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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

our bodybuilding supplements really
worked it stay tuned and find out so the first question that a lot of people
access our bodybuilding supplements necessary answer your question in a very
short way you know trying to make it as simple as possible no they are not
necessary right you can build muscle do all that without the necessary
without necessarily having something that’s right supplements are just extra
you know they’re to help you get your extra protein or get your extra carbs or
get your extra creatine for the day you know or anything etc etc like that you
know they are not necessary they’re just supplements that are supposed to help
you make better progress and quicker progress all right so we’re gonna start
off with the main supplement that everybody buys and that’s gonna be a
whey protein right because this is like the number one supplement that most
people buy – recommend that you buy if you are looking to buy any supplements
and I don’t I don’t recommend you start off with this one but you can’t start
out with this when there’s nothing bad about it you know I just recommend you
start off with the gold standard 100% whey protein by optimum nutrition it’s
red gold and black and I started off with that one and now I’m leading off to
this one because this one is just strictly protein right it’s just protein
isolate which is just straight protein right so there’s no sugar there’s no fat
and if you’re looking to buy something like this if you’re looking to buy
something like this I highly recommend you buy this one right here – whey
protein isolate by body type I have the rich chocolate flavor and I could tell
you right now that this stuff is fucking delicious right I’m gonna tell you right
now it’s fucking delicious this stuff is good man you drink it with water it’s
good you’re drinking with milk it’s good with some almond milk you gonna be you
gonna not stop taking this you know you’re gonna wanna drink this shit every
day I’m Tony shit it good the gold standard reason why I recommend that one
it’s just because it helped me burn muscle right I can recommend and tell
you guys to do certain things based off experience right and any protein isolate
or any protein whey protein is gonna help you know
but I recommend that when it’s very affordable is cheap you know and it has
good source of protein has high protein high carbs and all that stuff so if
you’re a hardgainer or if you’re looking to put on muscle but you struggle I
recommend you get that one or you get a mass gainer this is what I’ll take and
is this one worth it hell yeah it’s fucking worth it it’s
helped me put on muscle lean muscle with that because it doesn’t have any fat in
any sugar and it’s just straight protein right so now we’re go to the next one
and the next element that I recommend you get is gonna be pro not protein
creatine right so does the creatine that I’ll take at the time at the moment I
take this cellucor see not see for our creatine Sun of course creatine right
here and is this worth it kale fucking yes any creatine helps even this one
right here by optimal nutrition let me show you guys which is the first one
that I ever bought this one right here it fucking helps man if I get helps as
you ask water weight to you you know because you got to drink a lot of water
to it to keep it you know from working and stuff so you wanna make sure when
you’re drinking these something when she’s drinking a lot of water so
creatine helps you get stronger helps you add on a little bit of you know I’m
gonna say stress you’re gonna get stronger but you’re also gonna get a
little you’re gonna get a little water weight that’s what I’m trying to get to
the point you know try to tell you guys that you’re gonna gain a little bit of
water weight if you’re consistently taking this so just expect that you know
if you see your weight increase or anything like that creatine is gonna
increase your strength you know so this is why I recommend this one and I take a
scoop which is like five grams or five milligrams every day you know people are
like you should cycle on you should do this and that but not take that shit
every fucking day take it as much as you can every day and
don’t take don’t take ISM as much as you can you know one day in one serving but
take as much know like as many I don’t know to say like as many times as
possible you know like block the week like try to
take it every day try to stay consistent with it and your stress will increase
are prime you guys you will see size and strength
increase I promise you ass so as creatine worked it yes it’s
protein worth it yes and now we’re are to a very number out to a very touchy
subject which is gonna be the pre-workout I’ll be very honest with you
guys lately pre-workout has for me has been
slacking you know I haven’t really bought any and I haven’t really been
taking as much as I used to right so this is the pre-order that I’m currently
taking which is G few right I know a lot of you might have your downs your doubts
your whatever whatever you fucking thing about G fuel you’re gonna say it in the
comment section or you’re gonna let me know on Instagram my DMS or anything
like that and just know that do you feel is just it’s just the fucking
pre-workout you know just like any crew workout it’s gonna get the job done
right it’s gonna take a couple I don’t know I don’t want to say a couple but
it’s gonna take about two scoops of this for me to be able to fill it you know
but the flavor is delicious strawberry shortcake straw strawberry shortcake
fuckin delicious you know how do you recommend that flavor if you’re looking
to buy any pre-workout any TV or anything like that it does gives you the
jitters it doesn’t make you a little itchy you know and I’m just trying to be
honest with you guys because if you’re not looking to get something that’s in
that field then I recommend you stay away from G fuel because it does give
you a little bit of it you know but most people where God’s will so just
something to know mostly workouts will give you that itchy feel and the jitters
so this is also something that I taped but I don’t I don’t make these too just
to let you guys know I don’t mix them both
I just alternate between the two and this right here is like a fat burner but
it contains a lot of caffeine and I take a pill one in the morning after my
breakfast and then one after like my pre-workout meal or B fly heads to the
gym so that’s what I do in this card Britt juice BX to red juice yes – and
there’s a fat burner but it has all the caffeine out of your workout stimulants
so it gives you the same effect the focus their endurance you know and it
gives you the energy so highly recommended or you know rip juice
reduce the x3 or the G few right here you know usually get if I was to get a
pre-workout like I currently don’t certainly I need to borrow right now
until I run out of these but if I was to get one
I’ll get the cage or I would get the pre pre workout buy gold standard yeah but
about ghosts and I think it’s gold it’s gold and black and it’s pretty damn good
I can’t lie it’s pretty damn good flavor is amazing and it’s pretty you know
decent for what you’re getting worth you know it’s pretty cheap these are the
supplements that I think are worth that you know these three supplements are
only supplements that you will need and you know honestly you don’t need all
these okay I don’t want you guys to think that you need these right so these
are like supplements you know these are just add-ons to what you already are
doing with your diet with your training and I need you guys to understand that
because I don’t want you guys to depend on these supplements which is something
that eventually you want to get to right because as you get order order you want
to depend on all these supplements because I could fuck up your body and it
just could be a big pretty bad situation you know I mean not really but you know
just depending on it you know it gets expensive that’s what I’m trying to say
it gets it gets expensive right so these are only the only supplements that I
think everything else is just strictly diet and training and just discipline
and just knowledge and just teaching myself you know what works for me and
what does it commend you try these three supplements on you know try to get your
whey protein try to get your creatine and just try to get a pre-workout in and
just keep you know trying new things out don’t be afraid of trying new things out
because the first thing that you try it’s not gonna work for you maybe you
know maybe that second one will you know just keep trying and keep you know
learning and learning and learning and eventually you’ll get to where you want
to be you know this is a process this is a marathon not a sprint
just like anything in life take your time be patient with it you know so this
is gonna conclude the video I appreciate you guys for watching please like
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