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Muscle-Building Workout and Diet

Hey guys, Justin from the under 20 workout.
I have a kick ass upper body work out that you using just this, a towel, no gym, no weight
room, you’re not going to pay extra money for gym advertising for the sales people,
just you and a little towel, you got a killer workout. There’s no lines to wait in, there’s
no trainers, just you and me step by step and most importantly, it’s safe. This is one
of the most dangerous things you can do in weight room with weights. It’s going to tear
your shoulders. This is a safe home workout, let’s hit it.
All you need is a little towel or t-shirt, something this big. Alright grab it, hold
it in your hands, hands the hips, shoulder with the part pulling. Now pull the towel
as hard as you can like you’re trying to tear it apart this way. And we’re going to do,
follow me, 8 regular speed, 12 fast just this motion, from here, just above your nose. One,
two, three, four, five — I’m starting to burn, six, seven, eight. Now, 12 fast.
All about speed in under 20 workout here. Here we go, now reverse the hands upside down.
Same thing, this time pushing your chest up, you’ll feel it in the chest a little more
than the shoulders. Here we go, pull the towel apart, same number 8-12. Awesome! You like
to move those muscles at top speed at Under 20 Workout that’s we’re all about.
Now keep your hands reverse, you’re going to bend on the waist, here right at front
of you. Where going to start by just pulling it up, flexing here, pull that towel apart
at the top, pulling your shoulder blades together. Again 8 and then 12, so look 5 feet at front
of you, you look down, you back is going to arch, so look 5 feet on front of you. Here
we go, pull the towel apart. Couple of hugs. Why? It’s a ballistic stretch.
It will loosen those muscles from getting tight on this great work we’re doing.
Now curl, same thing, here regular curl motion, pulling that towel apart. We’re going to do
8 and 12. Really feeling that triceps, biceps, back of the shoulders. Here we go. Pull that
towel apart. Feel it now. Pull downs, here we go. So up here, this weight
machine in the weight room is huge and always align for it, we’ll do pull down, same thing.
Pulling down, now 12 fast, couple of huggers, you’re getting a great upper body workout.
We’re going to do a full body, clean and jerk. It’s like you got a thousand pound you’re
about to lift here, in the Olympics and it’s going to come here. It’s going to go up, press,
down, press, up. Pull that towel apart the whole time. We’ll just going to do this for
30 seconds. From the side it look like this, keeping that back straight, 15 more seconds,
stopping at the chest and 5 seconds. Great you guys, one last one. Alright we’re
going to do shoulder press, we’re going to get down one here. We’re going to do 8 and
12 again. Here, looking up, keeping that back straight, chest pressing up the shoulders,
you got a hundred pounds pulling that towel apart.
Great job you guys. Right there you’re going to save yourself to a lot of entry. Two biggest
places I see injury in the weight room are curls, when people get tired they tried to
twist their back underneath the weaker side, back injury, one of the worst injury you can
have for couple of months. Great way to get out of shape.
Other one is like I said earlier when you are in military press and you got weight on
there, all this muscles are exposed in a terrible spot, very dangerous. You’ll never do this
in real life. Any little tweak, one arm gets ahead of the other, you try to make up for
it, you all know what I’m talking about. You’ll have a shoulder injury if you done a lot of
weight lifting. Thanks for watching. Make sure to subscribe
down below and also check out our link below to our website, everything you want to know
about Under 20 Workout. Thanks guys. Have a great day!

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  1. 5 minute arm workout without weights.
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    Must be my competition trying to hate. @P90X  #fitnes   #workoutroutine   #workoutathome  

  2. I did this, while eating 12 meals a day and reps of 100 at a time. Goddamnit, I got Jacked! I'm getting almost bigger by the day! The gains are insane! Once I did this in a yoga class and everyone went nuts for it , gotta confuse the vegan hippies, Right babe?!

  3. My hips are very wide and i don't know if they will get smaller when I have achieved a six pack help anybody

  4. Thanks i was just worried and i love you videos you are one of the few peopel that motivates me thank you so much for making Those videos keep up the good work 👍

  5. Dude you are unreal # 1 those are back rowes and you get a tad of arms in that exercise , the raises you did in your other shit video for your shoulders . I cant get enough of your babble . You sound like you no shit? You must of paid someone to get certified to do your test? Cause you come across far from a professional . Also all business must make money dip shit. Every business has to market themselves , sell merchandise . Other then your totally weak rookie dumb ass workouts this shit should be for seniors , maybe young kids to not break their growth plated and someone bouncing back from an accident and this could be a form of physio . You fatigue very rapidly as it shows as you exercise . I just have to watch all your vids because I am mind blown your instructing people . If it worked for people good luck that will work first or second go until your brain recognizes it and doesn't give you what it wants anymore . Its all about shocking the body over and over again . Routines should change every single workout . Your technique is shit also . Sorry man stop giving people half assed advice you wouldn't make in one of my intermediate cal classes . Not a chance your not in good enough shape to step into it . I think I have to start making vids . Because this is an utter joke

  6. On your rowes your back is also arched and you are mentioning zero to people to keep their backs straight , even with the rowe excercise and to also focus on keeping their cores tight and in place . Head up looking ahead and squeezing the shoulders as you explode up . Dude your all over the map . How you can sit and tell the world you no what your doing and not recognize you are not tells me you are not a certified trainer . Get your shit together , learn proper technique " Maybe pay a real trainer to run you through proper cal routines and get yourself in order before teaching people your fucked up bad habbits and terrible technique !!!!!!!! I wont troll your shit anymore lol but seriously stop misleading people with this horseshit

  7. And the only compitition out there you may have is a 15 yr old girl doing aerobics in her pink bedroom at home for yourtube

  8. Ya Im a hater , a hater of dudes like yourself giving half ass advise and improper explanation of the exercises , improper technique . fooling individuals who are either starting out or dudes who dont no much about training . You aint my competition either bud , way to deflect the opinion and comment though . I do more then fine running my own camps , working with elite teen athletes plus being I been an active athlete competitively still as we speak . I wasnt trolling either , just dont agree with you claiming these are the best workouts ever . Degrading gyms also , Ide rather pay a gym if I was serious about training then listening to you veer folks away from it saying " All they want is your money ???? " What kind of a joke is that . Its a business ???? any business wants your money ??? So go do your homework and misleading newr folks to fitness dude . Troll hater out fuckin hack job

  9. Really hope this actually works. Used to do weights,push ups and what not but with years of skateboarding, my body is all fucked up.

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