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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s a Dietary Supplement? A product, taken by mouth that contains
a “dietary ingredient” to supplement the food you eat. It should be a natural product
that supports a healthy lifestyle These products can include:
* Vitamins * Minerals
* Herbs or botanicals * Amino acids
* Enzymes * Organ tissues
* Glandulars * Metabolites Why Do I Need a Dietary Supplement? Most people don’t get everything their body
needs through the food they eat. We simply don’t
eat the variety of foods needed OR the food has been processed
or grown in depleted soils and vital nutrients are
removed or missing. Are all Dietary Supplements the Same? No. A “Generic” vitamin produced for the
general population will provide only minimal amounts of nutrients.
These are designed for people involved in average amounts of
physical and mental activities or stress. Some people require
more support and a better mix of nutrients tailored to their lifestyle. Dietary Supplement for Military Fitness, Police
and Sports You have a unique set of physical and mental
demands: * Heightened performance requirements
* Strict weight standards * Risks, demands, and environments faced by
Special Units * Extreme climates
* Interrupted supply of food and water * 100% Doping Free to support your mission Your military lifestyle and higher stress
environments require a specialized diet and supplement routine
that can support results: • Optimal physical training regimes
• Ability to quickly acclimate • Help build muscle
• Relieve or retard fatigue • Improve endurance
• Increase mental capacity and clarity • Reduce sleep disturbance
• Improve memory and attention • Better alertness
• Decrease stress • Improve recovery times
• Enforce the immune system • Address Post Traumatic Stress
• Improve overall brain function • Improve cardiovascular function
• Avoid dehydration Bottom Line: You Must stay in top physical
and mental shape You must provide your body with the nutritional
support it needs And it needs a Military Grade Supplement

3 thoughts on “Are All Dietary Supplements Created Equal? These Ain’t Your Mama’s Vitamins

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