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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

What’s good guys? Troy here with
I’m super excited to get into the Insane workout series. What this workout series is going
to do for you guys is it’s going to give you an insane workout to bring up a lagging muscle
group. Today what we have is arm day, everybody’s favorite. I get this the most out of all the
people in the coaching program, the most questions on social media. Everybody’s looking for insane
arm workouts that they can do to bring up their biceps, bring up their triceps, so I
have for you an epic 27 set arm workout. I know you guys saw some highlights. I know
you are eager to dive into some of the really unique exercises we’re going to be doing in
this epic arm workout. The number one thing that I want you guys to take away from this
is I want you to be following along at home and doing this workout one time per week for
the next month. If you do this workout and go hard one time a week for the next month,
I guarantee you, you will gain at least a half inch on your arms, especially if you’re
actually tracking your weight and reps with all these exercises and you’re focusing on
those incremental improvements. Obviously, each workout you should know going in beforehand.
For instance, I actually beat my career high on every single one of these exercises as
I was filming it. For the cheat curls, if you did 100 pounds for 5 repetitions the last
time, make sure you hit 6 repetitions or 105 for 6, whatever it may be, just make sure
you’re increasing the weight or increasing the reps every single workout and I guarantee
you you guys will gain at least a half inch over the next month. First exercise of the
epic arm workout is seated barbell curl. Now this is my new favorite bicep exercise. You
guys are going to absolutely love this one. It’s a lot more challenging than the traditional
standing barbell curl, which I guarantee you guys are doing way more than any type of curl
like this. What you want to do here is you’re going to start off seated on a bench or any
kind of straight bench and you’re going to focus on really contracting your bicep, going
all the way to your forehead, close to your face. Don’t hit your nose. Don’t break your
face. I’m not liable for any of that. Squeeze and then contract nice and slow. Try to really
emphasize that eccentric motion. Create those healthy micro tears and you guys are going
to build some big ass arms. I want you guys to do three sets of the seated barbell curl.
Focus each time on improving the weight. For instance, I think in this workout I did 100
pounds for 8 repetitions. The previous workout I had 95 pounds for 8 repetitions. Just knowing
that knowledge that I did 95 pounds for 8 repetitions and the next time having the mindset
that I’m always trying to improve, always trying to get stronger, this is how you make
gains guys. I’m going to drill this in your guys’ head every single video. You guys have
got to be tracking your workouts, got to be focusing on making improvements, you guys
are no doubt going to see some epic arm growth. The second exercise is the good old cheat
curls. Now, I know as you guys are watching my video clip I’m going to get a ton of negative
comments. I’m wearing a belt. I’m throwing my back into it. Look, it’s a cheat curl.
Cheat curls are one of the best ways to really test your bicep strength, so every single
workout I like to do at least one exercise for every muscle group where I don’t focus
100% on my form I’m just trying to kind of test myself. I know my body well enough that
I know I’m not going to hurt my back doing cheat curls the way that you see. Obviously
be smart about it, but I’m trying to bring up the size of my arms. I’m trying to get
my biceps stronger and it is a really challenging exercise and even though I’m throwing my back
into it a little bit, I’m still squeezing at the top, I’m trying to go down slow, and
I’m throwing up some really heavy weight, so I can do a cheat curl of about 135, a plate
on each side, for anywhere between 2 and 4 reps depending on the day. I’m trying to get
up to at least 150 pounds for a solid form cheat curl. I know that if I can curl 150
pounds that my arms are going to get bigger. My biceps are going to get bigger, so just
focus on the strength of this exercise. Don’t worry about the form. Don’t worry about what
other people at the gym are thinking about you. It’s only one component of the workout.
It’s so important to bring up the strength in any muscle group if you really want to
put on size. Size and muscle growth is a direct reflection to strength gain, so this is an
exercise where we can really challenge our self and see where we’re at with our biceps.
Third up is a really unique exercise. I actually got it from Ulysses Junior’s Instagram account.
That guy shows some awesome exercises. I’ve been doing it for about the last month and
I fell in love with it. It’s basically a combination of a deadlift and a barbell row. I always
like to say, if you’re trying to bring up a lagging muscle group, especially like a
smaller muscle group like your bi’s or your tri’s, you don’t want to have 100% of your
workout dedicated to just isolation exercises. I always like to say you need to throw in
some compound work. The Henley row, a combination of a deadlift and a row is going to help you
guys bring up your biceps. It’s going to help you guys bring up your deadlift. It’s an awesome
compound exercise to really focus on for the next month and throw in to your routine. It’s
also just going to help you guys burn a ton of calories as well. It’s going to help you
guys get ripped for the spring and summer time. I feel exhausted after doing three to
four sets of this exercise. What you’re going to do here, as you can see you’re kind of
starting from the ground like a dead lift and then you’re pulling in with some momentum,
so obviously increasing the strength at which you can pull with is the major component to
bringing up your arm size, increasing the strength in your bicep. You can do this a
couple different ways. You can do it one workout where you have an underhand grip, one workout
where you use straps and do an overhand grip and just see what feels best for you, but
it is an awesome exercise to throw into the epic arm day routine. Next up we have our
first superset of the workout and this one is a dandy. We have the reverse preacher curl
supersetted with the seated preacher curl machine. The reverse preacher curl is awesome
because it’s going to really hit the lower part of your bicep, so your arms are basically
just at a dead hang and you’re really forced to squeeze and contract. The first part of
the superset I want you guys to pick a weight that you can control, so whatever weight you
say you do on like spider curls where your chest is at an incline and you’re squeezing
in, that’s going to be around the same weight you’re going to do on the reverse preacher
curl. You’re going to be standing as you can see me doing right now and your arms are going
to be at a bit of a dead hang that’s really going to force you to squeeze and contract
those biceps. The first part of the superset I want you guys to hit 10 – 12 repetitions.
Now, the second part of the superset is the seated preacher curl. Now you want to hit
10 – 12 repetitions. Again, you’re going to be really fatigued, so pick a weight that
is fairly light. I can do well over two plates on the seated preacher curl machine when I’m
100% fresh, but as you can see with the superset that I’m doing right here, I’m doing about
half that weight. Really squeezing contracting. Focus on that mind muscle connection. Really
squeezing, contracting those biceps, creating those healthy micro tears and this one is
going to be an awesome superset. It’s a perfect complement where the start of the work out
we’re going really heavy and then we’re transitioning into more of like the lactic acid pump, the
bodybuilding shaper exercises. Next up, getting into some tricep work. I know you guys are
watching at home and you’re thinking, he’s going to do a 27 set bicep workout. Wrong.
I’ve got some tricep work coming your way. We’re actually going to hit all three heads
of the tricep muscle in in this workout. You actually have three heads of your tricep as
I just stated and we have to attack that from every single angle. Working out your triceps
can be really difficult because there are different angles, like for instance doing
a rope contraction back like this is a lot different than the overhead dumbbell triceps.
What we’re doing first of all is we’re throwing a ton of overload on our triceps with the
dumbbell overhead triceps. As you can see I’m trying to keep my elbows in as much as
possible. I’m trying to go really heavy. I’m trying to get a nice extension towards the
back of my head, so I’m really reaching all the way towards the back, getting a nice stretch
and focusing on that contraction, so you’re really going to feel this on the outer head
of your triceps. Also going to hit underneath your arm around here. Dumbbell overhead triceps,
awesome exercise to go really heavy on at the start of your workout. We’ve got some
killer tricep supersets coming up, so this is going to be one tiny portion of the total
tricep workout. Next up we’ve got the tricep tri-set. Try saying that like 50 times in
a row. Tricep tri-set. What we’re going to do with this is we’re going to do three different
versions of the rope extensions. Everybody’s favorite. Everyone does the basic shit on
the rope extension. I want to shock you guys’ triceps, give you guys some epic arm growth
this month. I want to show you my favorite tri-set. This one isn’t really about going
heavy. We just went heavy on the dumbbell overhead tricep extension. Now I want you
guys to really focus on just maximizing that contraction, feeling that deep burn in our
tricep. The first part of the superset we’re going to be kneeling, so we’re going to be
kneeling and extending out as you can see in my video. We’re going to be trying to keep
our chest up, trying to keep our core tight, just kneeling and extending out with our triceps,
excuse me, tri-set, triceps, a lot going on in this clip. The second part is we want to
be, now the second portion of the tri-set is a straight arm. We’re going to be squeezing
and really focusing on that contraction with our triceps. As you can see in the clip, you
see me doing the straight arm rope extension and then the third portion when our triceps
are super fatigued we’re going to get into the traditional tricep press downs. That’s
just focusing more on contracting, breaking down that muscle and building up those monster
guns. There are three parts to that entire exercise. You’re going to be doing about 10
– 12 repetitions for each portion of the tri-set. Make sure you guys go light. It’s not about
the weight. You don’t want to start rocking your shoulders into it, putting other muscle
groups into it. Focus on the contraction on this exercise and you guys are going to see
some epic arm growth. If you guys can still move your arms, we have a few exercises left.
Next up we have just a plain old superset. We got the tri-set out of the way. Now we’re
just going to do a superset. What we’re going to start off doing is what I call a triceps
pushup. A really unique pushup as you can see me do in the clip that going to put all
of the tension and overload right on your tricep. Unlike a normal pushup where it’s
putting overload on your anterior delts and your chest, it is going to help break down
those triceps and really help you lock out on the bench press. This is an exercise I
really like to do after bench-pressing. It helps you lock out that bench on those heavy
sets and it’s going to help you build some massive horseshoe triceps and we’re going
to superset this with the dumbbell tricep kick back with a twist. On this one really
focusing on extending our wrist in. Unlike a traditional tricep kickback where we’re
just like this, we’re actually bringing and we’re rotating our wrist as you can see in
the clip, so focusing on rotating, hitting that outer portion of the tricep muscle. We’ve
got a few more exercises left, back to biceps. Now that our triceps are feeling the heat
we are going to get into a killer bicep superset. Guarantee you guys have never tried this before.
The first portion of the superset, what we’re going to do here is we’re only going to go
one arm at a time. You’re going to hold a dumbbell just in one hand and you’re going
to focus on, you’re going to go fairly light, so I can obviously, I can throw up hammer
curls like this at probably 70 – 75 pounds. On this exercise I’m using 25’s. You’re going
to hold it starting off with the hammer grip position then you’re going to squeeze and
you’re going to bring this part of your hand out this way. We’re squeezing and that little
twist at the end. Squeezing and contact back down nice and slow is what really makes this
exercise effective. We’re squeezing, contracting, going to for 10 – 12 repetitions, nice and
light. The superset we’re sticking on the same arm, so we’re sticking on the right arm.
We’re going to grab an easy bar, so the easy bar is the one with the little ridges on it.
We’re going to hold an easy bar in the middle with just one hand. Our biceps are already
very fatigued at this point, so make sure you guys go fairly light, probably a 20 to
30 for most of you guys watching unless Ronny Coleman’s watching my video. I don’t know
why he’d be watching my video. He’s way bigger than me. But just in case he is, he’d probably
want to go a little heavier. Focus now, you’ve got the easy bar right in front of you. It’s
going to feel really unstable. That’s the entire point. That instability is what’s going
to help build up your arm, workout these little muscle fibers that aren’t normally hit. We’re
going nice and slow and controlled with the easy bar. It’s going to look a little uneven.
That’s the whole point of the exercise. We’re contracting, going 10 – 12 repetitions and
then after we do the right side, obviously we’re going to do our left arm and then we’re
going to rest. We’re just doing two sets of this. It is an absolutely killer bicep exercise.
You guys are going to love it. Make sure you guys hit this one hard. Next up we’ve got
an exercise called 6 X 3, sort of like 21’s, the traditional 21’s with the easy bar, but
I don’t want to call it that. I’m trying to be unique, come up with my own shit here.
We’re going to call it 6 X 3. What you’re going to do here is pick a weight that’s fairly
light, but unlike the traditional 21’s, what we’re going to do here with the easy bar is
we’re going to do grip changes. The first set of the 6 X 3, I want you to start with
your hands on the very outside. Hands on the very outside. We’re doing a traditional easy
bar curl all the way to our face area and then the second little portion of our tri
set we’re going to do our hands on the regular grip. We’re doing six repetitions there and
then the last six repetitions, we’re putting our hands on the very inside grip. Now, very
important the second time that you do the exercise, because we’re doing two sets of
this, I want you guys to changeup the order. You’re not going to do the same order. You’re
not going to go from outside to inside. Maybe go from inside to outside to normal or whatever
you want to do to change it up, but make sure you don’t do the same thing two times in a
row. Just try to shock your body, challenge yourself and you guys are going to see some
amazing arm gains. Ending this workout with a bang, we’re doing four sets of my second
new favorite curl. I think I said the seated barbell curl was my favorite. I almost said
this was my favorite. I don’t want to contradict myself. We’ll call it my second new favorite
type of curl. I call this the Smith machine drag curl. Believe it or not you can make
some pretty impressive gains with the Smith machine. In this one form is everything. You’re
going to load up the Smith machine and on this one you’re going to kind of emulate a
mini little curl, so sort of like an underhand grip barbell row, but really focusing on squeezing
out biceps, going back down nice and slow and controlled. Squeezing, going down nice
and slow and controlled. You want to keep the weight really close to you. If you put
the weight too far out, it’s going to be too much like a barbell row underhand grip. You
want to keep it nice and slow. Squeeze and contract those biceps, go back down and you
guys are going to have an epic arm pump. It is an awesome way to end this 27 set insane
workout. That is it. That is how you do 27 epic sets of arms. A little bit of compound
exercises in there. We had the Henley row. The drag curls are a little bit more of a
compound arm movement. I want you guys to do this workout one time a month, excuse me,
one time a week for the next month. Guarantee you guys, measure your arms right now before
you start this tomorrow or sometime later this week, measure your arms, I guarantee
you if you don’t gain at least a half an inch on your arms, I will be absolutely shocked.
Try this workout out, this insane workout series, this new series that we’re doing.
I want to give you guys epic workouts. The worst thing in the world that you can do for
your gains is going in the gym and doing the same thing over and over and over again. I
know whenever I make really good progress, whenever I increase my strength it’s because
I’m shocking my body, I’m doing different things, I’m challenging myself outside my
comfort zone. Not only are you doing new exercises, new repetition ranges, triceps, supersets,
all this advanced training stuff, but most importantly you’re writing down your weight
and your reps, which I’m going to continue to drill into you guys’ heads and you’re focusing
on improving upon this each and every workout. Let me know in the comments below what muscle
group you want me to feature on the next insane workout series and I’ll see what clever exercises
I have up my sleeve. In the meantime, hope you guys enjoyed that 27 set epic arm day.

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  1. Great tips Troy will be putting them to the test tomorrow mate!!
    Don't listen to that idiot.he's obviously got nothing else better in his life going on!
    I think your knowledge of nutrition and body building is spot on!
    I've been watching you for the last 8 to 10 months and I think your a machine
    As a naturally skinny guy like you were
    You've helped motivate me,show me new training methods and more importantly shocking the system which I can honestly say I implemented and seeing the gains from!
    Thanks mate
    You the man!!

  2. Hey Troy great video man! Loved it! I can gurantee myself that's I will add an inch to my arms. Hey can you do a chest or a shoulder epic workout next?

  3. You guys should try close grip bench 8-10 reps, then go straight into seated dumbbell curls 5-8 reps each… i usually curl like 30 lb curls normally, in this super-set i can increase the weight for curls up to 40-45lbs. I sort of came up with it one day and now its like one of my favorite workouts. i promise your arms will be huge after doing so

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