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So we have already talked a lot about the attire of professional athletes and Anta’s latest work on them. Lets take a look at the two shoes in front of us. One is a weightlifting shoe and the other is a wrestling shoe. Can you talk about the thought process behind the design of these two shoes and how they will help the athletes perform better? This weightlifting shoe I especially wanted to talk about with our audience. We have just finished up an agreement with the wrestling and weightlifting teams. We have been working together for almost half a year in an effort to produce quality equipment for their athletes. As we know, weightlifting is a display of strength. A display of Chinese strength. The inspiration behind the design of the shoe comes from the historical hero Xiang Yu. Xiang is a symbol of might, courage, and strength. He is a great symbolic character from our ancient history. We can find may references to the ding(an ancient type of Chinese cauldron that ancient strongmen sometimes lifted to train). We believe the ding is also a great symbol for strength. If you look at the bottom surface of the shoe, you will find the ding inlays. The material behind the shoe is also special. It needs to support both the weight of the athlete along with the weights lifted overhead. It is very stable and will not compress. It can withstand weight that is measured in tons. It has been tested many times and the athletes themselves were involved in many test runs. This is the result and it will help them at the coming Asian games. I tried holding it earlier and its very heavy. Yes. Its not meant to be worn for everyday activities like walking. Its sole purpose is for the weightlifting platform. You mentioned it has to hold up the weight of the athlete in addition to the weight lifted overhead. Yes along with the force generated by the athletes extension. During extension, the heel is very important. It must be stable. Without proper footwear, it is very hard for the athlete to hoist big weights. So we are very proud of this shoe. The outer cover is very good quality leather. As you can see, it also has the same color as our national flag. It is very well received by the athletes and coaches. I can’t say its comfortable but it is very well suited for what they do.

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