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guess what – what? guess what – what I signed
my contract I signed my contracts so my contracts I signed my contract golds gym venice Oh knees out – go slow just remind myself this is what it feels like go back just push straight up back down
good job – one more yeah I’m back this is what a day for winning looks like hello everyone hope you’re enjoying the
vlog it is now Sunday a very beautiful day in August which every day that is
and I wanted to update you guys on a few different things just really quickly
this last week I I believe it was like last Tuesday I had an amazing day where
I felt so freaking good my mental focus lasted all day long and
I just I felt good I felt strong I felt like an athlete I honestly didn’t even
really necessarily feel like I was in prep and then it continued the next day
and I like didn’t want to say anything too much because I was like what if this
is not real what if I go back to my like you know very low like dying days
tomorrow and guys let’s continued like every single day and I think what I
realized is that like I feel like I got this second wind and it’s not even like
a second wind I feel like I have a new wind underneath me and part of me feels
guilty because I’m so close to my show I feel like I should be suffering the most
I feel like food should be super low and it’s just not the case at all like I
feel fed I feel like an athlete I feel good I feel strong and more than
anything I feel rested and I feel I feel like I’m just starting like I feel like
I’m at the beginning of my prep and I’m at the very end of my prep and I look
the best I’ve ever looked and I’m super lean and like I don’t feel like lean and
dying like I feel so good I don’t know how to describe it and I’m so thankful
for it and honestly guys the best way that I could describe it is I just I
feel like after getting through that mental weak moment and getting through
that I just feel like a different person it feels so much stronger I feel so much
more focused I feel so in my zone like I don’t even necessarily relate to the
person that started this prep at this point like I just feel like I entered
this like next-level Emily that I was pushing so freaking hard for and I just
I feel more in my zone than I’ve ever felt before I have really just kind of
been staying to myself and training sleeping eating like doing this thing
and holding on to all of these precious precious moments that I have not been
haven’t been sharing it with anyone I’ve just been keeping it to myself because I
feel I don’t even know how to like put into words how I’m feeling but it’s like
I feel like I’m in my moment and it’s it’s like beautiful and it’s precious
and I want to like I just want to treasure every single moment so part of
me feels guilty for being like I’m enjoying every single minute and I’m
enjoying every little step of this fitness journey I’m just really thankful I’m
really happy and I feel great like feel great all right off to the gym I’m
wearing alphalete as usual if you guys ever want to check alphalete their stuff is seriously my favorite it’s why I wear it all the time we have
a ton of new items coming I’ve always worn like all alphalete but apparently
these next ones are amazing if you guys ever want to check them out you can
always use my code Emily Hayden I also want to let you guys know that I got a
little trial membership at LA Fitness because I like fitness has a sauna so
I’ve been doing all of my second sessions there at LA Fitness so I can do
cardio and then sauna and last night I went on a Saturday and I went I like
8:10 p.m. and I walked in and they were closed and I was like what who closes at
8:00 p.m. on a Saturday don’t you know that there are gains to be made at the
bar apparently la doesn’t do that like in
Texas it would be open till midnight or 1:00 so yeah
I don’t know not down with that but I did check the hours today so I will be
there just in time to get it done before they close I showed you values both of
these in a recent first year haul that I did and I wanted to update you guys on
what I thought about them so this is sweet and this is savory so they’re kind
of different but this is 22 carbs and this is 28 carbs they but this is pretty
high sodium this is not as high sodium sorry I know I’m getting somewhere I
promise but basically I love warm you know meals like this that are just like
warm and comforting and this is super sweet so it satisfies satisfies that
sweet tooth but overall if I had to choose between which one I was going to
spend my carbs on I would definitely spend my carbs on the instant grits I
feel like there is so much more if like you get so much more before the serving
and it’s less card so it’s 22 card versus the 28
carb so yeah I mean I’m eating this because I don’t like to waste food and
I’m gonna finish the box but the grits was definitely worth it and apparently
other flavors of the grits as well so I mean I made dip into that we’ll see what
those macros look like but yeah just a little update definitely enjoy the grits
I feel like I get more food when I eat them I just feel like this is a lot less
food hopefully that made sense I’m gonna miss you the whole time I do cardio okay
take it to your beds your stuff in my hand so he’s like what are you doing
here take the trees there you go yo you love that carpet huh at la Fitness right
now I’m gonna crush your session and I’ll see you guys after good morning and
happy Monday I am here at the gym we’re gonna train glutes and hamstrings with Doug it’s
just him and I so I have my tripod and I do believe I’m fully charged so I’ll try
to get something recorded because our isolated glute days are so freakin good
I feel really good I feel really rested I actually ended up taking court 21 last
night because the night before I stayed on my phone which I don’t know why did
that it was on my computer working all day long and I was by myself all day
long yeah I stayed on my phone just on my phone for no reason and it ended up I
got bad sleep on the one day that I could sleep in so really irresponsible
of me to be honest so last night before bedtime like 30
minutes before I wanted to go to bed it took for twenty-one and it just helps
you to like naturally go to sleep and helps you to like get tired as well so
that helps one thing I noticed I was doing is that I started doing p.m.
sessions of cardio and sauna and then I’ve been waking up in the middle of the
night with a headache and this morning I was like oh my gosh I’m such an idiot
I’m just dehydrated for the sauna so I think maybe I’m not drinking enough
water before after but I also get so annoyed that I’m in the best sleep ever
and every single night I have to wake up to go pee
and I’m like I don’t think I can ever avoid this cuz I feel like the leaner I
get the more I have to pee does anyone can anyone like thrown an amen at me
there’s that dealing with that no I’m kidding I’m not dealing with
anything I feel great I got a great night’s sleep but I just I have that
cord twenty-one on me so if I ever don’t get good sleep I can just make sure to
take that the next day really reset my sleep schedule right away so I’m
starting Monday off fresh I feel great I feel feel awesome
feel so good I do so imma go put in that work I am currently in West Hollywood I got
some body work done by a physical therapist here at my OH detox my detox
is actually owned by two friends of mine Scott and Vinny and my younger brother
Sam works there so one of my good friends Jenna also works there but
definitely go check them out if you were near West Hollywood or in LA he need
some work done it’s a very well trusted spot their therapists are top of the
line so check them out just making sure this guy’s not gonna do
anything funky cuz I’m ready karate Chop him if he is – okay guys I feel like the
epitome of a bodybuilder right now because I just found myself a 7-eleven
if you guys don’t know 7 11 always has microwaves and plastic forks I did
actually bring my own Fork but I need to warm up a meal and eat because it’s
going to take like another 35 40 40 minutes to get home and I can’t go home
because I have to run an errand to actually have to go print and sign some
things today and send them off so you guys will see that in just a few minutes hey just a quick quick question I meant
FedEx printing my contracts and stuff I didn’t send in both of them right? yeah okay
just making sure it’s one of those things last time I signed and I’m like
scarred so I’m like double-checking but yeah I agree I think no matter why we do both yeah I think no matter what I do because
I think it’s gone yeah I think no matter what I do it and you’ll be beneficial
get my face off here twice right in a row and then from there we can choose cool okay yay
yeah all right thank you home and eating my next meal which is
salmon spinach zucchini mushrooms green beans a little bit of Bolthouse farms
salsa ranch and some garlic lovers seasoning on top of everything and check
out my cute little plants that I got from pavilions this past weekend they
bring so much life to my room and let them why do you look so grumpy sir
why do you look so grumpy does on your face did you know your husband your
piece all right just don’t home if I’m working at Starbucks it’s like 8:30 p.m.
and I have this up consult with lavender in it so I’m going to pour about two
cups into the bathtub and just soak my water you see it
so a little time spent in recovery today guess what
but I sign my contract – that’s so awesome what
I signed my contracts what I sign my contract guys I cannot
believe the moment is here for me to tell you what my first shows are gonna
be so yesterday I went and I officially signed my contract and I sent in my IPV
Pro card registration for the year so drum roll please the first show that I’m
gonna be doing is August 17th it’s gonna be the Portland classic and then the
second show is the very next weekend it’s going to be in Sacramento called
the Golden State so I really hope that if any of you guys are in Portland or in
Sacramento that you’ll choose to come and say hi I would love to meet you guys
either right after prejudging or right after finals so if you want to come
comment down below let me know that you’ll be there and I’ll make sure to
look out for you that means that we are a week and a half away alirght emily rock’n’roll yeah really

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