I’m a little going a little bit aside here a far afield here but when you look at milk products that milk from a cow is designed to help a calf go from probably 3040 pounds 50 pounds to hundreds of pounds in a matter of months it contains not just the quality protein that we enjoy in milk but it also contains lactose it also contains a lot of fat saturated fat that we might not want also contains a lot of hormones which are not necessarily growth hormones that are not necessarily in the interests of the humans who are consuming that milk so as far as I’m concerned what makes a dairy product from a nutritional standpoint interesting and healthy for me is its amino acid composition and just that so when we make a protein product from that dairy source we remove the unappealing things in dairy the hormones the carbohydrates the sugar the fat the cholesterol and you’re just left with the interesting components the beneficial components the things we seek this time of year when we try to improve the quality of our diet that for many people starts first and foremost with quality protein no higher quality protein than our pure whey protein all so when were exercising protein becomes very important because that’s how we repair the tissues that are the most important for that exercise and necessary for that exercise if you’re doing whatever activities you’re doing whether it’s cardiovascular aerobic activities lifting weights it all involves repair and replacement of tissue muscle tissue in your skeletal muscles muscle tissue in your heart as you try to improve your cardiovascular fitness so these are things that quality protein is essential to and a lot of us don’t necessarily get the quality protein we need and this protein this is so efficient and so easy to use it’s not as though you’re going would have to load up 10 scoops 1 or 2 scoops a day is all you need to make a dramatic difference in the quality of protein that you’re taking in to make a dramatic difference in your body’s ability to repair itself from the work you’re doing and hopefully also if you’re watching what you eat it’s really important when you’re watching what you eat and you reduce your caloric intake to make sure that you’re still getting the quality protein you need because you don’t want to lose your muscle tissue your muscle tissue that’s where your body that’s the the fat burning furnaces on your body that’s the opportunity to continue burning the calories and again if you don’t take in that quality protein you could start wasting losing muscle that’s not anything we want to do especially that becomes a problem as we could become older so again ultimate whey protein there’s no other protein like it in the world this material is made specially for us it is again soy free which most whey protein is not its instantly soluble in water without adding any special ingredients to make it soluble it’s just the granulation of that material that does that it is as higher quality protein in terms of its amino acid composition as is available anywhere in the world so there’s no better way protein there’s no better protein supplement there’s no better way protein supplement than our ultimate whey protein isolate and again it’s at our monthly special pricing which is essentially today’s special pricing so it’s at its best pricing ever

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