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4 thoughts on “Aneesh Utilizing Reg Park Strength Training

  1. That's exactly right Aneesh. Good job young man. Great video. The principals of "Progressive Overload" on the big basic, compound movements in perfect form done over a lifetime is the key to strength and conditioning. I trained 2 days/week from 12 to 32 years old with 90% of my focus on the Squat, Bench, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and Barbell Row and/or weighted pull-ups. I never trained much outside these 5 compound movements. I ended up squatting 850, benched 475, and deadlifted 700 at my best under strict judging at USAPL and/or AAU sanctioned powerlifting contests. I also used the same training program to compete in my 1st NPC bodybuilding contest in 2003 at 235 3.5% body fat. No shenanigans. Abbreviated training is best. Less is more whether powerlifting and/or bodybuilding.

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