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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hi, I’m Les Whitley. Today I’d like to talk
to you a little bit about how to get big forearms. It’s mostly involved in your grip work and
how you train and use your arms in the activities that you do. From grabbing an object and holding
on as tight as you possibly can, for as long as you can, to using maximal weight in your
hold in training. What exercise we utilize is the pinch grip. Improving your pinch grip
involves the muscles of the hand, the muscles of the fingers, as well as the thumb in your
forearm training. Grabbing two plates of varying sizes, starting off small to allow your grip
to progress, holding on for as long as possibly can, working on gradually improving the time
as well as adding additional sets. Also doing basic overhand pinch grip curls to maximize
the training and the explosion options of your forearm training, to utilizing a hammer,
where you can add weights to the end for internal, external rotation and forward and backward
motion as well to hit the forearms from different angles. Grip training can also be done by
utilizing a bar for open handed wrist curls, where you’re curling up and extending down
for full range of motion. Never forgetting and neglecting the muscles of the back of
the hand–the extensors–by doing exercises where you place a rubber band around the hands
and opening the fingers as wide as you possibly can, and extending them open for multiple
repetitions. Overall good balance and form training will help maximize your other training
because it allows you to grip more weight for a longer amount of time to maximize the
effort that you put forth.

50 thoughts on “Arm & Chest Exercises : How to Get Big Forearms

  1. there are muscles in the hand, on the back for sure. I have a big thumb muscle bulge, I know its muscle cuz i got it checked cuz i thought it was like something odd. For sure there are muscles in the hands just not the fingers themselves.

  2. i dont think so…you're punch requires good core strength. If you get a powerful core and strong chest/tris, your punch will be stronger. Someone correct me if im wrong. I'm sure theres other stuff involved. But hands are mostly cartilage and bone so idk :S

  3. im pretty sure there are muscles below the thumb and the backside of palm close to the thumb. So don't start calling people idiots, the fingers dont have muscles but they are moved by have finger and wrist flexors. Try squeezing your thumb to your index finger, place one of your fingers just below the middle of the thumb and index finger you are squeezing and you should feel a flexed muscle. I know its not fat so it has to muscle.

  4. there are hand muscles – most of the movment comes from the forearm but there defintly are hand muscles

  5. No, there are no muscles in the hand. These are tendons that are connected to the muscles in the forearm that are responsible for flexing the fingers. An example of one of those muscles in the forearm is called the "Flexor Digitorum Superficialis" and by the name of that muscle you can tell that it is responsible for flexing the digits (fingers) and its location is superficial (close to the skin). I know this because I took anatomy and physiology 1&2 in college O_o

  6. Never mind what I just said, I just googled it and it looks like there are many tiny muscles in the hand..

  7. i guess there should be tiny muscles in the hand but still you cant really work on your hand so you work on your forearms

  8. big forearms !! visit my channel. i have the biggest on youtube. but- good advice here too ! check my forearm vids out !

  9. @louismoran he has good forearms but his might be small but strong? like my muscles are strong but not that big. only like 15 inch lol but im 14 lol

  10. @rihallum Yeah id agree but im 14 and am 5'11 soo it really depends if u develope or not if your developed knock yourself up if you havnt id lift only a little dont do becnh and like work out like a beast work out slowly. wud you agree?

  11. @thrashwillwin not sure but he weight lifting. He have a short genes in his family but I think he's he shortest. If this is only a myth, then perhaps he don't eat the right food.

  12. @shayd828 k, leave him alone. You don't have to be a monster to be the one presenting ppl with the facts. He's here to educate people. If you play baseball with big forearms, I expect you're in the major leagues making 20 million a year. If not … well then.

  13. I'm 15 and I just use 2 5lbs weights that I just lift while watching series/movies to slowly increase my arm strenght and it has worked out quite good, I just had a terrible cold and watched series the whole weekend and during that weekend I lifted the weights about every minute I was awake and I can defenatly see improvements in just a week.

  14. @obxoxhy yes I agree cant even believe it. you can make your workout sessions much more productive if your eating the right foods to avoid fat and belly. And I saw an interview with body building champion where he talks about 7 odd foods he eats to keep his abs hard. worth watch here now >>>

  15. Hihi, have you thought about this method called the Max Muscle Method? (go search google). My father in law says it gets people bulging with muscle.

  16. Just do some reverse curls, wrist curls and some hammer curls, for god sake…this is too much talking going on here. 3 words…reverse, wrist, and hammer.

  17. Terrific movie. Like Youtube for this kind of information.My best friend was formerly bullied. He stated he was intending to get bigger. I laughed… Then unexpectedly he packed on 40 pounds of natural muscle. He tried the Muscle Building Bible – Google it. No-one dares to intimidate him nowadays. 🙂

    I actually subscribed the other day. Not to mention the mans emails are awesome!

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