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100 thoughts on “Anllela Sagra – Workout Motivation 🔥 Female Fitness Motivation


  2. Her form is impeccable! This is exactly what I needed to inspire me today <3

    When you type "inspiration to work out", you get tons of videos of guys working out. I had to scroll quite a bit to get here. Fantastic find. Thank you, Anllela!

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  4. Zooms in on her ass and breasts like every 2 seconds

    I think this is motivating in a different way, and not for women

  5. She must put in a lot of time and effort into getting that nice ass body!! Damn this girl is my body inspo 😩😩 get it girllllll

  6. anyone else notice how they made anlella’s boobs 4 sizes bigger in the thumbnail? lol what kind of female motivation is that again?

  7. I’m a girl but I don’t find this sexist lol makes me wanna work out looking so good like that yasss girl

  8. Um this was not motivating for any girls out here I’m sure because to me this was just showing off your looks and rubbing it in our face , not motivational to me what so ever. No one wants to see your breasts and your butt while they’re working out for motivation. Maybe men but for us this is just disgusting lmao 🤣

  9. If you weren’t married and spoke English, I would swoop you up instantly, fuck-ing outstanding !!!

  10. Nice. Also not huge arms which is exactly the way woman should be. Working on the stomach and butt/thighs and that is it. Motivation for anyone to work out!!

  11. Constant striking of poses makes the whole thing less genuine. Can't she just workout and forget about the camera?

  12. She looks amazing. And it’s a huge motivation watching her. Don’t be jealous and talk shit about her. If u think she is hot, try to be like her

  13. Anllela S. Absolute intense work 💪 out inspiration! Rock'n Bod! Correction! Sweet N Sexy! Bod, Keep work'n it hard! It shows 10 fold Babe!👌💓

  14. Dont get me wrong, shes sexy and I'd smash and all, but I KNOW if I wore that shit to my gym they'd kick me tf out

  15. not trying to be mean but do all women who workout need to show off everything . i hate to say this but your getting the wrong audience on this vid just a bucnh of dudes looking at your body not motication to workout but with something else

  16. This IS inspirational to me. It SHAMES me into working out. If a MERE GIRL can get to the gym and work out hard enough to sweat then why am I sitting on the couch growing fatter? Talk to ya later. Keep in mind that girls that look like this want guys WHO LOOK AS GOOD.

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