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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

I think that i will start my video by showing you this bottle of Apetamin sirup This amazing bottle This miracle i want to say Apetamin sirup thath you must know, if you’re looking to this video Or maybe not That’s a sirup which give you extra/ more appetite And helps you to gain fat Usally people are looking for being thinner And most of the time we’re the only one who wants to get bigger So we don’t often know what to do do can weight So basically i’m 67 inches tall and my weight was 110 lbs I had already try other products to gain weight like Fenugrec those are capsule But as i can’t swallow capsules, i had to give up with those Fenugrec I also tried renutryl , that’s an hyper calorie drink that can be buy in pharmacie and it’s very expensive too It’s given to people who can not eat in hospitals This last one works for me but it tasted so bad that i couldn’t continue drinking it So today i’m gonna talk about Apeetamin syrup as you may know I bought it 8 pounds in London, Brixton village So what about the taste of this syrup It’s difficult for me to drink a medication which taste bad here It doesn’t taste amazing but it’s ok And most of all, when you see all the appetite that you can have by drinking it, even if it tasted bad, you’ll have drink it When i started it i was 106 lbs, normaly my weight is aroung 110 lbs, but the days before i didn’t eat a lot so … And i was like ” okay now you’ve to do something” that couldn’t continue like this At first my weight was about 110 lbs and throught days i’ve gain more and more weight Till the second days i was 111 lbs each days i gained around 0,66 lbs At the end i was 117 lbs , so i won about 11 lbs in one week and a half Something that you’ve to know is that the fat will go directly to your belly if you do not workout Cuz that’s the area where the fat will be stock So i started to workout, more precisely my abs, to loose my little belly So i recommand you to workout if you’re using apetamin To make sure the fat will not go directly to your belly Cuz that’s not what we are looking for The question i wondered before buying apetamin were Once that i will stop using it, will the fat go away and will i go back to my initial weight Like the people you regain much more weight that ther loosed once they stop their diet Now it been 2 weks that I stopped taking Apetamin So i’m going to tell you if i loose all the weight that i’ve gained so The first days without apetamin , i had the same huge appetite but it quickly disapears And I returned to the same appetite that you use to have At least That was my case So the morning, i couldn’t eat a lot just like before taking apetamin With apetamin, i ate a lot at breakfast : 2 eggs, 2 toasts and a yogurt Before taking apetamin, i ate (on my way to school) only a small size of cookie and a fruit For the moment my weight still be the same so aroung 115 lbs I bought 3 more bottles to try on month using apetamin and i’ll let you know about the result I’ll show you before/ after pictures cuz now with 11 lbs more,, i can’t see any physical difference except in my face area, where i can notice a difference My recommandations are : do some workout, be careful of the shop where you buy the syrup and trust me that’s gonna work for you too So if you’re intereseted by my one month apetamin next video , don’t foorget to subscribe We’re now 10k in my channel, thx a lot Kiss and See you in an other video

26 thoughts on “Apetamin Sirop – Comment Grossir ? Où l’acheter UK ?

  1. Il n'existe pas de produit dit miracle sans risque pour la santé.
    La seule chose à faire est d'avoir une routine sport et diététique. La première va donner de l'appétit et la seconde va éviter une prise de poids incontrôlée ! En prenant de l'âge on prends aussi du poids.
    Mais si tu conseilles une routine capillaire, tu devrais mettre en place la même chose pour ton problème de poids.

  2. Bonjour j'aimerais bcp l'essayer mais j'ai peur de commandé sur fb et autre site peur des arnaques
    La j'ai commandé sur ebay mais mon colis a déjà du retard!

  3. Moi sa fait 3 jours qur je prend apetamin et je ne vois rien g pas sommeil et pas plus faim qu'avant j'èspère que cela va fonctionner pour moi😔

  4. Je ne sais pas si c'est mon organisme qui n'est pas compatible avec ce produit mais j'ai pris deux bouteilles de ce produit je n'ai pris que 2g en un mois ça ne me donne même pas d'appétit 😭😭.. pourtant je veux prendre du poids

  5. Bonjour au bout de comb de temp ca se repartie ds ton corps car j’ai un gris ventre c assez moche mm pr un mec lol 😂

  6. Bonsoir Talkwikhlylie Je veux acheter ce médicament parce que j'ai perdu beaucoup de poids le mois dernier Tu es peut m aidé

  7. Je vais à Londres le mois prochain et je voudrais savoir où s'achète l'Apetamin. Pharmacie? Epicerie? Salons de coiffure?

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