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Hey guys, Dr. Axe here, Wellness Physician
and Founder of In today’s video, I’m going to be answering the question: Are
sprouted grains healthy? My answer is: Sometimes, and in moderation. Here’s what I mean by that. There are three
reasons why sprouted grains are better than regular grains, and three issues with regular
grains today. Number one, most grains today, and if we’re comparing, let’s say, something
like a whole wheat bread to an Ezekiel bread or a sourdough bread, the issue today with
regular bread is that it contains phytic acid. Now, phytic acid is known as a mineral blocker
or enzyme inhibitor, and it’s what binds to minerals. So when you eat wheat bread, it
may say, “contains 5 grams of magnesium and 10 grams of calcium,” but the truth is most
of those vitamins are bound up in phytic acid. They’re locked in together, so when you consume
that wheat bread your body can’t digest it. In fact, a study has proven that about 80%
of the iron and magnesium you’re getting or would have gotten in whole grains, you can’t
digest any of it if you’re consuming regular bread that has not been sprouted. So you can think, “Hey, I’m getting all these
benefits from whole grains,” you’re really not, because it’s bound up in phytic acid. Phytic acid, also known as phytates, are found
in most nuts and seeds. They’re found in grains. They’re also found in beans. The way you eliminate
phytic acid is by soaking the grains and then sprouting them. Soaking kills off phytic acid, which essentially
unlocks the nutrients to where now, you can absorb iron, zinc, magnesium, phosphorus,
and all these nutrients you find in whole grains. That is one of the major benefits
of consuming sprouted grains rather than just regular grains. The second thing you want to consider why
sprouted grains might be better is because gluten and proteins become more digestible.
We all have heard that a gluten free diet is better for you. Gluten is that sticky protein
found in wheat that can cause intestinal inflammation and really lead to issues like leaky gut over
time. So you really want to get gluten out of your
diet. The good news about sprouted grains are that after you soak and sprout the grains,
it helps pre-digest the gluten. It becomes easier to break down and digest. Now, that doesn’t mean that it’s still not
hard on your system compared to other proteins but it’s definitely a major improvement, consuming
sprouted grains over regular grains. By a sourdough process is actually the best. And last but not least, the issue with both
sprouted grains and regular grains is regular grains are very high in carbohydrates, and
a type of carbohydrate called amylopectin which can really affect blood sugar levels. It can increase your risk of diabetes and
other health issues. That’s an issue with grains. It’s also an issue with sprouted grains.
Sprouted grains, because they’re easier to digest and typically higher in fiber and whole
food-based nutrients, it is a better option but at the same time, it’s still not perfect. Here’s my recommendation with grains. If you
are struggling with an autoimmune disease or a severe health issue, remove grains for
a time until your body heals. Once your body is healed, your digestive system
has been restored, at that time you can add in sprouted grain breads or sourdough breads
that are, again, real sourdough, but really only consume it a few times a week or maximum
one time a day. You definitely don’t want to over-consume
those grain products. Really, rather than doing grains but replacing them with more
fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, and sprouted nuts and seeds, is really a good thing to
consider. So, again, final answer to: Are sprouted grains
healthy or is Ezekiel bread healthier? They’re healthier. I still don’t consider them to
be a healing food or the best food, but they’re definitely healthier than regular grains,
and in moderation or in small amounts, they can be part of a healthy diet. Hey guys, this has been Dr. Axe. If you want
to learn more about going gluten-free or using sprouted grains, I’ve got some great recipes
there on I’ve got a fantastic article on how to go
gluten-free, and if you want to learn more as well, I’ve also got a video on my site
for going gluten-free. If you want more information on going gluten-free and consuming the world’s
healthiest foods and some healthy recipe ideas, make sure you subscribe to the page
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100 thoughts on “Are Sprouted Grains Really Healthy?

  1. Great video Dr. Could i please ask about sprouted legumes like peas, chick peas, lentils or moong? Are they actually healthier?

  2. Hi Dr Axe, basically I go to the gym regularly and my aim is to bulk up and gain some mass, how would you recommend I reach my caloric goal in a healthy manner. I need to get roughly 3,500 calories

  3. what if your a bodybuilding and you need a high carb diet. would sprouted brown rice be a good choice for carbs

  4. At 2:38 you state that regular grain consumption increases your risk of diabetes and other health issues. A systemic review by de Munter et al. published in 2007 (PLoS Med 4(8): e261) found "Whole grain intake is inversely associated with risk of type 2 diabetes" and "Findings from prospective cohort studies consistently support increasing whole grain consumption for the prevention of type 2 diabetes."

    What evidence do you have to support the assertion that grain consumption increases your risk of diabetes? And what other sort of health issues does the consumption of whole grains cause?

    I ask because I am worried you are misleading your viewers by telling them to avoid grains if they don't want to risk getting diabetes when that advice is the exact opposite of what the body of scientific research has shown.

  5. is oatmeal good or bad?
    I found out my cholesterol is high and the doc prescribed oatmeal as a vvay to lovver my cholesterol. Please advice.

  6. In studies whole grains have been found to be healthy consistantly. Phytic acid has not been shown to cause actual mineral deficiencies, but has indeed been found to be protective against cancer. Sprouted wheat has an impressive nutritional profile. If you got your 2,400 kcal from sprouted wheat, you'd get virtually all the minerals you need from that (you don't really need that much calcium and you'd still get more potassium than most Westerners) and also most vitamins, even almost 30% of your vitamin C. You'd need more vitamin A, but maybe using red wheat would do that, I don't know.

  7. Dr Axe, what about making bread from mung beans? I know it isn't a grain but a legume. Would you recommend making bread with it?

  8. Dr axe. If your on a gluten free diet. Is buckwheat, millet, barley, spelt, rye, wheat berries. Are all of these okay to eat?

  9. Bread was called the staff of life before all this gluten free nonsense. Unless you have celiac disease ( which is rare) gluten is NOT bad for you. The health nuts never stop! Remember when movie popcorn was really good, then the 'health police' got making it with coconut oil banned. Now coconut oil is all healthy again. Grains have been healthy for 2000 years. And they still are!

  10. Very informative and useful. I started your technique and hopefully I will get a slim waistline. I have a question about diet as well. Lot of people say sprouted foods are good, the germination will take away Phytic acid. Does using a pressure cooking method take away the Phytic acid issue? What impact does pressure cooking have on Amelopectin in the grains. thank you very much.

  11. Thank you for your amazing videos. Just found your channel yesterday. I will be subscribing 🙂

    This articles discusses the longest living people and guess what it contains grains, FOOD PERCENT OF TOTAL CALORIES
    Sweet potatoes 69%
    Other vegetables 3%
    Rice 12%
    Other grains 7%
    Legumes 6%
    Oils 2%
    Fish 1%

  13. Please could someone tell me if porridge is good for me or not. I am type 2 diabetic and have porridge every morning with a teaspoon of Ceylon cinnamon. Thank you👍

  14. I heard this same old bashing of phytic acid over 20 years ago. Why is this issue so trendy now? You don't want to absorb iron to begin with.

  15. Glad folks are liking this bread! Unfortunately. For me I just as well be chewing on a bone that has been mixed with sawdust.

  16. Wow Mr. Axe you are most certainly one of the biggest clowns out there, I wouldn’t even use your diploma to start a fire in my house, just retire mate, seriously.

  17. Assuming you are a doctor, you should know that **as long as you dont have celiac disease there is nothing wrong with gluten**. just because there are things you "hear a lot" doesnt mean they are true. gluten free diets dont make you any healthier, it even can cause stress to your body if you dont complement your diet accordingly. you should take a serious look at the peer reviewed studies from credible sources before jumping on the disinformation bandwagon. i dont know what your agenda is but if you really want to help, look at the science. btw…food isnt healthy…people are healthy… food is just more or less nutritious

  18. soaking will only remove a portion of phytic acid depending on the grain. usually it will remove 40-60%. sprouting/fermenting will remove almost all of it

  19. I wanted to know about gluten..they are people growing old type of wheat grains and Kamut and einkorn grains…which does have almost any gluten as einkorn……at least…a tiny bit thou…
    so i know since the industry put their hands on the wheat….they did so much .experiences on the wheat grain that it just turned to have this gluten protein too long ..nit natural at all…and is now a threaten to the world population health …so since now some farmers around the world are harvesting the old wheat organic grains..
    i suppose that it is for the best…did the studies you talked about includes theses facts?…so do you think that in the old days people did have issues that your talking about . When they ate so much bread? they use to?…
    Couldn’t it not be the living habits..that has changed …along with this other way of harvesting the grains and the experiences they have done to the modern graines ?..
    Cause sainte Hildegarde de Bingen .,living in the year Germany ..had all the prophecies come to her..,she said so many good things about the einkorn and of course many other things very interesting and was of course studied by scientists also.. ..that i couldn’t doubt one minute that the einkorn .,which is a very very old grain.,,and flour of course could be harmful to people ..,it contains a small amount of gluten… to find this flour…harvest in the not very commun…organic of course…..but people can find it thou…
    This is why i think that grains are very good for health..but depending of the chain of gluten and untouched by any kind of manipulations whatsoever…
    What do you think?…

  20. People with Auto-imuundisease like celiac should NEVER eat grains link wheat, rye etc. The body will not restore no matter what . Dangerous to suggest eating them….

  21. is there a way for me to ban this idiots videos from showing on my feed????

    like seriously, i do not want to be brainwashed by false information….. This guy is a waste of time and big disappointment no wonder why people with health issues struggle so much.

  22. Just caz something is low on sugars or fat
    Does not mean it reduces your already present blood sugars or fats

    But since its low on sugars and fats less of them enter your blood
    So if your blood sugar levels are high eating something low on sugar ( sprouts , vinegar , biter foods )
    Wont decrease you blood sugar levels

  23. Until the "WESTERN FIRST WORLD WITH ITS SCIENCE" became the clones of their jesus, & claimed to have the DIVINE RIGHT FOR ETERNITY over ALL PLANET, people did not eat like there was no tomorrow. or, as it is called todayin USA, ALL YOU CAN EAT, people ate everything & were doing just fine. With the advent of these demi/neo gods who invented & recognised the power of control & money & food as a toolof control & so INVENTED the process to SYNTHESIZE the food & keep the fresh, healthy foodaway from people & animals too, EVERYTHING has become disease causing. They come up with new fear mongering techniques to keep people scared & out of fear of death & disease, keep these "doctors" rich.

  24. The wheat certainly has changed …I am sure…When I was child…40 year back..(I am from India) ….The street dogs used to fight for chapati (wheat flour cooked ) ..Now the dogs just sniff and walk away. Our wheat is that bad… Please let me know if street dogs in your locality choose to eat chapati or not?

  25. Bread containing GRAMS of calcium? No such thing exists. This guy knows nutrition? He doesn't even know bread.

  26. Solve the whole problem of grains by eating the bread that people in Europe and Russia ate as their basic food for thousands of years, and many still eat: 100% whole grain sourdough rye bread! The long sourdough process destroys some amount of the phytates, oxalates, digestive enzyme inhibitors, and gluten! Fermentation also raises the essential amino acid lysine and lowers the non-essential acid arginine. These amino acids compete with each other, so more lysine (can't be made in the body) needs to be eaten than arginine (plenty is made in the body). When arginine is too high in your diet, like it is when you eat other grains, nuts, and seeds, you make too much inflammatory nitric oxide and arginine vasopressin (from studies), both of which cause many problems, like restlessness. Inflammatory nitric oxide is a major pathological molecule, found with inflammatory diseases. Arginine also feeds viruses and tumors, while lysine fights cancer, and keeps us calm. Also, unlike pretty much all other plant proteins, rye has a good zinc to copper ratio, which is necessary for brain function and your immune system. You need to make it yourself, but it's very easy-just watch the many videos on Youtube on how to make, for example, Danish sourdough rye bread. Then you can make very nourishing Danish open faced sandwiches, and toast it for the delicious caramel flavor. Best of all, you'll feel nicely full, because it keeps your blood sugar level with its special fiber. So, it's recommended for both diabetes and alcoholics. Solving the grain problem is easy, once you look at what our near ancestors actually ate!

  27. Could you redo this video and speak primarily about Sprouted Grains such as Broccoli Sprouts or Alfalfa Sprouts? I came here looking for the health benefits for those but it seems the video is more about bread than eating the sprouts by itself. Thanks.

  28. Could the people that are starving, like in Venezuela grow sprouts as a way to escape hunger?, or anywhere in the world…if they could afford the seeds? Would they quickly tire of eating sprouts? or would it be a viable option?

  29. Sprouted grains, seeds, nuts and legumes are the pinnacle of nutrient dense foods. Also chlorella, spirulina and cereal grass juices. If it’s living food it imparts life.. cooked food has low life force.

  30. I’m really tired of non MDs calling themselves Dr. now THAT is something google should ban. That being said this is a decent video but this fool vastly overstates the impact of phytates. Watch Michael Greger MD debunk this.

    And gluten give me a break.

  31. carbs dont spike blood sugar if you keep fats low… genius! In addition to this, your telling us to eat healthy fats and fruit, how much of each cause too much fat with fruit… extremely dagerous, mo-ron

  32. The problem is I couldn't digest on a gaps diet, so I need some grains in my diet. Sprouted grains are better. No lectins. Are lectins also phytic acid?

  33. Ok, I quit listening at phytic acid. It is true that it delays absorption of nutrients. However all of the best foods for fighting cancer delay absorption of nutrients. It is not enough to feed yourself. You must also feed your deep gut bacteria to be healthy.

  34. Dr . thanks for your videos, but what about eincorn sprouted flour, it is bad for cholesterol? What about in keto diet? Please reply, thanks.

  35. Okay, now that this limited person has finished with his verbage, we can get on with the truth; wow people just regurgetate the same old nonsense without comparing and contrasting information. Grains are not bed for you, humans have lived off of grains since farming began.
    There are problems with grains and that is not the grain itself, it's how humans use that grain. Beside a huge GMO problem which we will not get into, the problem is how we consume and prepare these grains; also gluten is not a problem, it never was and it will never be. Now, the problem with grains is the amount of chemicals we add to prepared foods such as breads. These chemicals are the cause for many digestive diseases and disturbances. The next problem with grains is they are a fuel that needs to be eaten in proper combinations with other foods; animal proteins are not to be eaten with grains or it's man made products. If combined with animal proteins they will cause bloat, blood sugar problems and immune disorders.
    Many of you who read this will say I am full of dung, maybe including the tape recorder who made the video. So the proof van be easily found by these ney sayers. Try it for yourselves and you will be able to see and feel the difference.
    Honestly, I don't care if the people that read this do not make the connection , but this idiot who made this video should do some research instead of regurgetate g the same tripe put out by the same pricks that want to keep people sick.

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