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I had no interest whatsoever in steroids.
I got involved in this because an editor who is a friend of mine called me up and said
Jose Canseco just wrote this crazy book where he said steroids are the wonder drug of tomorrow.
And I said look man, I am not much of a baseball fan. It kind of bores me and everybody knows
steroids are terrible for you. Canseco’s out of his mind. There’s no way – like
you’re wasting my time. And he said, you know, it was very, very convincing. He said
I’ll pay you to do the research. I was like absolutely I’m in. So I started looking
at it and I just started I said okay, I’m just going to read – I’m going to go back
ten years and read the articles in major journals – The New England Journal of Medicine, Science,
Nature – that kind of thing. I’m not even going to go that deep. Very very quickly what
I started to discover is every single thing I thought I knew about steroids was wrong.
Every crazy disease these drugs had been linked to have nothing to do with it. I’ll give
you a phenomenal example. Steroids were linked to liver cancer, liver problems, right. It
had nothing to do with the steroid. It has to do with the coating they put around the
steroid so it could pass through the stomach and get into your bloodstream. That was what
was causing the problems. That coating has obviously since been replaced. But Nick Evans
who’s at UCLA is the only person literally in history whose ever done long-term steroid
studies, right. Long term abusers. Body builders, double and triple stacking steroids for 10,
20 years at a time. None of the things we’ve been told about
are real. The only danger he found is since the heart is a muscle there is a certain point
if you’re taking massive massive doses over long periods of time it can expand it, it
can grow, right and grow bigger than the blood vessels and the ventricles and what not which
would be a problem. And this doesn’t mean, by the way, when teenagers use steroids, right,
when you’re still producing lots of these substances it’s an absolute disaster, right.
That’s bad news. But in adults everything we’ve been told tends to be wrong and some
of what we’ve been told costs millions of lives, right. It turns out steroids are phenomenal,
phenomenal in fighting back AIDS. They’re really, really, really good. Nobody wanted
to talk about it. When doctors started treating AIDS patients with it the guy who started
doing this was a guy named Walter Jekot. The government jumped in and put him in jail for
five years. He scared the hell out of a ton of doctors and the result of this kind of
us trying to keep sports pure and, you know, preserve the competitive advantage has been
millions of people died as a result. So not only is everything you’ve been told about
steroids wrong, but there were a lot of consequences. The people who have been at the forefront
of this and kind of pushing it forward is the life extension community, right. Our hormones
decline as we age so the idea here is we can replace them. And they’ve been working on
this stuff for 10, 15 years at this point with some success. It is now one of five or
six different ways people are attacking aging, right, and fighting back death. But one thing
seems to be sure. Since Google’s in the anti-death game, right, Peter Diamandis, my
partner, in Bold and Abundance has human longevity incorporated there in the life extension game.
There are big companies, massive amounts of resources getting involved and steroids are
a piece of this puzzle. And I think we’re going to have to as a country rethink our
position on these drugs and anti-aging stuff is going to force us to do it.

100 thoughts on “Are Steroids Really Bad for Your Health? Maybe Not, says Steven Kotler

  1. This person lied there are other long term studies no steroid use. . . Some are medical but I found in a five minute search at least one other which talked about body builders specifically as a group here are some for you (Including the article I think he is referring to) If you are considering using steroids I would generally advice look through the scientific literature yourself and typically the recent one probably will have information considered more valid by scientific concencous in the articles introduction. 🙂 But make the call for yourself whether or not the risks of steroid use outweighs the benefits for yourself. It is a big decision and you should at least make it an informed decision. Rather than trust it by word of mouth of other body builders or by some random journalist which if he did only use one source for his work is not really an valid assessment of the topic in question. Also search for other sources yourself, just make sure they come from scientific journals rather than random video sites like this or body building sites and news articles and books from people who are not scientifically or medically trained. 🙂

    "Gymandtonic:a profile of 100 male steroid users" Is the paper on steroids which he refereed to I think.

    "Effect of long-term steroid use on prognosis for patients with surgically treated avascular necrosis of the hip" in 2002 main auther is a person with the surname Demirors

    "Lipomatous Hypertrophy of the Interatrial Septum due to Long Term Steroid Use in Multiple Sclerosis Patient" from a person called Mustafa Bulut in 2013

    "Long-term use of steroids protects from the development of symptomatic diverticulitis requiring hospitalization in the Asian population" in 2015 by a person with a person called Chang

    "Long-Term Anabolic Androgenic Steroid Use Is Associated with Increased Atrial Electromechanical Delay in Male Bodybuilders"

  2. interesting…shame he didn't define "steriods". Is he referring to testosterone boosters, growth hormones? Some body builders are using insulin, surely that isn't safe/healthy.

  3. Pretty good video, lots of stuff I had known about, but I actually found myself surprised at how accurate a lot of his points are, unlike typical media outlets. Its relieving to see professionals like this speak out with good things about steroids.
    Although I have one issue, and I'm hoping I'm not coming on pedantic here, but… He says that (oral) steroids cause liver issues due to the "coating" on the pills, this is true, kinda… But the statement that the "coating" has been replaced, is incorrect. All oral steroids are still really bad for your liver, some worse than others, but they are all, to some degree, hepatoxic.

    Sorry if I'm coming off as snobby, is isn't my intention D:

  4. It's a bit over simplified but overall, when you consider the average perception of steroids in society compared with the truth about how much damage they actually do, a video on a multifaceted channel which says they're not really that bad is a good thing.

  5. The fact that aid's is a billion $ industry and that they'll do everything to keep it ( including destroying cures ) it is not hard to believe that the negatives effects of steroid use was just propaganda to discourage the scientific development around the steroids, wouldn't be the first time something in the genre happened and probably won't be the last. Not trying to claim a conspiracy theory. I'm just assuming that there is this possibility and that people should always doubt what they're told in life no matter what it is, this video included. But acknowledge the information so you can see if it is false or true afterward.

  6. This is honestly kind of dumb. There are many steroids that are already used in all sorts of medical manners.

  7. So, you are PAID to do "research" from a pro-steroid person and your conclusion is that steroids are the best thing ever. whodathunkit….

  8. If there was one guy who said arsenic maybe wasn't bad for you, would you believe him? So why believe this one guy here?

  9. Steroids are good for you if you need them. As a user I can tell you they alter your personality. If you want to alter your personality, go for it.

  10. I think the is a lot of confusion wen we are talking about steroids. If the are benefits, it is probably in smaller dosage. Not bodybuilding dosage.

  11. Testosterone replacement therapy…just to get your T to the levels you had in your 20's, is going to be an absolute revolution and replace tons of other drugs…everything from antidepressents to boner pills. Viva la TRT revolution!

  12. Depends on dosage really, if used responsibly with doctor supervision, get all your blood work done you won't wind up a cadaver on a mortuary table at 40. If abused, misused, you will wreck yourself. Simple video, way too short.. elaboration would had been better.

  13. I don't have the time to research this myself, nor do I trust you enough to believe you otherwise. More logical reasoning for this would be great.

  14. 1. This is a dangerous topic and shouldn't be covers with a few minutes video.
    2. This video is only pro steroids though there a lot of cons to it too. Watch bigger stronger faster!
    3. This guy doesn't distinguish between any form of steroids, nor does talk enough about the dangers of wrong dosage or the dangers of the black market steroids. Young guys who only look for a reason to finally take them are mislead by this talk… which is dangerous.
    4. There are effective methods how to raise the testosterone production of your body naturally – research them first! Don't naively throw your money at a dealer or the pharmaceutical industry – which are basically the same s**t.

  15. Steroids are a class of molecules… They cover so many different biological systems that it would have been as relevant to call them "drugs" in this video.

    My guess is that he's referring to anabolic steroids, but I'm not even sure… He might as well refer to corticosteroids.

    Not a very informative video… lol!

  16. Steroids are done to help you buid and maintain physical capacities and/or energy, so given to the elderly sounds logical.

  17. The points Steven Kotler is making by was also mentioned in Documentary film Bigger, Stronger, Faster (2008) Directed and written by Christopher Bell.

  18. this is a very dangerous video
    as a med student, this video is as inconclusive as saying water is healthy but you might drown. you cant make a point without specifics. Steroids is too big a word; a whole lot of things fall under it in the scientific sense and it also refers to a certain group of substances in the more common sense. the statements in this video are very misleading.

  19. Once you go on anabolic steroids you are on them for life. Your testicles stop producing testosterone and you need to take them for life . Don't take them unless you are over 50. Stress, lack of sleep, diet can all lower testosterone . They can also cause heart attack and stroke

  20. In the website of NIH (national institute of health) they said the opposite of what you said ! For sure I'll believe NIH not u

  21. I would love to take roids to get back in shape, been out the game too long and I'm just too tired when I'm done with work and school

  22. Up is down, nuts aren't good for you, the sky is no longer blue and the drug companies want to sell you more drugs. Things like radioactive fracking chemicals disrupt hormone function. So when someone goes to the doctor to see how to correct it. They'll just want to cover up the symptoms without curing the actual problem. Got a headache? Take some Tylenol instead of doing something like drinking more water because you might be dehydrated. Got low T? Take some drugs instead of figuring out why you have low T. Then you can get all moody, balls shrink, pronounced chin and forehead develops and then possibly eventually cancer. People are being bombarded with chemicals in their food, water and air pollution that affects hormones. But we'll just add more to it by putting you on a drug for the rest of your life. Unless you get cancer then they take you off of it. Then I guess you die. Because they will never cure cancer because it would add too many people to the population.

  23. I don't know what this guys profession is, but steroids are a broad class of compounds. He seems to be interchanging different types of steroids. Different steroids do different things. Different steroids have different applications, risks, and benefits.

  24. I am a 24 year old Cystic Fibrosis patient. At the age of 22 I had the testosterone levels of a 5 year old. I felt weak, fragile, nervous, and unambitious. I started doing 100mg testosterone injections once per week as prescribed by my doctor. I still continue it to this day. I put on 10 lbs of weight, felt stronger, more energetic, and more driven. Testosterone has vastly improved my life and anyone suffering from a chronic illness truly ought to look into it. For me testosterone is not recreational, it is MEDICINE.

  25. Abusing steroids is bad using them for a purpose isn't. Second define which steroids, corticosteroids or sex steroids, but we all assumed you were talking about anabolic steroids, and you know people who use them as muscle enchanting agent typically use much larger dosages that people who use them for improving health, you know if you take one or two paracetamol tablets it's fine and it might relieve your headache, but take a first full of them and you might end up with busted liver, same goes for steroids.

  26. Finally. Maybe now we as a country can have a more rational conversation about steroids just like we are now having a more rational conversation about marijuana.

  27. Wtf you can't just say "steroids". You can literally find a list of about 15-20 different kinds of 'Anabolic' steroids, and that's just one theme of steroids… what the fuck is this guy's point?

    Is it "listen to me I'm pretentious"? Is that the point of this video? Because that's all I got out of it…

  28. Well, since I had a friend whose heart function was destroyed by steroid use, who died before his fortieth birthday by a heart attack, and whose doctor said that until he started using steroids, his heart was healthy, I am going to go with the "steroids are bad for you" school of thought.

  29. He's specifically referring to test and GH. I'm a bodybuilder, and very familiar with them. Not a single death has been linked to steroids specifically, ever. Period. Why do they get such a bad rap then? It has to do with other drugs popular in the community of bodybuilding. People not afraid of needles that push the human body and it's joints and muscles to the limits, frequently injuring themselves. So pain killers, and heroin, and many other drugs are common and heavily used to disastrous effects. Instead of blaming heroin though, this guy who is huge that died at 50 must have croaked because of steroids… Insulin is also heavily used. With the right know how, this can be safely done, but some lack that know how. you can imagine what terrible a non diabetic person using insulin could get into. The biggest problems are when kids under 23-25 use them. They are still going through growth and puberty which are very dependent on hormone levels, so artificially manipulating them in this critical time spells disaster.

  30. hey look, a guy says he got paid to do "research" on steroids… what do you know, he said steroid is gud… some serious research he did heh

  31. Coming from a guy that has used steroids for a few years I'll quite confidently say 99% of what you hear about steroids I COMPLETE BULLSHIT. I get blood work, blood pressure, and regular check ups all the time. If you know what you're doing they are not anymore dangerous than most of the garbage we eat in our regular diets in the USA.

  32. Remember that you are messing with your hormones that are essential to your life. Some may not react as bad to it but others may not be that lucky. There is no way to know how your system will react when introducing hormones that are MUCH stronger then your natural hormones. It absolutely have medical value to use steroids. Like when you are injured and need to heal quick. Or if your hormones are messed up to begin with. But if your car uses regular petrol, you dont put rocket fuel into it, because its not built to handle it. It may drive like crazy for a while, but something will brake.

  33. Steroid is a WIDE umbrella term. They're not all created equal. Even anabolic steroids are not all the same. Some are harmful, and some aren't (when used properly).

  34. And now theirs gonna be some dumbass idiot that thinks "hey this guy looks smart right? Yeah, now im gonna take Steroids" and fuck his shit up completely. Look the reality is Steroids are drugs just like anything else. If you take them are you gonna die? No but over time if you do use them over and over again, you'll look deformed, if you masterbait (which if you're thinking about taking Steroids in the first place, im sure you do because of self esteem issues) STOP IT! you'll grow actual man boobs. On top of that their so many other problems. you'll loose a lot of your strength 10-15 years later making you very weak as an individual, and you can potentially pick up a lot of other side effects such as (i forget what its called) but it has to do with your testicles shrinking. You potentially wont be able to have sex, you might even have erection issues. I'm not a doctor i dont know okay? But theses are all common factors when taking steroids. If you're a fat ass in general you'll either gain a considerable amount of weight or if you skinny, look old and wrinkly as fuck. You're better off taking crack or speed then this shit.

  35. I’ve been running enhanced drugs since I’ve been 19. I’m now 38. I have 3 beautiful kids and I’m healthy as a horse. I feel like I’m in my early 20s, and look better that 95% of kids in that age group. I don’t recommend using them unless your serious about lifting and be dedicated to a clean diet. Do your research before taking anything!!!!!

  36. Most guys at commercial gyms nowadays are taking steroids. None of them have the massive problems the media tells you they will. Society needs to change its opinion on steroid usage

  37. Long term steroid users look much older than their age bc the drugs ages them which is why many die earlier. They die in their 40s or 50s bc they have the internal organ damage of an 80 or 90 year old. Look at top fitness YouTubers on steroids. They all look at least 10 years older than they are…Marc Lobliner, Jerry Ward, Tony Huge, Coach Trevor, etc.

  38. well alot of things are bad , and sells without problem like the coca-cola, beer, some drugs ofc if you abuse most of them your health will be bad, i dont think steroids are that bad, if you take safe and at your own risk, idk whi people are so afraid of them xD

  39. My friend did injections pills and the gel for 2 year's he has no health issues just dont abuse it

  40. I really didn't like this video, he over simplefied the topic overall, and he only gave us one example. Maybe steroids dosen't effect your liver but steroids can lead to deep depression and suecide. And that i think is verry serious.

    Ps. Iam no expert

  41. injectables (and maybe anavar) or SARMS in doses athletes (not bodybuilders) do and lil hgh, hcg after age of 35-40 is ok.

  42. Unless you're a competing athlete or under 30, just do the roids!! Most people out there are gullible fools anyway who think an Arnold or The Rock physique is possible naturally and are none the wiser.

  43. The modern bodybuilding lifestyle, which includes the heavy use of steroids, is what's bad. Just saying they're good, is like saying aspirin is good: Yes and no. High-intensity exercise alone can have enough of a positive effect on hormonal balance so as to rarely need the addition of exogenous hormone therapy. Types of steroids, sizes & frequency of doses, interactions with other drugs, the huge caloric intake and high protein content of bodybuilders' diets… Blanket statements like : "Steroids are safe" will do a lot more harm than good among the young males most interested in steroids.

  44. Dude you do a 4 minute video and give the wrong message. The issue is no on uses them safely. In order to see mega gains you need to stack them. Dont tell me they dont cause your heart to expand and blood vessels to clot. Im a medical student you are oversimplifying the issue. No one does 2 CC of test and are done with it.

  45. People don't realise when bodybuilders die, it isn't the steroids it's the body weight the steroids + diet + training etc allowed them to attain – Putting strain on the heart. Steroids are a minor factor.

  46. Testosterone itself, (not referring to the more harsher steroids because there's a lot of misconception) can be very safe when monitored with huge benefits!

  47. Not true! TRT in low doses is ok, but still has risks as the testosterone is synthetic. Even mild doses of anabolics causes havoc on the endocrine system! It also raises cholesterol levels leading to heart disease. Heart enlargement happens at low doses as well! Google deaths of pro wrestlers and body builders. Yes the more you take the more damage. But any use to increase testosterone over high normal range is dangerous, that with the fact that all steroids on the black market are counterfeit or for animal use can cause huge problems!

  48. It would be interesting to see the lifespan of bodybuilders who only took steroids, compared to those who added growth hormone, insulin, and diuretics, into that game. Abuse of Steroids is bad enough, but when you add the rest?….

  49. FDA approved, Doctor prescribed, medications made in high tech, Sanitary Labs which are Inspected and graded to the highest RX standards and prescribed to millions of people Have DOZENS of side Effects! Do you think the drugs Some underground, Scumbag, money hungry,Tren, Dbol, winstrol, etc Manufacturer Dont? Made in a Dirty, unregulated, uninspected shack or kitchen by some Bro Science Goofball?! …I'll wait.

  50. Steroids changed my life for the better, high dose trt. Increased confidence, no more anxiety, no more insomnia, and no depressive episodes. I'm 100% less angry than I was.

  51. Thanks, I can run 1 gram of testosterone and 1 gram of tren year round now without having to worry about my health

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