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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hello and welcome to the J and D Fitness group
routine of the day. I’m Doug Sheppard. And today we’re going to show you some arm
toning exercises. For today’s arm toning exercises
the only equipment you’re going to need is resistance tubing. Now I’m a big fan of resistance tubing
because it travels everywhere. It goes on vacation with you, you can work
outdoors. You can workout outdoors. I’m a big fan. To demonstrate our movements today we have
Cailin Mendes. So grab your resistance tubing and let’s do
your arm toning exercises. To start we’re going to have Cailin in a table
top position on the stability ball. We want her to maintain a tight bridge. She’s squeezing her glutes, she’s keeping
her hamstrings tight. She’s also
bracing her abdominals. Now you’ll notice we have her with the resistance
tubing and I’m acting as the anchor in this. But if you don’t have a spotter or partner,
you can always attach the tubing to anything that’s secure. In this position she’s going to perform her
tubing curls. She’s going to keep her elbows in at her sides,
notice that. Performing her curls this ways takes an exercise
that people have a tendency to get a little lax, and now
we have everything engaged, from the top of her head to her
toenails. I recommend fifteen to twenty reps. Next she’s going to anchor the tubing with
her feet. She’s going to hinge at
the hips. Soft knees, and elbows are in close at her
sides. She’s going to hold the handles with a reverse
grip. Now also notice we have her looking down,
maintaining a neutral neck. People have a tendecy to want to look up. Keep your head down. Now she’s going to extend and straighten her
arms. Squeezing at the top of the movement. I recommend trying fifteen kickbacks. So there you have it, two arm toning exercises,
one piece of equipment, resistance tubing. Great because it can go anywhere. If you need to order tubing simple go to our
website at and right on the home page click on “Order your equipment”. But now it’s your turn. Get out there, stay committed, and get to
it. And tune in for our next video.

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