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Hey guys,Sean Nalewanyj here of
and and in this video lesson I want to quickly discuss cheat
meals and whether or not they are harmful to your muscle building or fat burning results.
So is having some high sugar, high fat food here and there going to have any negative
effect on your progress? Well, always remember this, your body does NOT view your diet in
terms of individual food items. It doesn’t distinguish between a piece of fish and a
potato and a cup of broccoli and a chocolate bar. All it really sees is your entire diet
as a whole – the total calories, the protein, the carbs, the fats, the fiber, the micronutrients
all combined into one giant ball of chewed up goo, essentially. So if you’re “eating
clean” the majority of the time and then you have a slice of pizza, it’s not as if
a giant red light begins flashing within your body and fat storage goes into overdrive and
your health and your energy levels instantly plummet. Proper nutrition is all about the
big picture. The key is simply moderation and tracking. Now you’ll see different figures
thrown around here but the one that I rely on and recommend is the 80/20 or 90/10 rule
which simply says that if 80 to 90 percent of your diet is coming from traditional clean
foods like lean proteins and high fiber carbs and healthy fats then the remaining 10 to
20 percent can come from whatever foods you’d like as long as it fits into your total daily
protein, carb and fat totals. The 80-90% of “clean foods” will ensure that all of
your needs are being fully met when it comes to quality protein, fiber, micronutrients
and essential fats, leaving you with 10 to 20 percent of your total daily macronutrient
intake to basically play around with however you’d like. For example, if your total carbohydrate
intake was set at 275 grams per day, then around 30 to 50 of those grams could be allotted
to whatever foods you’d like. As long as your total diet remains within your protein,
carb and fat ranges then including these “cheat” foods is not going to magically cause you
to get fat. In fact it’s physiologically impossible. And this applies whether your
goal is to build muscle or to burn fat and this is why I hate the term “cheat meal”
or “cheat foods” to begin with, because it implies that you’re doing something that’s
wrong or outside of the rules, which obviously, you’re not. I mean, having a slice of pizza
or a bowl of ice cream here and there is not going to negatively affect your results, nor
does it make you inferior in some way to the people who eat nothing but boiled chicken
breast and spinach all day. Now if you really have no desire at all to indulge in these
types of foods in moderation, then that’s totally fine. But if you would be interested
in getting into really good shape while still being able to eat in a flexible, more open
way then just know that it’s perfectly fine to do so. Just remember that this is not a
free ticket to start stuffing your face with donuts and Twinkies. The “flexible foods”
that you include still need to reasonably fit into your overall diet as a whole in terms
of the total calories and the protein and carbs and fats. And that’s the whole point
here: as long as it fits the totals then you have nothing to worry about. However, if you
take this advice too far and it does push your total calorie intake into an excess of
say, 200 calories a day, then yes, you WILL gain fat, or you’ll slow down your progress
if you’re in a fat loss phase. Again, tracking and moderation are the name of the game here.
If you have a reasonably good idea of what your daily macronutrient needs are and how
your “flexible foods” are fitting into the totals then just follow the 80/20 or 90/10
rule and you’ll be good to go. So thanks alot for watching this video. If you found
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24 thoughts on “Are Cheat Meals Okay While Bulking Or Cutting?

  1. Fantastic just the answers I needed to know. I have a "cheat" once a week but I'm on a low -ish carb diet. I have cheat meals but try to keep them reasonably clean . Thanks Sean

  2. As long as your tracking your caloric inntake and macros youll be fine no matter what you eat as you said but from my own experience i highly recommend sticking to a clean diet while occasionaly having carbup days. It takes a lot more time and effort to cut bodyfat than to gain it always remember that!

  3. Eating crap too often despite you're still inside the macro game will get you off focus and your diet will become more difficult to maintain.

  4. Hi Sean, I'd like you to make a video about "Foods that don't have nutrition label" I heard that if you don't know how much calories are in the food try eat 'em as the size of your palm. 

  5. Dude I am brown. So i can have butter chicken everyday and i still stay jacked?
    your videos are epic. I gained so much more lean muscle faster just by improving my form by watching ur videos. Thanks man good stuff. 

  6. Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know that I do my very best to respond to the questions that are posted here, but YouTube doesn't notify me of everything that is posted and with the hundreds of videos on this channel I can't possibly keep track of them all. If you don't receive a reply to your post, it most likely means that I simply didn't see it. If you need a guaranteed way to get in touch with me, please join the Facebook page and post your question there:

  7. Can you please post a video on what is more important to count when trying to burn fat? Is it calories? Carbs? Fat? Net carbs? I'm a little confused because some foods and shakes have low carbs but high calories or low calories and high fat. Or low calories but high Sodium…..please help.

  8. Hey, i've heard that "cheat meals" are actually good for boosting your metabolism  by increasing the leptin levels when you are in a cutting phase. If that's true, i suppose it doesn't need to be junk food, so do you think it would be good to increase the calories once a week? Or is it better to stick with a 24/7 low calorie and be in a calorie deficit continiously?

  9. I really hope that you will have at least 1 million subscribers…… More people need to know about your channel …you are probably one of the best guy on YouTube that talks on fitness …I really appreciate for all your videos :))) I glad there are people like you on YouTube :)) best wishes 🙂 take care

  10. today i had two snickers bar with some oreo crackers, cookies and two ice cream at one sitting, but the other meals in the day are clean foods like oatmeal, rice, sweet potato, egg, chicken breast, beef, tofu, vegetables, fruit. and the post-workout meal is protein shake with chocolate syrup, peanut butter and simple sugar

  11. Hey Sean, if i had a day every other week where i eat whatever i want not considering my regular daily intake, would this mess my diet up or could it help by affecting my metabolism?

  12. hey sean this was a very informative video and helped me out alot, but im still curious as to if it's bad for me, if on one day (once a week) i will go roughly 2000 calories over my calorie goal, or i might not track at all for that day

  13. hi Sean, one question here
    if I am planning to build lean mass, can I just have a slight deficit of calories from Monday to Saturday, and add those missing kcal on Sunday? (maybe 500-1000kcal)

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