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hi guys Renee Tadros natural fitness
competitor and spokesmodel I just want to share with you guys this new product
I’ve been using called Antler Farms this is their whey protein isolate now I know
that comes in chocolate unflavored but my favorite is their vanilla what I love
about this brand is it does not upset my stomach most of the time whey isolate
bloats me which makes it kind of hard to work out and train and stay focused when
you’re uncomfortable anyway this stuff is delicious with just water that never
happens because I usually have to mask it add blueberries and oatmeal and
peanut butter and iris and put in a blender and make this big ordeal of it
just to mask the graininess and the sand enos from the way supplement and also
there’s always been aftertaste and with this it’s delicious with just water
um and it’s easy on the go but anyway it’s still delicious and I hope you guys
check it out and I hope you love it as much as I do
and for all my bikini girls this is low carbs low sugars so I know you’re
counting so just to let you know I hope you love it as much as I do

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